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Well I picked up Pauls vendetta and grabbed a copy of conspiracy before was half way through, when low and behold my own little bit of trouble flings paperwork which cops copyed and pasted statements and all to cover for their informant my coaccussed, the papers full of inconsistancy an spelling mistakes in fact no sure am he or she, never before had I had my papers fiddled in this way, aye Strathclyde fitted me up with blues last year but being Greenock born comes with the territory, I will admit although I believe they want be Scotland's met the Lothian police seem to be black n white by the book far more than anyother force, example I went Tesco on way back police stop, expecting stopped n searched anyway, I demanded a reason to which they explained that there had been a surge in breaking n entering an was wondering who I was new face in area, they might no be perfect but on the few occasions I have contact with Edinburgh cops I have been surprised at how to the letter they were.
where as rookie blue from fife a so called polski accountant and his partner wpc Campbell started the interview regards to police intel, I replyed heres a bitty intel you wouldn't be talking if ya could charge me. all no longer in my papers in fact my statement was so corrupted my mate had put the pages in order, they weren't numbered.
On Taking this to the lawer given my history with drugs , asked if was the high, lol sheriff at dumfermline, plead not and wow low n behold district in Glasgow. seems to me these days jus wanna plea and a know they guy GRASS proper paid one as they had no reason to continue searching my car. an told me knew I knew lol I never.
I expected this Strathclyde but not in fife after all this is where training college is.
now I never had papers fiddled before and says it all that we at district???.
now who whatches the watchers???
Great site.
and Landed here and wow feel you all been in Polmont 1998 getting better but still the jungle. N was days after watching faces of brittish gangsters on Netflix and boom Paul Massey there predictin his own death, days later happens brings it home, makes it real.

Well all comes round in the end i do like to believe it.. .
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