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Paris Hilton Asks for Schwarzenegger Pardon...

Paris Hilton Asks for Schwarzenegger Pardon | Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is now part of a grass-roots campaign to keep her out of jail.

In a message that went up Monday on
her MySpace page and reported in the New York Post, the hotel heiress writes (in her own spelling): "My friend Joshua started this petition, please help and sihn it. i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!"

The petition, directed to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, asks that Hilton be pardoned from her sentence of 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation by driving with a suspended license. The punishment was handed down in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday. An appeal has been filed.

"I urge all fans and supporters and all that are outraged by injustice to sign this petition," writes Hilton.

The petition, which had more than 900 signatures by Tuesday morning, urges the California actor-turned-governor to pardon Hilton because she provides "beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives."

Meanwhile, the governor's office hasn't reviewed the petition but has received e-mails from constituents both for and against a gubernatorial pardon, Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear told the Associated Press Tuesday.

"We'll treat this as we would any other case of this nature, but it would be premature for the governor to get involved until the individual has exhausted his or her judicial remedies," McLear said.

As for the petition, not everyone is hopping the Hilton bandwagon – entirely.

More on this story:

One posting on Paris's page, from a "Raven," reads, "It's so frustrating to me when famous people get off lightly for crimes that a regular person would be held full responsibility for. I don't think she should get a full 45 days though. She didn't hurt anybody and she seems very sorry. I can see letting her go without jail time if she takes some kind of classes about alcohol abuse."

Someone who is a great booster of Hilton is her publicist, Elliot Mintz, who was relieved of his duties – then was rehired Monday night. (Mintz had wrongly informed Hilton of the status of her license, he admitted.)

"Paris and I met last night," Mintz told PEOPLE on Tuesday. "I am still her media rep. She is still my client. She is also a dear friend."

The duo were spotted Monday night in Los Angeles riding a golf cart at Paramount Studio's New York lot, arriving for the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Awareness celebration of its annual Sober Day.

Although many guests at the party were dismayed at the sentence Hilton received, one voiced agreement with her doing real time.

"I do think she should go to lockdown rehab – but not a nice one. I think it should be chosen by the judge," Tom Arnold told PEOPLE. "I've got some ideas – there's a place in Alabama that worked for Robert Downey Jr."

After the event, Hilton and Mintz had dinner at the Rainbow Room with her sister, Nicky. Later, after meeting with Hilton at her house, Mintz told reporters: "I support her completely in an obvious time of difficulty and it's an honor to stand by her side. I will be with her until we get passed this difficult time."

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The cat who nearly died of hay fever.

A poorly cat who was plagued by hay fever has been given a special inhaler after a rape field was planted next to his home.

Bruno, who suffers from asthma, nearly died after he succumbed to the wheezing and spluttering that plagues millions of humans during the summer months.

Bruno the cat with his special inhaler and owner Anna Dickie.

Enlarge the image

Owner Anna Dickie noticed her moggie's asthma became unbearable when he was exposed to the bright yellow rape crop which popped up near to their home in Cavendish near Sudbury, Suffolk.

The worried animal lover took Bruno, an Asian ticked tabby, to specialist vets to try to put an end to his suffering during the summer months.

She said: "It is quite rare but my asthmatic cat is particularly affected by the horrid rape crop.

"He developed breathing problems and was diagnosed with asthma last year after we took him to specialists in Newmarket.

"He was close to dying and spent several days in intensive care because of his asthma."

The vets gave the moggy steroids and a puffer but his condition deteriorated when he came into contact with the fields of yellow flowers.

Mrs Dickie said: "He was given daily steroids and a puffer which seemed to get it under control but since we had a rape field planted directly adjacent to our home, he has got a lot worse."

The experts suggested Bruno use a specially adapted inhaler - just like human sufferers do - to try to ease his snuffles. Mrs Dickie now has to administer the drugs through the special puffer which fits over her cat's mouth.

Admitting she was sceptical at first, the devoted owner said the inhaler has eased Bruno's hayfever.

She said: "We had to experiment with using the puffer at first although it looks just like a human inhaler.

"It has a plastic tube fitted to the mouthpiece which allows the spray to go directly into Bruno. He has breathing problems and gets choked up and starts wheezing. It is not very nice at all.

"He wasn't very keen at first, but he is now very good at taking it."

Although pets are usually blamed for causing allergies with their shedding fur, feline asthma affects one in 200 cats. Symptoms include coughing wheezing and difficulty breathing.

Experts now believe human lifestyles, such as smoking, dusty houses, pollen, human dandruff and even some types of cat litter, can contribute to cat asthma.


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Birds, booze and drugs found in prison...
Portlaoise Prison
An inmate at Portlaoise Prison called a radio show from his mobile phone
A live budgie, mobile phones, drugs and homemade alcohol were among items seized from cells during a search of Ireland's maximum security prison.

The Irish Prison Services said the haul was found by prison officers during cell searches in Portlaoise jail.

Inmates were locked up while the operation was carried out on Wednesday.

At least eight smuggled mobile phones, three Sim cards, about 150 tablets - including ecstasy, a significant quantity of powdered drugs, a large amount of homemade alcohol and 30 syringes were found.

A budgie which belonged to a long-term prisoner was also confiscated.

It is believed it had been smuggled into the prison by a female visitor who concealed the bird in her body.

A budgie was found in the cell of one prisoner

The search was sparked after armed robber John Daly telephoned a radio programme on state broadcaster RTE from an illegal mobile phone while in his cell last week.

His phone was seized by staff during the programme and the inmate has since been transferred to Cork Prison.

The search was ordered by governor Ned Whelan who drafted in all available staff for the search which began on the EI landing.

The landing houses some of the country's most notorious prisoners, including John Gilligan, whose gang was responsible for the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin in June 1996.

A retired Garda superintendent and a senior prison service official have been appointed by Justice Minister Michael McDowell to head a special investigation into last week's security breach.

Meanwhile, there are also plans to introduce new technology to block the use of mobiles in prisons.

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Secret Raid.

Two police officers, a soldier and a journalist have been arrested as part of an investigation into the leaking of sensitive information to the media.

In a joint operation Thames Valley Police (TVP) and the Hertfordshire Constabulary arrested the four along with a man from Hertfordshire.

A number of documents and a computer have been seized.

Four people were later released, two on police bail and two pending further inquiries, police said.

A TVP spokesman said: "The investigation relates to the leaking of sensitive police information and does not involve information relating to the Army or any military operations."

A number of premises in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire have been searched.

The investigation is also believed to involve two national newspapers.


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Police speak out over fatal Glasgow shooting...

POLICE hunting the killer of a man gunned down in a busy Glasgow street said the attack was unprecedented in the west of Scotland.

Jim McDonald, 36, died in a gangland-style shooting after being chased by two men in a stolen Range Rover.

He is thought to have been the victim of a reprisal attack as part of a feud between two families in which two people have previously been killed.

Mr McDonald was shot at 1:20pm on Thursday in Corkerhill Road, Cardonald, close to Cardonald College. He died shortly afterwards.

Police said he had been chased along nearby Hardridge Road by a man who then got into a silver Land Rover Freelander, which followed him into Corkerhill Road. They said one of the two men got out of the car and shot Mr McDonald before it drove off along Mosspark Drive towards Paisley Road West.

Mr McDonald's wife Paula, 35, and son Ross, 13, were among the first on the scene.

Detective Superintendent Alan Buchanan, who is leading the investigation, said: "An act such as this, which took place in daylight where passers-by could have become victims, is unprecedented in Strathclyde."

Officers said Mr McDonald was "known to the police". He is thought to have been recently released from jail following a road rage attack.

Superintendent Willie Newlands, the area police chief, said: "The local community are outraged that such a vicious attack was carried out in daylight next to a sports complex and a college."

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Pet cat murdered by the RSPCA.

When Katherine Parker-Brice's new next door neighbour spotted a cat she believed to be a stray in her garden, she called the RSPCA.

It sent out an inspector who agreed with her assessment - and swiftly killed the animal by lethal injection.


But both got it horribly wrong...the cat was Mork, one of two tabbies loved and cared for by Katherine and husband Paul for 19 years.

Owners take legal action after inspector puts down Mork. RIP

Now the furious couple are taking legal action against the RSPCA after the inspector killed their healthy pet - and added insult to injury by returning it the next day in a plastic bag.

"I had only been out of the house a few hours but in that time he collected Mork, drove him around in a cage in the back of his van and then killed him, inexplicably, in his front garden," explained Mrs Parker-Brice.

"This man's broken our hearts. He has left Mork's sister, Mindy, without a companion. They were together for 19 years and have now been torn apart by a careless, casual act. The RSPCA quickly prosecutes anyone who neglects animals - yet here it is killing them indiscriminately."

Mrs Parker-Brice, 45, from Ruislip, Middlesex, told how her next-door neighbour, who was new to the area, had contacted the charity as the cat climbed into her garden.

But instead of leafletting neighbours or putting up posters to establish ownership or taking it to a vet - all normal RSPCA procedure - the inspector drove the cat off in his van.

And just two-and-a-half hours after collecting the animal, he killed it outside his home.

Mrs Parker Brice said: "I had arrived home from work that day at 4pm and was calling out for Mork but he wasn't around.

"He is an indoors cat, very loving and playful, but gets distressed if he goes too far from home. We found out from the neighbour that she had called the RSPCA but it wasn't until late at night we tracked down the inspector.

"I was in tears. He tried to defend himself saying the cat didn't have any teeth and was old but it was ridiculous. You only had to look at his nails which had been clipped and his glossy coat to see that he wasn't a stray. We demanded he bring the cat back, which he did the next morning, but he put him in a yellow plastic disposable bag."

The inspector, who had been with the RSPCA for ten years, faced a disciplinary hearing but received only a written warning.

"He should have been sacked - there is no way he should be allowed near animals," said Mrs Parker-Brice, a driver for the RAF.

She said her seven-year-old daughter, Samantha, who wants to be a vet, has ripped the RSPCA stickers off her collection of Animal Hospital toys because she was so upset.

Mrs Parker-Brice said: "What I can't help thinking about is the period leading up to Mork being killed. He would have been alone in the dark in the back of that van for two hours and it would have terrified him. He has never been alone before.

"His sister is pining for him. She keeps wandering around the house looking for him."

The RSPCA admitted that the inspector had followed none of the RSPCA's normal procedures.

In a statement the charity It said: "The RSPCA said: "We would like to offer our most sincere and heartfelt apologies to this family, who have lost their pet cat Morky.

"In this instance, an RSPCA animal collection officer tried to do the right thing but made a tragic mistake.

"We would point out that the ACO had the best intentions at heart when dealing with Morky. He believed the cat to be stray, extremely old, ill and suffering.

"As a result he took the decision to euthanase the cat as soon as possible to put an end to the suffering he believed it to be experiencing.

"Following a lengthy investigation the ACO was brought before a disciplinary hearing and action has been taken. The individual has been disciplined and re-training is also being provided.

"The superintendant of the region has personally visited the family to offer his most sincere apologies. The ACO - who has 10 years of experience with the RSPCA - feels great remorse over this tragic mistake."



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Government is 'criminalising middle England'.

Rank and file police leaders have criticised the Government for imposing a target-driven culture on officers which has led to "ludicrous" decisions, such as arresting a child for throwing cream buns at a bus.

The Police Federation of England and Wales said judging officers on the number of arrests, cautions and fines they achieved was causing them to "criminalise middle England", by taking action on minor behaviour which would have been dealt with by discretion and common sense a decade ago.

On the eve of its annual conference in Blackpool, the chairman of the Federation, Jan Berry, released a dossier of absurd cases.

These include:

  • A Cheshire man who was cautioned by police for being "found in possession of an egg with intent to throw"
  • A child in Kent who removed a slice of cucumber from a tuna mayonnaise sandwich and threw it at another youngster was arrested because the other child’s parents claimed it was an assault
  • A woman in the West Midlands arrested on her wedding day for criminal damage to a car park barrier when her foot slipped on her accelerator pedal
  • The child in Kent who was arrested for throwing buns at a bus
  • A 70-year-old Cheshire pensioner - who had never been in trouble with the law - who was arrested for criminal damage after cutting back a neighbour’s conifers too vigorously
  • Two Manchester children who were arrested under firearms laws for being in possession of a plastic toy pistol

    A major theme of the conference will be whether judging officers on arrests, cautions or on-the-spot fines is undermining the criminal justice system and taking the focus off more serious, less easily-solved crime.

    A spokesman for the Federation, which represents 130,000 rank-and-file officers, said the power to use discretion should be returned to the officer on the beat.

    "We have got into the situation where everyone is so busy chasing targets and securing ticks in boxes we are on the verge of distancing ourselves from middle England."

    Ms Berry added: "We have police officers who are considering leaving the service over this because it is not the job they signed up to do. These examples we have compiled are ludicrous but when people are being pushed to show results they will use anything they can to demonstrate they are doing a good job."

    "Just talking to people and giving them a few words of advice cannot be counted as easily as a ticket can be. But sometimes it is just as effective as taking someone to court."

    She will raise the issue with the outgoing Home Secretary, John Reid, when he attends the conference on Wednesday.

    The conference will also hear a withering attack on the senior management of the police service from a newly-elected woman leader of the Federation’s 108,000-strong constables section.

    Julie Nesbit, an officer in South Yorkshire, will say: "The police service lacks proper leadership and direction from the Association of Chief Officers (Acpo), to such an extent that the service is facing a slow and painful melt down. It is astonishing that our police chiefs are in such disarray and the general public will be the victim."

    She predicts "more undetected crime, fewer calls answered and communities who will increasingly point the finger of blame at my members. The public see fewer constables on the streets today even though the Government claims that numbers are up."

    Miss Nesbit will ask whether the public realises "that, in the detection of crime, it is planned that detective constables will be asked to manage a much bigger caseload by instructing civilian staff to carry out the spadework both in the office and on the ground?  

    "This plan is a charter for criminals across the nation to run rings round inexperienced 'Hercule Poirots’ without having to face the prospect of meeting a genuine police detective."

    There are also fears among rank and file officers that there is a significant loss of experience in the modern police service.

    A study by the magazine Police Review, published at the weekend, shows that more than 40,000 officers in the 43 forces in England and Wales– almost one third - have less than five years’ service.

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    Unborn babies targeted in crackdown on criminality.

    Unborn babies judged to be at most risk of social exclusion and turning to criminality are to be targeted in a controversial new scheme to be promoted by Downing Street today.

    In an effort to intervene as early as possible in troubled families, first-time mothers identified just 16 weeks after conception will be given intensive weekly support from midwives and health visitors until the unborn child reaches two years old.

    Unveiling the findings of a Downing Street review, Tony Blair will make clear the government is prepared to single out babies still in the womb to break cycles of deprivation and behaviour.

    He will also acknowledge that the state must do more to help a minority of families and will stress that the support they need cannot come through the promotion of marriage.

    In an attempt to draw a clear division between Labour and the Conservatives Mr Blair will say that making marriage the primary focus of family policy will be ineffective and could lead to discrimination against children whose parents have split up or died.

    The Nurse Family Partnership programme is the most striking attempt yet to pre-empt problems.

    Downing Street will outline today how a £7m pilot scheme has already begun to recruit the first of 1,000 families in 10 areas in England.

    Supporters of the policy say the risk of stigmatising unborn infants as potential future victims or troublemakers is outweighed by the advantages of helping poor families build on the aspirations they have for their children.

    Under the programme, which has been copied from the United States, young, first-time mothers will be assigned a personal health visitor at between 16 and 20 weeks into their pregnancy. They will continue to have weekly or fortnightly visits until the child is two - far more than the few postnatal visits generally on offer.

    The support includes help with giving up smoking or drug use in pregnancy, followed by a focus on bonding with the new baby, understanding behaviour such as crying, and encouraging a mother to develop her skills and resources to be a good parent. The programme is voluntary and the intention is to capitalise on the so-called "magic moment" when parents are receptive to support for themselves and their baby.

    In the US, three large trials have seen consistently positive results, including higher IQ levels and language development in children, lower levels of abuse, neglect and child injuries in families, and improvements in the antenatal health and job prospects of mothers.

    Proponents of the scheme, pioneered by the American paediatrician Professor David Olds, also point to the long-term cost savings, estimated at almost $25,000 (£12,500) by the time a child is 30.

    The decision to target unborn babies is, in effect, an acknowledgement by Mr Blair that the government's focus on tackling social exclusion has left a hardcore - 2-3% - of the most excluded families behind.

    The prime minister's introduction to today's family review says the state must help such children out of fairness, and because "some of these families actually cause wider social harms. The community in which they live suffers the consequences".

    Kate Billingham, director of the project and deputy chief nursing officer, rejected suggestions the scheme could stigmatise deprived children. "I myself think labelling and stigmatising are used as ways of not giving people the help they want and their children can benefit from."

    At a Downing Street breakfast to launch the policy this morning, Mr Blair will meet expectant mothers recruited to the scheme, as well as Professor Olds, its founder. Prof Olds told the Guardian the key to the scheme was its ability to "tap into" the instincts of parents. "We are wired as human beings to protect our children," he said.

    It was possible that the UK's "superior health care system and social services" compared with the US could result in the relative benefits of the scheme here being smaller than the significant impact seen in American trials, he warned.

    While the scheme is generally backed by children and parenting campaigners in the UK, concerns have been raised that the new focus on intensive help for excluded families could drain resources away from already overstretched health visiting services.

    A spokeswoman for the Family and Parenting Institute said: "We very much welcome the health-led parenting projects, but they are only for a tiny proportion of the population and we think that a strong universal offer is critical for the majority of families who also need support and parenting help from health visitors.

    "The problem is that the number of health visitors is falling - and there are massive variations in numbers throughout the country."


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    Great deals on DVD...

    Donnie Brasco [1997] DVD ~ Al Pacino
    £6.48   Used & New from: £3.93
    Average Customer Rating:
    Johnny's most serious role so far, and he does a masterfull job playing Joe pistone. Pacino really does a great job too. A classic and realistic gangster movie. This is the one who got me in to movies

    Goodfellas [1990] DVD ~ Robert De Niro  
    £4.98   Used & New from: £1.74
    Average Customer Rating:
    For me this is the ultimate gangster movie. Scorsese and De Niro are gods in the movie industry, especially when they work together. This movie is just fun to watch, and so well written and directed

    Reservoir Dogs (2 Disc Special Edition) [1993] DVD ~ Harvey Keitel  
    £7.48   Used & New from: £4.69
    Average Customer Rating:
    Tarantino just can't make bad movies. And with this stroke of genius he shows us how good he really is. The dialouge is especially great, but that's what tarantino is all about.

    Mean Streets (Special Edition) [1973] DVD ~ Robert De Niro  
    £6.97   Used & New from: £4.89
    Average Customer Rating:
    Three of my favourit people in the film industry combine and make a brilliant gangster movie.

    Once Upon A Time In America [1984] DVD ~ Robert De Niro  
    £7.48   Used & New from: £3.50
    Average Customer Rating:
    Yes I know it is a bit LONG, but it is worth it and then some. Not the kind og movie you would expect from Sergio Leone though

    Casino (2 Disc Special Edition) [1995] DVD ~ Robert De Niro  
    £6.97   Used & New from: £3.00
    Average Customer Rating:
    Yet another scorsese, he is the king of gangster. The king of rise and fall. He is the king.

    Road to Perdition [2002] DVD ~ Tom Hanks|Paul Newman|Jude Law  
    £6.48   Used & New from: £1.98
    Average Customer Rating:
    Old school gangster movie. Great story based on a comic book. probobly Hanks' best movie. The showdown at the end is chilling.

    Miller's Crossing [1990] DVD ~ Gabriel Byrne  
    £5.97   Used & New from: £4.38
    Average Customer Rating:
    Really stylish and executed 30's gangster style. Love it, love the coen's.

    Heat [1995] DVD ~ Al Pacino  
    £5.97   Used & New from: £2.00
    Average Customer Rating:
    Not the classic gangster movie, but still a fantastic movie. Pacino and De Niro are GOD's, Val Kilmer is pretty good too.


    The Usual Suspects (2 Disc Special Edition) [1995] DVD ~ Stephen Baldwin  
    £7.48   Used & New from: £3.00
    Average Customer Rating:
    This movie is almost unbelieveable. Spacy does one of his finest roles. Damn good movie.

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    Nice collection there H6.........but are they not in the wrong section?....................

    Husband faces Nisha murder charge.

    The husband of special constable Nisha Patel-Nasri is to appear at the Old Bailey charged with her murder.

    Fadi Nasri, 33, will appear with Roger Leslie, 37, Tony Emmanuel, 41, and Jason Jones, 35, who are also charged.

    Mrs Patel-Nasri, 29, was stabbed to death outside her home in Wembley, north-west London, in May last year.

    Emmanuel, of Clements Road, East Ham, east London, and Jones, of Hathaway Crescent, Manor Park, east London, will appear via videolink.

    Nasri, of Alderman Court, Barnet, north London, and Leslie, of Chesterfield Flats, Bells Hill, Barnet, are expected to attend court.


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    20 May 2007

    ARMED riot police were flown to a Scottish island to tackle a violent gangland boss - just days after he was deported from Australia.

    Drink-crazed Scott Morrison, 42, told locals on Arran he had a gun and was going to kill himself on Goat Fell.

    Police were alerted by a string of worried callers from the island and a team of armed officers were flown in by RAF Sea King helicopter.

    Their hunt for tattooed Morrison, described as "volatile and dangerous" by the Aussie authorities, was one of the biggest police operations ever on the island.

    Days earlier, amateur boxer Morrison had been deported to Scotland - where he last lived when he was just 11 - for threatening to kill a policeman he believed was having an affair with his girlfriend.

    Police in Perth, Western Australia, were so terrified of his potential for violence they shot him twice with a taser gun and handcuffed him before bundling him on to a plane.

    Morrison, who has served time for attempted murder and kneecapping a rival gang member, was taken to Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Monday after his arrest on Arran last Sunday. He was released on bail for further inquiries to be made.

    Journalists yesterday tracked him down to the Porthead Tavern pub in Irvine, Ayrshire.

    The gangster was dressed in a long black coat, with sunglasses on his head and a tattoo on his neck.

    In a thick Aussie accent, he said he felt "a bit unstable".

    But he insisted: "OK, I have been banged up a few times but I am not the monster people think I am. "The police and government in Australia have got it in for me.

    "When I was arrested, I was hit through the chest and shoulder with a taser gun twice, and shackled like a pig."

    Morrison denied he had planned to kill a policeman.

    But officers in Perth said he was so serious he broke into the cop's home - only to pick the wrong house.

    He says he is desperate to get back to Australia to be with his partner Marie Roberts, 41, and the seven children, including two-year-old twins, they have between them.

    Morrison said: "I've been torn away from the people I love and I miss my family more than anything in the world.

    "I have had a change of character. But the police and government in Australia have repeatedly stitched me up and done me over for crimes I didn't commit.

    "I've paid 100 times for the things I've done and have had my civil rights stripped away.

    "No human should have to handle being permanently exiled from his family and it's not right to deprive kids of their father."

    But a police source in Australia said: "He has an extremely long and violent history and the city of Perth is a much safer place without him.

    "He may be bleating about his civil rights but he is a very dangerous man."

    Morrison was taken to Australia by his mum Jeannette after his parents split when he was 11.

    When he landed in London after his deportation, he travelled to Glasgow, where a family member met him and took him to Irvine.

    He was spotted in Mac's Bar in Brodick, Arran, on Friday, May 11.

    One drinker said: "He stuck out like a sore thumb, with his skinhead, tattoos and long black trenchcoat.

    "He wasn't causing trouble. Folk heard there was a guy with a very violent history and were sure not to go near him."

    Another woman said: "He was a big brute of a man who looked like he meant business."

    Morrison says he now plans to visit the Australian Embassy in London this week to start his appeal against his deportation.

    A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said yesterday: "We cannot comment on a specific individual.

    "However, Strathclyde Police's response is always dependent on any intelligence background.

    "The actions are taken after a risk assessment is carried out."

    A spokeswoman for the Crown Office added: "We can confirm that a 42-year-old man is currently the subject of a report to the procurator fiscal."

    The Australian Embassy in London declined to comment on the case.

    Morrison is the latest in a series of dangerous criminals to be deported to Scotland from Canada and Australia.

    The Commonwealth countries use their right to deport if a person has the slightest connection to another country.

    The most notorious killer sent from Australia to Scotland was Archie "Mad Dog" McCafferty, who was sent back in 1998 after 23 years of a life sentence.

    The four-time killer murdered his first three victims in a crazed five-day rampage then claimed another one behind bars.

    He was jailed for six months in 2004 after starting a siege at his flat in Hawick in the Borders.

    Philip Wood - one of a gang of brothers dubbed the "Canadian Krays" - was sent back in 2000.

    He and his two brothers had been given life in 1986 for battering a woman who was going to give evidence against one of them with a rock and dumping her in Lake Ontario to drown.

    Another violent Scots-born Canadian Richard McCormick - nicknamed McThug - was deported in 1997.

    He had amassed 50 convictions for serious assault and firearms offences.

    And last year a predatory paedophile with a 30-year history of abusing young boys arrived back in Scotland after being deported from Australia.

    William Gallagher, 61 - originally from Glasgow - had been in Australia for 40 years and spent half that time behind bars for sex offences.

    'I've been banged up a few times - but I am not the monster they say'


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    'Flying saucer' police spy camera takes to the skies...

    It looks more like the latest in saucepan technology than the future of crime fighting.

    But police are confident that this miniature remote- controlled helicopter will be an invaluable weapon in the war against wrongdoers.

    The Microdrone, measuring only 2ft between the tips of its eight rotor blades, was originally designed for military reconnaissance.


    police spy plane
    Enlarge the image

    When it takes to the skies above Liverpool this summer, it will be the first time such a device has been put to civilian use in this country.

    With four stubby arms carrying the rotors, a miniature camera and a pair of landing skids, the near-silent drone is designed to hover above crime scenes and send footage to officers on the ground.

    It can take off and fly in all weathers and has a maximum speed of 15mph.


    police spy plane

    The 'spy drone' was originally used for military reconnaissance...

    Planned targets will be everything from youths riding motorbikes in a park to clashes between rival football fans and armed sieges where it might be unsafe for officers to come too close.

    Merseyside Police hope it will fulfil many of the roles of their existing manned helicopter at much lower cost while supporting their mobile CCTV vans on routine patrols.

    The cost varies depending on the level of equipment - options include thermal imaging cameras to enable night-time filming and a loudspeaker so officers can shout instructions to those on the ground - but ranges from £10,000 to £15,000 per drone.

    Battery-powered and with a range of more than 500 yards, the mini-helicopter can be flown by an officer on the ground wearing goggles which enable him to see what the camera is filming, or it can be put on autopilot and follow a programmed route.

    With its military background, police are confident it will prove yob-proof, and even if someone is skilful enough to take a successful pot-shot it can still limp home with half its rotors disabled.

    The good news is that so far there are no plans to fit it with speed cameras.

    The drone was unveiled the day after Hampshire Deputy Chief Constable Ian Readhead said the sheer number of CCTV cameras operating today was creating an "Orwellian" society.

    But officers in Liverpool say that while they accept some people have concerns, surveillance cameras have the public's support.

    "People clamour for the feeling of safety which cameras give," said Assistant Chief Constable Simon Byrne.

    "Our drone will be used primarily to support our anti-social taskforce in gathering all-important evidence to put offenders before the courts.

    "Other uses may include monitoring public disorder, crowd control during large- scale events, and dealing with traffic congestion.

    "We're also looking at its potential during firearm operations.

    "For us, this is a cost-effective way of helping to catch criminals which supports similar technology we're already using in our CCTV vans and helicopter."

    The drones are imported from Germany by Stoke-on-Trent-based MW Power.

    Business development manager Alistair Fox said:

    "We believe they are ideal for police use -they can be up in the air in just three minutes, they are relatively easy to fly, and they can provide high-quality images back to officers on the ground.

    "They don't need clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority because as they weigh less than 7kg they are officially classified as toys."

    If the three-month, Home Office supported trial is considered a success, Merseyside hopes to buy more Microdrones, and other forces could follow suit.

    The TRUTH is out there...........

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    loudspeaker so officers can shout instructions to those on the ground - but ranges from £10,000 to £15,000 per drone. 

     just had an image of somebody shouting back at it......f**k off ya rocket!!

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    With its limited range , can you imagine the situation when the police officer has his virtual glasses on shouting commands to 'STOP'...........and they do a runner..........the cop with the new shades would have to keep up with them or will there be more than one drone (with the exception of the other drones that will be piloting them)

    Good one Kano


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    Thieves break into police station.
    Coningsby police station
    Thieves got in through the town clerk's office next door.

    Lincolnshire Police have started looking for thieves who broke into one of their police stations.

    Burglars got into the Coningsby office in the early hours of Monday and stole a police hat and a police radio which has since been deactivated.

    They got into the station on Silver Street through the town clerk's office next door.

    Officers think they have a good chance of catching the thieves as they might boast in a pub about their exploits.

    "It is unusual that a police station gets broken into," said Insp Jason Kwee.

    "The officers are naturally concerned and all burglaries are quite upsetting.

    "The feelings of some of the officers are no doubt no different to any other victim of crime in that someone has invaded their space and taken their belongings."

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