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The Daily Record insisted that Mr Ferris was DREAMING as he took up his new career as an author (Widely accepted as a BESTSELLING author in REAL time ...the HERE and NOW.


When we dip into our archives we did DEEP... Here is one that will bring tears to the eyes of the author,publishers and lawyers...DREAM ON!




'Author' Ferris is write off the wall.(News)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 12/18/2001

SCOTS gangster Paul Ferris is dreaming of a new career when he gets out of jail next year - writing about crimes instead of committing them.

The convicted gunrunner claims his book, Deadly Divisions, will be better than those by famous authors like Ian Rankin, John Grisham and James Ellroy - because he knows more about crime.

Ferris's ghostwriter, Reg Mackay, said: "Paul doesn't like a lot of the contemporary crime fiction around.

"He thinks some of them don't really know what they're talking about when it comes to crimes being committed.

"He feels there's a space for fiction which gets it right in that respect.

"When the reader reads about a robbery being committed they know with this book it's going to be accurate."

The TRUTH is out there...........

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I lift the lid on citys violent gangland; Former crimelord Paul Ferris has mixed with some of Liverpool's most dangerous criminals. Now he has written about their exploits Tony Barrett reports.(Features)

Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England); 10/19/2005

Byline: Tony Barrett

THE secrets of the Liverpool underworld are generally known only to those involved in crime and those trying to stop it Only a select group of insiders are privy to the kind of toecurling tales of violence and retribution for which the underworld gains its notoriety.

Glasgow crimelord Paul Ferris (now offically "retired" from "business" and going straight) has a unique insight into the Liverpool underworld having had dealings with the likes of Curtis Warren, John Haase, Paul Bennett and many other leading local criminals in the past and now he has revealed some, although tellingly, not all, of what he knows in his new book Vendetta.

"The point is, what I am trying to do is give readers a flavour of some of the things which have gone on," says Paul.

"It's like anything else, there is a thin line between telling a story and pointing the finger and in the circles which I've mixed in there is an unwritten code and I certainly don't want to be pointing the finger."

A convicted gun-runner and one-time suspect in some of Glasgow's most notorious crimes, Ferris, 41, has a reputation in the underworld for being uncompromising and unforgiving.

Judging by the contents of Vendetta he could soon earn a similar reputation for his writing.

Tackling issues such as the mysterious pardon of Haase and Bennett by then home secretary Michael Howard and the murder of Warren Selkirk at Crosby Marina, Ferris certainly couldn't be accused of pulling his punches.

"There are lots of things which have gone on that are still to come out and because of the position I am in, with my finger much closer to the pulse than most other people, it means I can give people a lot of the information which they have been denied, usually for political reasons," he says.

Ferris' interest in Liverpool stems from what he describes as the "shared spirit" of Liverpool and Glasgow, and also because he once shared business interests with various members of its criminal fraternity.

It is this sense of shared experience which fires Ferris' desire to know what is going on in Liverpool - a desire which led to him becoming an unofficial adviser on Donal MacIntyre's recently aired TV documentary on the Liverpool underworld.

Two cases which Ferris has paid particular attention to are the high profile affair involving Michael Howard and John Haase and the Warren Selkirk murder.

According to Ferris, the truth is still to emerge in both these cases.

As the man named in Parliament twice by Liverpool Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle in connection with the Haase affair, there can be little doubt the Glaswegian is ideally placed to comment on what went on.

His take on Haase and Bennett being pardoned from their 18year sentences for heroin trafficking is that something very strange must have happened behind the scenes at the home office and HM Customs.

"This was like Scotland winning the World Cup or me being invited to the Police Ball and accepting. It just didn't happen - not to guys like us," he insists.

"Michael Howard, the hardest home secretary in living memory, had just let two guilty men walk free.

"The politicians knew that something was very wrong with this royal pardon.

"In particular, it annoyed the hell out of Peter Kilfoyle, the local Labour MP, when his party was still in opposition."

The implication is Haase and Bennett were released for reasons of political expediency, and Ferris also comes to a similar conclusion about the conviction of fellow Glaswegian Ian McAteer for the murder of Warren Selkirk at Crosby Marina in October 1999.

"It is common knowledge that the fella they have got for the Selkirk murder did not do it. Even the dogs in the street know it up here. "But again, he is being kept inside because of politics and nothing else."

Ferris still has strong links with the Liverpool underworld even though he insists he has left criminality behind.

"Those days are in the past. There were those who thought Vendetta would glorify crime but, in reality, it's an anti-crime book, says Paul, who is to be played by Robert Carlyle in a forthcoming movie.

"One of the things it does is give out a few subliminal messages to some of the impressionable young lads that if they choose to follow a particular path they'll probably just end up facing a stretch of 20 years.






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Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 5/15/1999; Wilson, Jim

JAILED gangster Paul Ferris yesterday had his sentence for gun-running cut by three years.

The 35-year-old's appeal against conviction was rejected.

But his 10-year prison term was reduced due to mistakes made by the judge at his trial.

Ferris was jailed last July after being convicted at the Old Bailey of buying machineguns and explosives on the black market.

Lawyers acting for Ferris, previously nicknamed Houdini because of his apparent ability to escape justice, failed to convince three Appeal Court judges to overturn his conviction.

But his appeal heard yesterday that trial judge Henry Blacksell, QC, had failed to make it clear to the jury that staying silent under questioning should not be seen as a sign of guilt.

Ferris, 35, had refused to answer police questions during interrogation on the advice of his lawyers.

He had been arrested in May 1997 after leaving the north London home of a gun dealer with a box containing three sub-machineguns and detonators.

The arms were later linked to an underworld gun-running network that armed some of the most violent criminals in Britain.

Yesterday, appeal judge Lord Justice Belham said that despite the mistake, the convictions of Ferris and three others were safe.

He said: "In none of these cases can it be said that there was any risk of the jury having an adverse inference against these appelants."

The trial judge had also been accused of telling the jury that there had been a number of lies told during the trial - but failed to say which witnesses lied.

Lawyers for the four claimed jury members might have unfairly thought every witness had lied.

Henry Suttee, 68, a career criminal from Surrey, and Constance Howarth, 30, who were both convicted alongside Ferris, had their sentences cut from five to three years.

And a protected witness, who cannot be named, had his sentence cut from six to three years.

Since being jailed, Ferris, who was once right-hand man to Glasgow godfather Arthur Thomson, has said Scottish prisons remained in the "dark ages" compared to jails in England like Full Sutton, near York, where he is serving his sentence.


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Under suspicion: Chief superintendent Tom Buchan...

Under suspicion: Chief superintendent Tom Buchan alleges M&M Security, Osiris and Frontline have ‘improper’ links with known criminals. Photograph: Robert Perry


Security firms' ties to crime revealed by police...

ONE of Scotland’s most senior police officers has named and shamed the ‘rogue’ private security firms he says have links to criminal gangs, and demanded new laws that could put them out of business.

Tom Buchan, president of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents, has identified a trio of security businesses he claims may have ties with underworld figures involved in drug dealing, extortion and money laundering.


Buchan, chief superintendent of Strathclyde Police, is urging the Scottish Executive to introduce a tough system of regulation for the £180m-a-year private security industry in Scotland to keep up with laws being introduced south of the Border.

Last night, Buchan took the extraordinary and unprecedented step of naming three west of Scotland based firms he said had "improper" links to "big-time criminals".

They are Frontline Security, in Stepps, Glasgow; Osiris, in Hillington, Glasgow; and M&M, in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow. The firms operate manned patrols of building sites for major businesses and public authorities.

Buchan told Scotland on Sunday: "There are clearly a number of big-time criminals who own or are associated with these companies. That is wholly improper. It is an irony that they are working in the private security industry and that will not sit comfortably with the public.

"These include firms like Frontline Security, Osiris and M&M, who have links with some of Scotland’s big criminal families."

He added: "The private security industry is not a real money-maker. Some firms are undercutting other businesses and going in at half price.

"The suspicion is that they are a front for money-laundering. You can find their signs on construction sites almost anywhere in Glasgow and other parts of Central Scotland. This needs to be regulated and it needs to be policed. There are gangsters involved in this industry fighting turf wars and they have been doing so for some time.

"There have been a number of arrests and prosecutions but clearly what we are talking about is an unregulated industry and as long as it remains unregulated it will be wide open."

Gangster Paul Ferris, one of the most notorious figures in Scotland’s underworld, is a "consultant" for Frontline Security, which was set up last year after Ferris was released from a jail sentence for gun-running.

Ferris, who said in a recent television interview he was "Persil white", has been accused in the past of running security firms which crashed owing unpaid taxes before reopening under similar names, a scam known as ‘phoenixing’.

Frontline Security was hired earlier this year to guard a building site next to the Old Course in St Andrew’s, Fife.

Osiris Security Ltd is owned by Marie Johnston, wife of an exiled former policeman Paul Johnston, who has served time for fraud, and fled to Spain in 2002 after police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Osiris is named after the Egyptian god of the underworld. The Johnstons are alleged to have had close links to gangster Stewart ‘Specky’ Boyd, who died in a car crash in Spain last year.

Osiris was recently criticised by a Catholic priest who said they demanded £1,000 to guard his chapel during renovation work. Father Chambers, of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Dennistoun, Glasgow, told his parishioners of the demand during Mass.

Paul McGovern and George ‘Geo’ Madden have been named as co-owners of Lanarkshire-based M&M Security Scotland Ltd. Part of the McGovern crime family, Paul McGovern has served time for murder. Last year M&M were given a contract to protect a new NHS addictions unit at Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow.

Many police forces have introduced units to tackle vandalism, fire-raising and violence between security firms. Last year several building sites were burned down in Glasgow in turf wars.

Licencing will begin in England and Wales next year under the Private Security Industry Act. It forces security guards to declare all criminal convictions even if they are spent, which would prevent firms hiring thugs. All convictions from assault to housebreaking, drug dealing and murder would have to be disclosed on application forms.

The companies would have to comply with training standards and safety procedures. Any firms found to be employing convicted criminals who hide their past would be prosecuted and could even lose their licence.

The Scottish Executive has said it will introduce similar legislation but there is no fixed date and it could be several years away.

Eric Alexander, Scottish chairman of the British Security Industry Association, said he was concerned about the delay in regulating firms north of the Border.

He said: "By January, it will be an offence in England and Wales for anyone working in the security industry not to have a licence.

"The Scottish Executive has agreed to follow that model but it is going to take a lot longer. We would like that to be brought forward. People must have faith in the security industry.

"The vast majority of businesses are legitimate and very much in favour of licencing and regulation. It’s a way of guaranteeing quality and value for money and making sure staff are subject to criminal record checks.

"Some of the rogues will not have the same overheads as legitimate firms for recruitment and screening of staff."

He added: "There are around 20 legitimate private security firms in Scotland and around five which are rogues. The good quality firms give a good service to their clients. It is a problem when someone erodes the image of the profession."

Central Scotland Lib Dem MSP Donald Gorrie, who has campaigned against criminal elements being hired in the security industry, said last night that he would raise the matter in parliament.

"It is entirely unacceptable that we should have regulation in England and Wales and not in Scotland," he said.

Frontline recently claimed Ferris left the firm in June and insist that they are legitimate. Last night a spokesman refused to comment on Buchan’s allegations.

No one at Osiris or M&M was available for comment.


The TRUTH is out there...........

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How many times does mr ferris have to tell these people that he has nothing to do with security firms,let the man get on with his life and leave him alone to do what he does best, author of writing best selling books,respect to mr ferris for turning his life around,cant say much for these idiots who keep trying to go back and dig the dirt up,take a leaf from pauls book and look to the future,myself and my family have learned a lot since reading pauls books and browsing his website,well done paul and all at f.c. and thanks for having a website to get knowledge and eduction,from.cheers frankie

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Totally agree with you Frankie, ( wher'v ye been by the by?) welcome back pal. I'm going to state what is only my opinion in this matter though i think people here will agree on the mostpart, as i'm going on what i've learned of...The accusations directed at Mr Ferris are of course by the usual people who keep telling the public these same things over and over again, god knows what Mr Ferris feels like hearing the same rubbish fired at himself constantly. I for one admire him for coping with that alone even as there isn't many of us who wouldn't have gone and hidden away by now if only just for the sheer peace n quiet from it all.This man is as far as i'm concerned an ICON and he will one day be recognised by ALL in this country as just that, the word is well out and spreading fast amongst the public of what this man is doing and so what if his past deeds were on the wrong side of the law? If it weren't for him being exactly in that place we wouldn't know the half of what he's telling us of just how much the LAW is on the wrong side of THEMSELVES! We are in no doubt going to be subjected to these same old boring contrives they conjure up about Mr Ferris no matter what he's doing as they seem so set to convince us all. As for the security firm accusations from what i've read it hasn't seemed to me much of an arguement on their part even for the simple reasons like 'The private security industry isn't really a moneymaker as some firms are undercutting other businesses and going in half price'.... Now that would suggest to me personally i've just been doing my whole thing wrong!!...oh..and so's Tesco's..Asda...ect...( competition eejits),as for overheads do many 'legitimate' security firms have more than so called 'less legitimate' firms,(which they've yet to prove us of) certainly not on the employees wages behalf anyway!! In a word to me...NO!...                               

None of us are listening to the vindictive accusations anymore, the only one we're listening to is Mr Ferris as will concur the more the public hear his voice!



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Just like to add that when there was the hype over the movie in the newspapers i noted in one that people who were writing in were saying it was wrong for mr ferris to make money out of crime in his books etc. Me being the outspoken person I am decided to write to the paper and put my pennies worth in. For example the ex.Policeman who wrote "Both sides of the fence",

which i read made money due to the fact he was also writing about true crime and mr ferris. again different rules for different people! 


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Thank you ALL for the support for Mr Ferris


However not everyone is happy to see him stay out of a life of crime.


Here is one of the most salacious attacks on Mr Ferris that I personally feel that a police hidden agenda along with the media were trying to prevent ANY interest in the FERRIS CONSPIRACY book.


Was that because he was telling the TRUTH? and as yet has to be sued by STRATHCLYDE POLICE because they know it to be accurate!






RECORD VIEW Once a liar!(Leader)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 9/5/2000

PAUL FERRIS is a self-confessed liar, thug, enforcer for drug dealers and all-round sleaze-bag.

To most people, he is worthless human dross - although some other crook seems to think he is worth pounds 50,000, preferably dead.

From prison, Ferris mouths a combination of threats and sensational stories worthy of a third-rate gangster film and his former social worker has written a book about "The Ferris Conspiracy".

There have been a number of attempts to glamorise and make excuses for Scotland's hard-line criminals, but they are not "Good Guys".

They are slimy parasites who infest our society.

It is said Ferris was a poor unfortunate from a harsh background, which led to a life of crime. But other youngsters came from the same backgrounds and did not become vicious villains.

He claims he is performing a public service by making allegations of corruption against police officers.

Who could believe a word he says, especially in a war of words with another notorious gangster?

Ferris says when he is let loose next year, he wants to be a property sales executive. Would you buy a house from this man - or a book about him?


 By Peter Cox.


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HI A2 I think that just shows how the system likes to keep people down if they have made any mistakes in their lives, they also contradict themselves, why have all these organizations to "rehabilitate" offenders if they are always going to have to look back or explain themselves.

What they need to realize is that some people are not accepting of the cards they are dealt in life for example where they come from etc. and will keep going till they make something of their lives.

Mr Ferris has enough support from people who know how bad our system is and how the media changes its views on people as and when required! 

Id also say he`s pissed them off cause he`s already made it.


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My sentiments exactly JKANE as success always pisses someone off eh?


No doubt the main ones are the so-called guardians of LAW & ORDER


Here is a snippet I found from the archives:

Paul J Ferris from IRVINE 08:26:26 16 March 2006 reply reply

After writing two books on police corruption as a way of life in Glasgow along with police dealings with well known criminals I am sure that the term 'CRIMINAL' is not just aimed at those of us who were once criminals ourselves but have since moved on and changed.
The REAL criminals are the police officers who have engaged in criminal acts with other criminals as they have been getting away with it for years.
Are we soft on criminals? YES as long as police corruption exists we are all very soft on doing nothing about it.
See for yourself........

The TRUTH is out there...........

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Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 2/22/2005

Byline: By Richard Elias and Reg McKay

MICHAEL Howard's political leadership is under threat from a multi-millionaire drug baron contact of former Scots gangland enforcer Paul Ferris. The Tory leader faces new questions over why he freed John Haase - a vicious gangster who poured drugs and guns on to the streets of Scotland as well as his native Liverpool.

A fresh inquiry has been launched into the scandal which saw Haase and his nephew Paul Bennett serve just 10 months of an 18 year sentence.

It was a major shock that Howard - then the self-proclaimed hardest Home Secretary in living memory - had freed two of the most dangerous criminals in Britain.

The Home Office said they had been pardoned for helping to get illegal arms off the streets and providing information which helped smash a Turkish drug trafficking ring.

But no one was ever arrested in the raids and within days of his release, Haase was back running his criminal empire - and claiming he had bribed his way out of jail.

Sources close to the 55-year-old allege that up to pounds 4.5million was handed out to various people to pave the way for their release.

Haase was also a close friend of Simon Bakerman, a small-time Liverpool drugs dealer, who happens to be Michael Howard's cousin.

Howard was known to visit the Bakerman family regularly, especially when he went on to watch his beloved Liverpool FC. Howard has for years denied any wrong-doing. There is certainly no suggestion that Howard knew anything of Haase's alleged bribery.

But now, with a new inquiry and the imminent release of Home Office records, he faces even more searching questions.

Today, the Daily Record can shed fresh light on the murky deals that led to the release of Haase - and tell for the first time of how Ferris played a major role as a fixer.

Ferris spent time in Manchester after being found not guilty of the murder of gangster Arthur Thompson's son, Fatboy, in 1992.

There, he hooked up with exiled Glasgow gangster Rab Carruthers, then a powerful criminal in the north-west of England.

In 1993, while Haase was in jail waiting for his trial on drug trafficking, he sent a delegation to see Ferris and Carruthers.

Ferris said: 'These guys said Haase and Bennett had been offered a deal. If they gave information on the whereabouts of illegal arms, they would receive a lighter sentence for the drugs.

'They wanted to know if they should go ahead with this deal. Could they trust the cops?

'Tam McGraw, The Licensee, had been playing this game in Glasgow for years. I knew for a fact the cops simply forgot about one guy's serious RTA offences. Another bloke wanted on a murder charge was allowed home from exile in Spain for one last free Christmas with his family before being lifted.

'Both deals were secured by trading arms.

'I told Haase's men that McGraw's trick was to buy these arms from dealers. These were guns that never had been, or would ever be, used in crime.

'It was a kind of double con but nobody cared. The dealers got paid,the accused got a deal and the cops looked good. Everyone won.

'During one gun amnesty, a senior Strathclyde police officer was on TV proudly presenting all the arms they had taken off the street.

'Pride of place was a Kalashnikov. When have you heard of a Kalashnikov being used in Scotland? Apart from that guy Noel Ruddle taking a maddie and shooting folk a few years ago?

'That gun and a stack of others had simply been traded and the players kept their shooters.'

Official documents show Haase and Bennett did give tip-offs leading to the recovery of a huge amount of arms including Kalashnikov assault weapons, Armalite rifles, Thompson machine guns, Uzi sub-machine guns, 80 new shotguns, ammunition and a massive load of Semtex explosive.

Sometimes the cops described the finds as 'major arm stores of the IRA'.

But we now know Haase's gang planted the arsenals in various locations around the north-west of England.

Customs also gave the pair credit for the recovery of large amounts of ecstasy and cannabis and the location of a heroin factory.

Haase gave information on a handgun that had been smuggled into Strangeways prison in Manchester as part of an alleged breakout plan. At that time, Strangeways housed several IRA terrorists.

Yet not one individual was arrested in connection with any of these tip-offs.

In 1996, Haase and Bennett were found guilty of smuggling pounds 18million of heroin into Britain from Turkey.

However, before they were sentenced, counsel for the two men approached trial judge David Lynch. They supplied him with reports from Customs, the National Criminal Intelligence Service , the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

All the agencies claimed both Haase and Bennett had co-operated following their arrests and asked that they be given a reduced sentence.

Customs' case was put forward by Paul Cooke who was also Haase and Bennett's handler. Some of Cooke's colleagues were deeply unhappy at his actions.

Still, Judge Lynch gave the pair 18 years, a light sentence given the amount of drugs involved.

Afterwards, he wrote to then Home Secretary, Michael Howard, suggesting he may 'exercise the Royal Prerogative of mercy' for their help.

Different from a Royal Pardon - an acceptance that someone has been unjustly convicted - the Royal Prerogative is meant to be used for guilty, convicted men who have acted with great bravery on behalf of the state. Granting the Royal Prerogative is entirely in the Home Secretary's power.

Howard agreed and less than a year after their conviction, Haase and Bennett were freed.

But instead of disappearing, Haase continued to run the criminal empire he had built up through extreme violence.

A well-known Liverpool gangster said of that time: 'Haase had just had the luckiest of breaks and escaped going to jail till he was an OAP. You'd think he would have kept a low profile.

'Yet the day after he got out of the nick, he was peddling smack openly. It was as if he thought he was immune to prosecution, licensed to commit crime.

'When the cops didn't lift him, I started to believe his boasts that he had bribed a lot of powerful people.'

Local MP Peter Kilfoyle, in whose Liverpool Walton constituency the drugs had been found, was outraged by Haase and Bennett's release and immediately started asking questions.

The night before he was due to raise the matter in the House of Commons for the first time, he received a phone call from Howard.

Kilfoyle said: 'Howard asked me not to raise the issue because lives were at stake.

'We might have been in opposition but he was the Home Secretary. Thinking he meant our police or Customs officers were at risk, I withdrew the question. Now I'm wondering if it was Haase and Bennett he meant were at risk.'

But Haase couldn't stay out of jail forever. Five years after his release, a 46year-old from Dumbarton, Walter Kirkwood, was stopped by the cops in a hire car as he sped north from Merseyside.

In the car, police found a bag holding an Uzi machine pistol, a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum revolver, 170 rounds of banned 9mm ammunition and 49 rounds of .38 illegal dum-dum bullets.

That deadly cargo had been bound for the streets of Glasgow - and Kirkwood had been paid a merepounds 400 for the job by Haase.

At the start of his trial,Hasse roared at the judge: 'You can't try me. Only the Prime Minister can try me.'

Haase's protests were to no avail. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Kilfoyle never stopped campaigning for the truth, asking questions in parliament of the Paymaster General, the ultimate head of Customs and Excise.

In March 2001, he said in the House of Commons: 'It is my belief that Haase and Bennett set up the arms caches in Liverpool and the smuggling of a gun into the prison.

'I ask the Paymaster General whether her department, for example, has interviewed Paul Ferris about Haase and Bennett's attempts at weapons purchases?'

Kilfoyle went on: 'In Liverpool, it was generally thought that the gun caches that were given up to Customs were an insurance policy for Haase and Bennett.

'There is deep concern that Customs and Excise have been gravely misled by two practiced liars.'

Kilfoyle believes he has never received satisfactory answers - and is still asking questions on the subject three years later.

Referring to Haase's claims that he bribed his way out of prison, Kilfoyle added: 'I should also put it on record that one name that is always mentioned in this context is that of a local criminal, Simon Bakerman, a man who has done time for drug-related offences.

'The allegation is repeated time after time and it merits somebody,looking into what, after all, would be a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

'I repeat - was Paul Ferris interviewed about the gun purchases of Haase and Bennett?'

Last night, Ferris said: 'I've never been interviewed about this matter.

'But if there is to be an investigation, let's hope it's truly independent and not another case of cops covering up for cops.'

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur has been ordered to investigate the affair.

He will re-interview all the main players, including Cooke. But this time, Simon Bakerman will be called to give his version of events.

Kilfoyle added: 'It is important for the public to understand the consequences of the decision to release these gangsters, when the man who made it is asking them to vote him into the highest political office.

'It showed great incompetence. I welcome the police investigation but it will be difficult for the people of Liverpool to forgive Michael Howard or his disastrous decision that led to the city being further swamped with drugs and guns.'

A Scottish police officer added: 'The load of guns and bullets Haase was sending to Glasgow was lethal. It wasn't the first consignment of guns he had sent up here. We have little to thank Michael Howard for in granting that evil man the Royal Prerogative.'

A spokesman for Howard's office said: 'This is a matter for the Metropolitan Police but all the procedures were followed.

'He has nothing to hide and the papers will show that.'


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Hi ALL, Just to say what a fantastic job Mr F and the team have done on this site.


I first started this post and it has grew massive KEEP IT REAL.

Judge yourself before judging others.

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THE MAKING OF AN ENFORCER; Bullied, beaten with hammers and finally hanged from a tree ... the young Ferris vowed to slash and stab his tormentors in a bloody revenge campaign.(News)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 7/25/1998; Smith, Anna

In the vicious Glasgow underworld, young hardmen earned their spurs by stabbing and shooting, writes ANNA SMITH. Among the thugs was one more ruthless than the rest - Paul Ferris. Ferris felt compelled to tell his story as an enforcer for the notorious Thompson family and his rise to become the most feared figure in Scotland. Writer and TV director Gus McAuley was granted full access to Ferris and his associates. The Daily Record has not paid Ferris for his story.

IF HE was driven by anything it was revenge. And it turned Paul Ferris into a calculating monster who could stab and maim without so much as a backward glance.

From the age of nine, he was systematically bullied and beaten by the notorious Welsh brothers who terrorised Glasgow's Blackhill area.

They extorted money from little boys who feared to walk the streets and they took what they wanted from the little boys' parents as well.

The dread of going to school each morning to face his tormentors brought on a virulent attack of the skin condition psoriasis, which Ferris has to this day.

And when he refused to give in to the brothers, they hung him from a tree when he was 12 years old and left him for dead.

He has never spoken of that day. But it has burned inside him throughout his life, as he slashed and stabbed his way through his teens.

And from those early terrifying days, Ferris decided to exact revenge on each and every one of the Welsh boys.

As Ferris says: "Glasgow was awash with gangsters and bullies. To me, the two are one and the same.

"I'm neither a gangster nor a bully, but that doesn't mean people can step on your toes. For if they do, you have to jump on their neck and break it."

Ferris was born on November 10 1963, at 19 Hogganfield Street in Blackhill, to parents Willie and Jenny.

He says: "If anyone was born into crime it was me. My father was a convicted bank robber and my brother a convicted murderer."

The scheme was one of Glasgow's north-east housing estates, built in the 50s - a drab grey masonry clutch of houses that swiftly became a ghetto which bred crime and violence.

Surrounding these schemes were similar ghettos which bred their own sub- culture of mob law - Easterhouse, Balornock, Garthamlock, Drumchapel.

Ferris says: "Families were poured into these estates in droves much like caged animals.

"A new world and a new order was being created. One that would have lasting repercussions even to this day.

"For by their very creation they gave birth to a generation that today would be construed as families from Hell.

"Not the majority, who were good, honest, decent folk.

"But they were eventually caught up in it one way or another as they had to live and wallow amongst it.

"Territorial disputes began, gangs were formed and battles were to be fought over who was tougher than who and why.

"Enter the brigade of bullies who preyed upon their weak victims and systematically selected easy targets for extortion."

Ferris recalls the time when 60s singing star Frankie Vaughan came to Glasgow to clean up the streets of violence.

He says: "Frankie Vaughan had as much effect on reducing violence in Glasgow as Mario Lanza would have had in Bosnia.

"But a significant amount of weapons were handed in during his plea for amnesty, although the deed itself was short-lived.

"It was high-profile personalities like Frankie that put Glasgow on the map as a city whose reputation for violence was not only confined to Scotland

"In the words of Frankie's song `Give me the moonlight, give me the girl ... and leave the rest to me.'

"He did leave the rest to us, and what a f****** mess it was."

Ferris's early memories of childhood in Blackhill are not all of crime and violence.

Growing up with his father in and out of prison, his mother kept a strict eye on her youngest son and he was never in trouble with police until his teenage years.

He remembers how his grandad patiently taught him how to plant vegetables, and the smell of furniture polish and the coal fire in their home.

He says: "My grandfather played such a large part in my young life. The respect always seemed to shine out of him."

The security of his world soon collapsed when his grandfather died, and his father, who ran a small bus company when he wasn't robbing, went to prison for tax evasion.

Outside, the harsh realities faced him at St Philomena's Primary School, in the shape of the notorious Welsh brothers.

Ferris was only nine, when he stood up to school bully Martin Welsh in a fair fight.

But Welsh had seven older brothers, and the following day they were out to get him.

He was kicked all over the school yard, then forced to fight Martin Welsh again in a fight that he could never win.

Ferris says: "I really had enjoyed school until I became a victim of those Welsh brothers.

"It was at that stage in my life that my mind was opened up to a different world to which I had been taught.

"I was becoming aware that I was rapidly leaving my infancy and entering an altogether differing state of reality.

"I was truly frightened because I was only 10 years of age and had another two years of primary school in the sullied hands of the Brothers Grimm.

"I wasn't very physically well built and I could only withstand so much of the beatings.

"I knew they only wanted to make me cry and I wouldn't do it, plus the fact they just didn't like it that I would always try to defend myself.

"Pure and simple, they were just a bad bunch of vicious, evil b*******."

Ferris can remember the swollen testicles, the cuts, the bruises, the beatings and the hatred.

If he ran away to escape the bullies he would be caught the next day for his ritual beatings.

He says: "So after that I never ran. I stayed to take the beatings but tried not to cry in front of my pals.

"But I did cry when I got home and my mother asked me what had happened to my face. On so many occasions I just simply ran out of lies.

"Eventually, she got the truth from me and made a complaint to the headmaster.

"Needless to say, it only made matters worse and the beatings got more frequent."

Hatred and desperation built up inside Ferris and he still gets upset even recalling those early days.

He says: "Bullying is incredibly powerful, far more powerful than adults really understand.

"We can listen to what children tell us but because they don't often have the words to truly express the depths of their anguish, we don't realise what they're feeling or indeed have empathy with their continuing black turbulent emotions."

To avoid the barbaric Welsh family, Ferris would sometimes stay with a family friend, Bertie O'Connor, a few streets away.

His recollections of young Ferris are of a bright youngster.

He says: "Paul was small and frail while my own boys were aggressive.

"He was very astute, and quite frankly, the majority of it was self taught.

"What I did say to Paul was never to let anyone try and get the better.

"Face up to them, try and retaliate in some way or another, even if it meant lifting a brick."

But still the beatings continued, and just as Ferris was due to leave primary he developed psoriasis.

He says: "It was caused by the unrelenting stress and my screaming nerves reacting violently to my fear of going to secondary school and having to integrate freely among the elder Welsh brothers."

Soon he was in hospital, wrapped up in bandages from head to foot and smeared with cream. The proceedure was agonising and degrading for Ferris.

When he went to St Roch's Secondary School, he felt like half a human being.

He was ashamed of his seeping sores and lied his way out of gym lessons, football and swimming.

He says: "I was so ashamed and could never have faced the cruel ridicule.

"I never got to wear a T-shirt in the summer months because I never liked what I saw on my bare arms and if I didn't like it then no one else was going to see it.

"I became accustomed to psoriasis but never fully recovered psychologically.

"It etched something fierce and lasting into my brain. The stigma of being denied normality.

"I hated myself and more so the Welshes far beyond anyone's imagination. I was becoming vengeful and never really noticed it coming upon me."

Ferris can speak of the rage because of his skin condition, but he has never spoken about the time the Welshes tried to kill him.

It followed a lengthy stand-off with the Welsh brothers who couldn't comprehend the skinny 13-year-old who stood his ground.

Ferris's friend at the time, Edward Deagan, recalls the early beatings and the day they strung Ferris up from a tree.

The Welshes had demanded money from Ferris and other young boys, but they were promptly told where to go.

Edward watched as they set about him with a hammer. To his astonishment, Ferris laughed throughout the beating.

He says: "The funny thing was that throughout this spree I could plainly hear the sound of uncontrollable laughter from the close.

"In a manic sense it reminded me of the laughing policeman down in Blackpool.

"It could only be those b******* as they wellied in. But no, it was the wee man himself.

"Each time they struck a blow, he just laughed in their face.

"In the end I think that by his frightening passive response he scared the s*** out of them and through their own rising fear they just gave up.

"When he finally emerged soaked from head to foot in blood, Paul actually had this grin all over his face.

"I tried hard to see the joke but just couldn't find it within me.

"Still shocked and dazed by the ordeal, Paul came stumbling towards me.

"He said: ` Eddie, no matter how long it takes I'm going to get everyone of those b******* back for what they've done to me today'."

The final solution for the Welsh family was to get rid of the little runt they could not defeat.

Deagan tells of how news spread through Blackhill that a boy was hanging from a tree in the local cemetery.

Crowds ran to the scene, and the semi-conscious Ferris was cut down from the noose.

Deagan says: "The time had come for young Paul to be made an example of because he had been giving the bully boys a right showing up and had severely dented their reputation.

"As local gossip subsided it was just put down to a boyhood prank that went badly wrong.

"But I know within myself that it was the Welsh tribe that hung Paul out to dry that day hoping for all their sakes that he croaked his last, thus restoring their unquestioned territorial dominance."

But the door of retribution was left wide open.

Deagan adds: "To this day Paul has never mentioned the incident, but we all know for certain that he has since acted upon it with vengeance ... and how."

But first Ferris had to graduate into the life of crime that has brought him a fortune.

His first thieving exploit, rolling lead from a bookmakers and selling it for scrap, made him hundreds of pounds.

But when he left school he took a normal job at a Glasgow brewery to please his mother.

He was proud to be bringing home a man's wage of pounds 180 a week, but soon he was presented with a more attractive alternative.

His friends had formed a smash-and-grab syndicate breaking into jewellers around Glasgow which could bring him pounds 500 and more a week.

Ferris recalls: "I had slaved all week to earn that pounds 180 delivering crates of whisky, and spirits up six floors in a buckled two-wheeled barrow.

"All that bloody humping of boxes while the van drivers themselves sat idly on their fat a****."

Moving into more lucrative crime brought Ferris into the penal system for the first time.

He and a mate were caught trying to rob cash from a travel agent's in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, as it was being deposited in the night safe.

In Longriggend Remand Unit, the short, sharp, shock treatment of detention did nothing but aid his criminal exploits.

He slashed another prisoner with an open razor - just to deter any bullies.

On the outside his reputation as a fearless young hoodlum grew when he carried out his first act of revenge on one of his tormentors.

He slashed John Welsh from ear to ear as he walked past him in the street.

Ferris says: "Little did he know that as he casually walked down the street that within the next few seconds he would suddenly acquire a breathing difficulty, and also become the first Welsh that I would get back for all those years of senseless bullying.

"As I was about to walk past him, I turned. Opening my razor, I sliced him right across his face from ear to ear.

"I walked smartly on, leaving him in his blood-soaked garments, clutching his wounded face and battered pride as he fell heavily into the gutter where he and his like belonged.

"He never knew me and no one ever found out who had inflicted the wounds that night until months later."

He had gained the respect of his own people.

He says: "It was for this incident that I became known as the kid who had actually committed himself and subsequently physically retaliated against the much hated and feared Welsh family - someone who had carried out an act that that they had secretly wished to do themselves for years.

"So my actions were generally applauded and much admmired."

Ferris had truly arrived on the criminal scene.


ARTHUR THOMPSON SNR: One of the most feared hoodlums outside London. He ran protection rackets before moving into the Scots drugs scene in the 70s. He took Paul Ferris on as an apprentice but had to freeze him out when he got out of control. Thompson died of a heart attack in 1993.

ARTHUR THOMPSON JNR: Known as Fat Boy because of his gluttony, Thompson jnr was a bully who lived off his father's name. He went on to run the drugs empire helped by enforcers such as Paul Ferris. He was gunned down in the street in 1991. Ferris was eventually cleared of the murder.

JOE HANLON: Nicknamed Bananas because his enemies thought he was mad, Hanlon was a strong-arm man for Glasgow drug runners, the Barlanark team. He ran an ice cream van as a cover for drug dealing. He was killed by a hitman with Bobby Glover in 1991.

BOBBY GLOVER: Once an enforcer for Thompson snr, he and Joe Hanlon set up as rivals to their old boss. He and Hanlon were due to stand trial for the death of Thompson jnr, alongside Paul Ferris but were shot by a hitman in 1991 and their bodies left in Hanlon's car.


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After consultation with Paul he has kindly indicated that members and surfers on this site can email him although Paul's PA will oversee ALL communications.


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