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Convicted killer Norman Carlton guilty of
Stewart Gillespie murder

Police found Mr Gillespie fatally injured at his home in Paisley


A convicted killer has been found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend's father and attempting to murder the woman's ex-partner in Renfrewshire.

Norman Carlton, 28, fatally stabbed 53-year-old Stewart Gillespie - who was a convicted murderer and gangland figure - at a flat in Paisley in October 2012.

He was also found guilty of stabbing 32-year-old Robert Lawther.

Carlton, who was jailed for culpable homicide in 2001, will be sentenced next month.

The trial at the High Court in Glasgow heard how Carlton had lost control after being ignored by his ex-girlfriend Natalie Gillespie, 31, the daughter of his victim.

Previous conviction

He was said to have grabbed Mr Gillespie by the neck and stabbed him to death.

Mr Lawther told the court he had tried to pull Carlton away and was stabbed on the groin and fell to the floor.

Carlton denied the charges and lodged special defences of self defence claiming he was attacked with the knife and fought back with it because he was "scared".

The jury did not believe him, however, and convicted him of murder and attempted murder.
Carlton now faces a mandatory life term when he is sentenced next month.

It emerged after his conviction that the 28-year-old was jailed for eight years in 2001 after he admitted killing Patrick Brady, 34, at a flat in Paisley.

He was originally charged with murdering the father-of-three but the Crown accepted a lesser plea of culpable homicide.

Last year he appeared at Paisley Sheriff Court after terrorising his mother in her home and was made subject to a community payback order with the condition of carrying out 160 hours of unpaid work.

Calrton's victim Stewart Gillespie was jailed in 1996 for the gangland shooting of rival drug dealer Mark Rennie and released in 2010

The TRUTH is out there...........

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Glasgow ranked UK's most violent area

The study said knife crime was still a major issue for Glasgow


Glasgow has been ranked as the UK's most violent area in a new report.

The UK Peace Index, from the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), said the city had the highest rates of homicides and violent crime.

The study, which looked at 10 areas, described it as "the least peaceful major urban centre", with London and Belfast in second and third place.

However, researcher Steve Killelea said Glasgow had become much more peaceful over the past five years.

Areas were ranked according to the number of homicides and levels of violent and weapon crime, public disorder and numbers of police officers per 100,000 people.

Areas rated by peacefulness

Institute for Economics and Peace: 2012 Major Urban Area Rankings


(10 being least peaceful)

Urban area


Violent crime









































In 2012 there were 2.7 homicides per 100,000 people in Glasgow.

This compared to a 1.67 per 100,000 in London and a rate of 1.0 across the UK as a whole.

However, in 2007 Glasgow's homicide rate was much higher at about 4.5.

IEP founder and chairman Steve Killelea said: "It's not all bad news for Glasgow.

"If you look over the last decade it's actually more peaceful.

"Homicide rates are down 40%, while violent crime is down roughly 30%."

He compared this to Scotland as a whole, where over the past five years the number of homicides had only fallen by 25%, and violent crime levels cut by 10%.

"So on that basis, Glasgow is outperforming the Scottish average," he said.

"But it's coming from a much higher base."

The index put the trend down to an ageing population, a decrease in alcohol consumption, a rise in wages and changes in police practices.

The study said continuing problems with gangs and knife crime contributed to Glasgow's rating.

Describing the city as was one of the poorest areas in the UK, it said there was a strong link between crime and poverty.

Scotland had the highest homicide rate of any of the four UK nations, as well as the highest violent crime rate, at more than 1,500 per 100,000 people, the report said.

Most peaceful in Scotland

  1. Orkney Islands
  2. Aberdeenshire
  3. Moray
  4. Shetland Islands
  5. Dumfries & Galloway

And least peaceful

  1. Glasgow City
  2. West Dunbartonshire
  3. Renfrewshire
  4. North Ayrshire
  5. Inverclyde
However, London was rated the most violent region overall.

Within Scotland, the Orkney Islands ranked the most peaceful followed by Aberdeenshire and Moray.

West Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire were the most violent areas after Glasgow.

Ch Supt Bob Hamilton, head of the licensing and violence reduction division for Police Scotland, raised questions over some of the analysis in the report.

He said: "Some of the statistics used in this report are not current and have been recorded, collated and analysed in different ways in each force area so it is difficult to make accurate comparisons."

He pointed to the latest official Scottish crime figures, which showed that from 2010/11 until 2011/12 violent crime in Glasgow and the West of Scotland reduced by 23.4%.

He added that a "stop and search" approach had helped cut the number of people caught carrying an offensive weapon, and there had been 23% fewer fatal stabbings over the past year.

PDF download UK Peace Index [6.1MB]

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The TRUTH is out there...........

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tried to post a comment on this story and no joy at all so are the mods on the Daily Record blanking ANY replies? [sneaky][comp][thumb]

By Mark McGivern

Gangland enforcer reveals how Arthur Thompson Snr was the man behind Paul Hamilton murder mystery

15 Nov 2013 07:42

WILLIAM LOBBAN said the Godfather had never forgiven Hamilton for giving an alibi to Paul Ferris, the man cleared of murdering his son, Arthur jnr, in August 1991.

Arthur Thompson SnrArthur Thompson Snr

GODFATHER Arthur Thompson snr ordered one of Scotland’s most infamous unsolved murders, a notorious underworld enforcer claimed last night.

Police in Glasgow have spent 20 years trying to catch the killer of Paul Hamilton, a small-time crook who became a key player in the city’s most explosive gangland murder trial.

Now a leading figure from Glasgow’s crime clans has named the assassin – and the man who sent him.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Record, William Lobban told how his uncle, Billy Manson, visited him in jail in 1994 and confessed to blasting Hamilton to death as the victim sat in his Daimler in the city’s east end.

“He came out with it, right out of the blue,” Lobban told us.

“He said it was him that had taken care of Paul Hamilton, and that Arthur had told him to do it.”

Manson was a close associate of Thompson snr. And he told Lobban that the Godfather had never forgiven Hamilton for giving an alibi to celebrity gangster Paul Ferris, the man cleared of murdering his son, Arthur jnr, in August 1991.

Ferris, whose story was supposedly told this year in movie flop The Wee Man, stood trial in 1992 for the murder of “Fat Boy” Thompson in a case that held Scotland transfixed.

But Hamilton told the jury he saw the accused in a pub on the night of the shooting, and Ferris walked free on a not guilty verdict.

Manson said Thompson snr was “upset” by Hamilton’s evidence.

And according to Lobban, the Godfather had a second reason to want Hamilton, 35, dead.

He believed he was an informer, passing information on the Thompson empire to Ferris and his other bitter rival, Tam “The Licensee” McGraw.

Lobban said: “Hamilton was giving Ferris and McGraw information about old Arthur’s business.

“Arthur had it in his mind that Hamilton had crossed a line, and that he would have to go. That’s the real truth of what happened.”

Manson is no longer around to answer for his alleged crime. He died of a drug overdose in 1997, and Lobban believes he committed suicide.

Hitman Billy MansonHitman Billy Manson


But if he was indeed Hamilton’s assassin, it takes the heat off another man who was questioned over the 1993 murder – Lobban’s former friend and now bitter enemy, Ferris.[confused]

Hamilton’s widow, Georgina, spoke last year of her loathing for Ferris.[frown]

She told police how Ferris phoned her husband just an hour before he was killed, to ask to meet him so he could give him some money. She said Hamilton drove off to see him, and never came home.

But Lobban insisted: “That was just a coincidence.

“I don’t think Ferris would be so stupid to provide that kind of evidence if he was actually behind the murder.”

Lobban points the finger at Thompson snr in his new book Glasgow Curse: My Life in the Criminal Underworld. [sneaky][sneaky][idea][nono]


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The TRUTH is out there...........

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Glasgow's gang lords wage war to the last man

The recent stabbing of a gangland godfather's son has reignited the battle for control of a £300m drugs market. Tony Thompson reports
There was a time when Billy Thompson, youngest member of Glasgow's most infamous criminal clan, could rely on his family's reputation to protect him wherever he went.

But since the death of his father and brother that reputation is no more. On a quiet Sunday afternoon this month, as Billy strolled past his local post office in the tough Provanmill district of the city's East End, he was set upon by at least three men and stabbed repeatedly in his head and body.

Thompson survived - just - and two men have since appeared in court in connection with the attack, which police are treating as attempted murder.

Underworld sources say there is a battle to control Glasgow's £300 million drug market which has spawned a wave of attacks and murders in the city. The lack of a dominant godfather figure means rival factions are fighting to fill the power vacuum, and police fear the violence may escalate further.

Although he has been dead for nearly eight years, the name of Arthur Thompson still induces instant amnesia or muteness in Provanmill residents. 'You're wasting your time,' a shopkeeper said. 'No one is going to say anything about him or the rest of the family.'

Arthur was an enforcer in Scotland for the Krays during the late Fifties, and by the mid-Sixties had established a chain of pubs and dance halls, popular haunts for gangsters. Friendly with the likes of 'Mad' Frankie Fraser and Billy Hill, he was a leading underworld figure north of the border.

In 1966 he escaped death when a bomb exploded in his MG sports car, but his mother-in-law, in the passenger seat, was killed. Arthur suspected that two men from the rival Welsh clan, Patrick Welsh and James Goldie, had planted the bomb. Some time afterwards he spotted them in their van. He drove his Jaguar straight at the van, forcing it off the road and into a lamppost, killing Welsh and Goldie. Arthur was charged with their murders, but he was set free because no witnesses came forward to testify. The incident was part of a long feud between the two clans. In 1969 Thompson's wife, Rita, forced her way into the Welsh home, stabbed Patrick Welsh's wife in the chest, and was jailed for three years.

By the Eighties, the Thompson clan had moved into the drug trade led by the Thompsons' eldest son, Arthur Jnr, known as Fat Boy, who operated out of Blackpool. As money rolled in, they converted their council home into a palace, buying the property next door and knocking the two together. This luxury fortress was known as 'The Ponderosa'.

Disaster struck in 1985 when Fat Boy was jailed for 11 years when he fell victim to a huge heroin bust. His team, the Barlanark Gang, initially continued paying him a cut, but the two sides quickly fell out as the Gang found new paymasters.

The jailing of Fat Boy brought challenges from gangs hoping to take over the Thompson empire. In 1988 Arthur was shot in the groin outside The Ponderosa. He booked himself into a private clinic and told the police the injury had been caused by a drill bit which broke off.

Three years later, a car mounted the pavement outside his home and ran him over. Again, Arthur survived and refused to make any statement to the police. In 1989, Arthur's daughter, Margaret, died of a drugs overdose. Two years later Fat Boy was gunned down outside The Ponderosa just six hours after coming home from prison on weekend leave. He died in his father's arms.

A few hours before Fat Boy's funeral, the bodies of local hardmen Bobby Glover and Joe 'Bananas' Hanlon, widely thought to be responsible for Fat Boy's death, were found outside a bar in east Glasgow. They had each been shot in the back of the head, with an extra bullet fired up their anuses for good measure. Another local hard man, Paul Ferris, was charged with Fat Boy's murder, but cleared after Scotland's longest criminal trial. He has since been jailed for involvement in a firearms conspiracy.

The spot where Fat Boy died is just a few yards from where Billy Thompson was stabbed 10 months ago during the unsuccessful first attempt on his life and a short distance from the site of the most recent attack. Arthur Thompson Snr died of a heart attack in 1993. His death, coupled with the jailing of Paul Ferris on firearms charges in 1999, left a void which has generated a wave of violence.

In May, veteran gangland boss Frank McPhee was shot through the head on his doorstep, as his 11-year-old son looked on in terror. Police have run up against a wall of silence, but believe the murder is linked to drugs.

One theory is that McPhee had tried to muscle in on the drug trade controlled by former Irish terrorists. He had been a regular visitor to Northern Ireland. A sniper waited for him after he had been chased through Glasgow by another hitman. He had been responsible for negotiating between dealers in the North and the rest of England. He was killed by a single shot from a high-powered .22 rifle.

One detective on the case said: 'He had been a dead man walking for years. For McPhee, the end was always going to come like this.' Police are probing his links with a big dogfighting ring.

The battle for Glasgow's underworld is being further complicated by the arrival of a new clan of Triad gangsters attempting to take over the drug trade. Earlier this year, pitched battles broke out in Chinese restaurants between the Wo Sing Wo Triad and their rivals, the Tai Huen Chair or Big Circle Gang.

Another underworld figure vying for control is a 65-year-old Scot, Billy Blackledge, who has been on the run from the FBI for 10 years for his involvement in a £10 million drugs deal involving Hell's Angels from Canada. He is said to run his empire from a luxury yacht.

According to underworld sources, Billy Thompson, who has served a number of prison sentences and has a heroin habit, wanted to regain the former prominence of the Thompson name, despite the fact that he has not inherited any of his father's business acumen.

He was jailed three years ago for carrying a knife and, a week after his release, was jailed again for carrying a harpoon gun. On both occasions, he told police that he feared for his life.

Billy Thompson has now been taken off the critical list and looks set to make a full recovery. But the damage to his family's already tattered reputation, not to mention the violent implications for Glasgow's underworld, look set to last for some time to come.


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The Glasgow Curse - William Lobban - Examined




We have a new Glasgow crime book out from the man they call Judas in the criminal underworld., " William Lobban". William has  decided to title his autobiography “The Glasgow Curse” Why?

At Glasgow Crime Research, we try our best to gather as much information on organized crime as possible, we try our best to dispel the myths and separate the facts from the fiction whenever this is possible.

We read every true crime book that has a Glasgow connection and collect what  information we can prove as factual then add it to our database.

When news broke that William Lobban was writing a book, we thought, “At last, the man is going to tell his side of the story”

We waited for the release date, anticipating some new information we could use, but instead we were let down, firstly by the constant change of the release date, then by the inaccurate serialization of the book in the  Scottish press.  Then by the lack of research for the book and lastly by how William used the book to throw digs at others.

We wrote a profile on William 3 years ago, so we already had most of the information he published in his book, plus more. 

We were able to speak to a wide range of people, who either knew William growing up, spent time in prison with him, worked with him and in some cases classed him as a good friend.

So we were able to assemble a respectable bit of information on William from a wide range of sources.

People who knew William before he was moved into the public eye by the deaths of Bobby Glover and Joseph Hanlon, spoke of a young man who was determined to be a well-known criminal.

We were told he would hero worship criminals, older, experienced criminals, people like his uncles, Robert, William and Vincent Manson, Bobby Dempster and of course Arthur Thompson Snr.

William claims he never actually met Thompson Snr, he had obviously  heard stories from his uncles and observed the respect they had for the old Arthur..

William had a hard upbringing, that’s a fact, but so did thousands of other youngsters growing up in Glasgow in that era, poverty was rife; people did get involved in crime as a way of life. It was all about politics and survival.

 If your parents could not afford to clothe or feed you then you went out and clothed and fed yourself.

Weans from the schemes roamed the streets of more affluent areas, mostly in packs, hunting out victims, either to rob them, their automobiles, their families or their workplaces. This was just the way it was.

But, there were thousands of others who had it tough growing up in the Glasgow schemes, but managed to run a normal crime free life and still do to this day.

William Lobban claims he MASTERMINDED a break in to a pub. This seems typical of the way William thinks,. As I said above, youngsters were roaming around looking for anything to steal and would resort to the most elaborate ways to steal what they could turn into cash..

Pubs and clubs were broken into all over Scotland, archived crime articles from the era will confirm this.

I think he presumed the word MASTERMINDED would appeal to people who don’t know any better, but to those who do, it sounds childish, exaggerated and embarrassing, why not just say, “We grafted the  Balmore" then explain to readers how it was done?

Then he recounts the story of lying about his age to prison staff, telling the prison authorities that he was twenty one, when in fact he was younger. Again, this is something that was done a lot, especially with people eighteen and over, it was easy back then. Young offenders prison is, and always has been, a tougher sentence than the cons (Over 21’s). It is more relaxed in the cons, when in the YO’s it is basically chaos.

William went on to adult prison not expecting to come across prisoners who were capable of victimizing and terrorizing young vulnerable prisoners.

William speaks of Gerald Rae, claiming Gerry had his eye on him as a potential boyfriend. We know Gerry was winding William up, he tagged William, "Peaches" and would blow kisses at him every time William walked past him.

Gerry wasn’t openly jail gay and most people we have spoken to who served long prison sentences with Gerry say they have never seen him go near a young boy, a lot who saw what went on with William and Gerry look back and laugh at Gerry’s sense of humor, so if Gerry was jail gay he never showed it in front of the main stream prisoners.

Long term prisoners from the 1980’s onward would not stand by and watch a youngster being openly abused by someone on their wing; it simply wasn’t allowed to happen. There are prisoners who served long term sentences who would be outraged at anyone claiming they would stand by and allow that to happen.

William then went to the prison governor and told them he had lied about his age to get out of adult prison and back to young offenders, still convinced Gerry was after him as a cell mate.

When you think about it, it’s quite comical as he was being teased, only to teach him a lesson not to play with the big boys.


"The escape from Dungavel prison, the escape that propelled him into a situation he never expected"


William claims in his book he escaped from Dungavel to help out his friends the Shannon brothers.

While researching to update Williams profile we have been given other reasons for William escaping, we cannot prove them as fact. But the information does provide other possibilities as to why William would escape with only six months to serve of a six year sentence.

We were told by two different sources that William escaped because he owed money to another well known high level prisoner for drugs.  William had applied to the prison authorities to have tattoos removed, because he was a cat d prisoner he was allowed day release to go to the hospital. He was told by the person he owed the drug money that his debt would be solved if he would pick up a drugs parcel from the toilet in the hospital, William agreed, but decided to hold on the parcel and go on the run.

If you view the circumstances surrounding the escape, it does look like the escape was spur of the moment,. William had been visited by the Shannons brothers the week before he absconded, yet he never mentioned a plan to escape with his only friends, nor did he mention about going to the hospital for the tattoo removal process.

He could have easily had a getaway car waiting and a safe house sorted out, he also had family who were active criminals, this wouldn’t have been a problem for them or his friends, but instead William just turned up at the Shannon’s house, running away with just six months left of his sentence to serve.

It's apparent the escape wasn’t planned, William made the decision to escape on the spur of the moment,.

William was now an escaped prisoner, though low level, he was still wanted by the authorities, no one was more surprised than them that William had decided to run away, he was a model prisoner, gaining his cat D and being committed to open prison to prepare for departure.


When he got involved in the dispute between the Shannon’s and another local family, William was handed a gun, this made him feel invincible, he would carry this gun everywhere we are told, taped to his thigh, he tried planning a retribution attack on the enemies of his friends, but William wanted others to pull the trigger, he wanted to dish out the plan, but not take part in the actual shooting. In his book he blames all this on Ponny Shannon, saying he backed out..

This is not the full story. The true interpretation of what happened is told in the Underworld captain by Captain Alex Shannon.

Even more factual is "A Capo’s story", the unedited manuscript before it was given to David Leslie to adapt into The Underworld Captain.

Alex Shannon has no need to exaggerate or lie, the man is a captain in the British Army, a well-respected man in both the Army and the criminal underworld.

William claims he became bored with the Shannons, they didn’t think like him, they didn’t have leading qualities, no ambition.

So he went looking for a man he had met once or twice in prison, a man who had stepped in when William had  some trouble with a few men from Possilpark, Paul Ferris stepped in and asked William if everything was OK. The interference by Ferris made the men from Possilpark think twice before launching an attack on William.

Paul Ferris said to William, “if when you get out you are looking for work look me up”

William while with the Shannon’s, had heard that Paul Ferris was making a name for himself; he was branching out on his own. William decided to  look up Paul Ferris, he did so and found Ferris at the Cottage bar in Shettleston.

William approached Ferris asking for work, telling him he was on the run from prison. They went to Hamilton to a nightclub, Ferris pulled an old ploy and gave William an LSD tablet, and claimed to have taken one himself, they went and met Bobby Glover, Joe Hanlon and their girlfriends, we are told things were done to make William paranoid  as the acid tab kicked in, like Bobby and Joe would disappear then reappear, the paranoia was starting to take effect.

William realized this and knew he had a.22 Beretta taped to his thigh, the paranoia kicked in and William decided to confess about the handgun, the gun had been shown that much a bulge that Ferris and Glover got onto the fact that William was carrying  a gun almost instantly, hence why he was given an LSD tab.

William took Ferris to the toilet and showed him the gun, Ferris looked at the gun, checked it, the gun was loaded and no safety was on.

This would have made Ferris think Lobban was inexperienced, no one would put a loaded handgun down their trousers without the safety locked in  position, one wrong dance move and you would lose a chunk of your thigh.

William claims that in  May 1991 Paul Ferris embraced him as a brother. Think about this, Paul Ferris was in the middle of a war; he was having difficulty with the Thompsons and had publicly slammed Thomas McGraw as a police informant.

He was under surveillance by Strathclyde police, who wanted to lock him up and an escaped prisoner turns up. Not the type of person an escaped prisoner would want to be around?

William was well known to Glasgow police; he had after all MASTERMINDED a break into a pub and had been a friend of another escaped prisoner Michael Healy.

Michael Healy had escaped from HMP Shotts on the back of a butcher's van in 1987, he had been on his toes for 4 years, Michael Healy had used William to play small roles in armed robberies committed by Michael, and so Michael trusted him.

William went looking for his old friend, he didn’t know where Michael’s safe house was so he approached Michael’s mother, and Mrs Healy knew William Lobban but wouldn’t give Michael’s safe house out without first asking Michael.

William returned to Michael’s mother and got the safe house address, Michael was holed up in a flat in Rutherglen over in the south of Glasgow.

William went to see Michael, while in conversation Paul Ferris’s name came up, a few weeks’ earlier Paul Ferris had met Ian Blink  McDonald in the same nightclub in Hamilton that William had taken Ferris to.

Ian was on the run for the robbery he had committed along Michael Healy and others in Torquay; Ian was asked if he was on the run from that robbery. Ian passed on Ferris inquiry to Michael Healy, that along with a fake letter that had been circulated by the Thompsons from a supposed proculator fiscal in Glasgow a Mr A Varnett added to the escapee’s Healy and McDonald’s paranoia.

While in Healy’s Flat Paul Ferris name was mentioned, Michael passed on to William what had been said and mentioned the letter and said to William," you want to watch what you are doing".

William left the flat and went straight to see Paul Ferris. Ferris asked how big Mick was. Lobban told Ferris the his good friend Healy had been badmouthing him. I will add, Michael Healy and Ian McDonald always assumed that Paul Ferris had sent William to Michaels flat to inquire about what was being said about him, this is not the case, William betrayed Michael off his own back, and he has done this as a warped way of showing loyalty to Paul Ferris. Thinking his betrayal of Michael would be welcomed, when in reality it showed Ferris, Glover and Hanlon what William was capable of. Joe Hanlon instantly disagreed with what William had done and wasn't slow in letting everyone know of his disgust at William for this betrayal of Michael.

Another observation is, everything William has written or spoke about on the subject of Hanlon and Glover, William has never spoken of his sadness that Joseph Hanlon was killed, he has spoken of how he was sad Bobby had to die, but never a mention of Joseph. Does this indicate William knew of Joseph's distrust and disgust at what he had done to Michael?

Ferris demanded to know where Healy was living. Ferris went to get a gun with a silencer and William took Ferris to Healy’s  safe house in Rutherglen, William went up first, Michael let him in, William asked if he could use the toilet and when he went  down the hall he unlatched the lock  on the front door and let Ferris sneak into the flat.

Michael was shocked and surprised when Ferris came charginginto the living room and shot a hole in Michaels Hi Fi - Michael was ordered to put his hands on his head, while Ferris interrogated him as to what had been said about him.

All through the interrogation Michael was looking at William with contempt and disgust, he had known William a lot Longer than Paul Ferris and was struggling to understand why William would inform on his whereabouts to Ferris, plus put him in a dangerous position.

William knew he was in trouble.. He kept saying to Ferris, “You will have to put one in his nut; we can’t leave this flat and leave him alive. He will come looking for us; Ferris wasn’t there to hurt Michael, all he wanted was to know the source of the person who had started the rumors.


Michael had a suitcase; in that suitcase was two shotguns, Ferris took the two shotguns because he knew if they left  the flat and Michael was armed he would have chased them both down the street.

William states that he knew Michael needed the guns for the robbery in Torquay, but Michael and Ian McDonald were on the run for that robbery at the time this happened in Michaels flat

Michael and Lobban were co accused on an armed robbery in 1986 Michael got ten years and William got six, Michael had escaped in 1987 in the back of a butcher's van and William escaped in March 1991. William had spent time with Shannon’s till late  May.

 Michael, Ian McDonald, James Healy, Robert Harper and Thomas Carrington had committed the robbery in the Nat West in Torquay in May[_BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_] 1991.

Michael had been on the run for 4 years and no one had been able to breach his security until his trusted friend William Lobban set him up, for a man he had only spent a few weeks with, a man he claims had embraced him as a brother after only knowing him for weeks.

"This is where the tag Judas came from, Michael Healy christened William "Judas" after he was betrayed by him".

In the Glasgow Curse William claims he was in Bobby Glovers house the night Arthur Thompson was killed, think about this. Here is a man who has just arrived on the scene a few months earlier.

He was on the run from prison, Ferris, Glover and Hanlon had only known him for 10 weeks max, yet they will plan a murder in front of him, without asking him to participate?

They were smart men, if Williams claims have to be believed, then we must assume that, If Ferris, Glover and Hanlon murdered Thompson, Jr, then they allowed a man who they had just watched betray a good friend  of his and demand he be killed, be witness to them planning a murder?

That just  doesn’t make sense; William burned his bridge as soon as he displayed his eagerness to betray Michael Healy.

Ferris claims from that day he lost all trust in William Lobban, why would they allow him to witness something that he could use to betray them, if he felt the need arose?

After Thompson, Jr was murdered William went to London, But then returned, he ended up in a flat in the Calton, he claimed in the serialization of his book in the Daily Record, that he met Thomas McGraw, he said McGraw claimed he had visited Ferris in prison and Ferris wanted William to take out Thompson Snr, he claims McGraw gave him a gun and a wad of cash?


But when the book was released the gun had disappeared from the book, why was this?

Was it because it placed William with a gun before the murders of Glover and Hanlon?

He claimed McGraw had visited Ferris in prison, but it is well known that McGraw never visited Ferris in prison, they weren’t on speaking terms and prison records will reveal that no visit took place.

McGraw has never done prison visits, it wasn’t in his nature, he never handed over wads of money easily either, not without getting something for it, and if he had given William money and got nothing in return, he would have put William straight back in prison: That was McGraw's way.

After the deaths of Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon, William was the most wanted man in the UK. The police wanted to question him about both murders.

William insists - in his book and in a TV interview that Paul Ferris put him in the frame for the Thompson murder, this is a wild exaggeration by William, and he well knows this.

Paul Ferris used a Special defense of incrimination during the Thompson, Jr trial; he incriminated William, Michael Healy and Johna MacKenzie.

Incrimination has been used in Glasgow for years and criminals know it is used as a way of letting the judge and jury know there was  another police suspect in the case.

There has been thousand of cases were incrimination has been used, Williams uncles both used incrimination in trials, you only have to Google, “Special Defense of Incrimination” and you will find out how many times this is used.

William is trying to  justify his his reasoning for now writing his book, by claiming that Ferris tried getting him in trouble,"Putting him firmly in the frame", as he claims, this might wash with people who don’t know Scottish law, but William knows fine well that was not the case.

What else we have found is,  the discrepancies in the past articles William has given to the press, namely the News of the World in 1998 and 2005 concerning his arrest in London.

This has also changed in the book from a man dressed in John Lennon eyeglasses, a poncho and a pork pie hat or sombrero, to a man dressed as a cyclist. In these articles he grabs a woman hostage and drags her down a lane, in his book he runs hides behind the woman. Which do we choose to believe?

He most likely thought telling people he grabbed an innocent woman didn't fit the reformed character role, as people don't forgive men that attack an innocent woman going about their daily business easily.

Once William was arrested, he claims he was questioned for only 10 minutes on the murders of Bobby and Joe, but the police sent a report to the Proculator Fiscal naming William as a suspect in  both the murders of Bobby and Joe, along with another man John Morrison.

So to compile a report he must have been questioned longer or Strathclyde Police were not professional enough, nor were they interested in solving both murders?


"William was the last person to see both men alive, he admits making that call"


Yet he speaks of nothing that was said between them that night.

He speaks  in past articles of Bobby not wanting to speak and Joe is in a hurry, they were going to see McGraw he claimed, this also does not fit,.

If William knew Joe Hanlon was angry at McGraw because he was a police informant, why did William take McGraw to his safe house in the Calton, surely the thought McGraw might give up his where abouts must have crossed the master criminal mind?

Walter Norval in the New Faces of the British underworld DVD, claims Williams, uncle William was a good friend of his. Norval claims that William Manson told him he murdered both Bobby and Joe and that William was there, he claims after both men were murdered a bullet flew passed his head, Manson turned and William said SORRY, the gun went off by mistake.

Norval claims Manson was convinced his nephew was trying to kill him and Manson told Norval he was going to kill his nephew when he was freed from prison.



Another thing in the book that isn’t accurate is the rot in Full Sutton. William claims he joined in the riot because another prisoner was being brutalized by prison staff.

This was true, but William had no role in starting the riot, but he did use it to his advantage and throw and ironing board through the staff room window and front of a member of staff.

His motive for doing so in front of the staff member was because he owed a large debt for heroin, he was using all his prison wages on heroin, to the extent where he kept empty cereal boxes stored in his cell so other prisoners would think he was OK for canteen money and to hide the fact that all his money was going on drugs.

He took this chance to get a transfer and once again betrayed Michael Healy and got transferred owning the drug debt that Michael had to settle, after all,  it was Michael that had vouched for William to the person who dealt the heroin in Full Sutton.

After the first betrayal of William, he wrote to Michael Healy and asked him if his stand as a defence witness

There are no sources in the current document. Trial and putting all the blame on Paul Ferris, Bobby Glover and Joseph Hanlon for committing the Torquay robbery would help Michael and his Co accused. Michael decided against the advice from his Co accused that it might help, he had nothing to lose and knew Paul Ferris wouldn't mind this being done if it could help any of the armed robbers get a not guilty verdict.

William appeared as witness A, carrying a bible and swearing an oath he was telling the truth, he told the court he was a born again Christian. He asked that the court withhold his name and refer to him as only Mr A. WHY?


 It looks to us that William has been betraying people who classed him as friends all his life, he seems to be a bit of a con man. 

The title "The Glasgow Curse", gives the impression, William believes he was cursed by being born in Glasgow.

We can’t accept that, Glasgow is a great city with great people. William has spent more time living out of Glasgow than he did with it. 

He isn’t now Glaswegian, so in my opinion he shouldn’t try knock a city he doesn’t know.

On his website he asks for family and loved ones of murder victims to come together and expose "The Glasgow Curse".

This is another thing that sticks in the throats of honest Glaswegian’s, here is a man who for years has hidden in the shadows, paranoia ripping from his eyes, a man who has never once thought of picking up a phone or sending a letter to the family and loved ones of Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon, even the family of Paul Hamilton, who William claims his uncle William murdered on the orders of Thompson Sr.

He claims the murder was ordered because Hamilton had been passing information about the Thompson camp to Ferris?

Think about this, old Arthur had lost a son, he denied taking on the Glover and Hanlon hits, saying he was offered them, but it didn't suit, who was he offered them by?

So he doesn't kill the men he feels were partially responsible for the murder of his son, but he gets Manson to kill Hamilton for passing on info?

William Lobban could have helped the three families with an explanation of what happened that night Bobby and Joe were murdered and saved Hamiltons wife years of tortur, by assuming her husband was murdered by Paul Ferris, but chose not to do so until he writes a book 22 years after the offenses.

This information was held back, and then used to promote sales of his book; it seems this was more important than helping the Hamilton family get some closure.

We  think William should have called the book, " the JUDAS CURSE",  instead of "the Glasgow Curse", as Glasgow isn’t as cursed as William Lobban seems to be.

One source who knew William well said,  “ William knows the amount of people he has betrayed all through his life, he thinks of no one but himself,   if he is so innocent,  why hide away for 22 years “

"Now  William can mislead people who don’t know any better, but he will never be looked upon as nothing more than a Judas to us in Glasgow."

Glasgow Crime Research 

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Capturing the Mob



A short  review of Faces, a new book of photography on the criminal underworld

‘I CERTAINLY don’t envy the boys who are running around the streets today. They have no morals and no respect; they fill their minds and bodies with chemicals and fly around the streets aimlessly until some other guy shoots them down, spilling their brains all over the pavement.” Like many older men, Walter Norval is highly critical of today’s youth. Unlike most of his peers, however, Norval also happens to have been Glasgow’s first criminal Godfather, involved in robberies and protection rackets throughout the 1940s and 50s.

Images of Norval strolling through the Red Road area of his city and pausing at a nearby cemetery or getting a haircut fill the first few pages of Faces, a remarkable new book of photography on gang culture by Brian Anderson and Bernard O’Mahoney.

Anderson and O’Mahoney start with the elder statesmen of the Glasgow scene and move through the main players of more than 70 years of crime, taking in the Arthur Thompson years, the notorious Ferris family, and the Glasgow ice-cream wars.

The moment in 1983 when six members of the Doyle family were killed in a deliberately set fire is here in the face of Gary Moore, who is said to have confessed to the crime before he died last year, despite having been cleared by Glasgow High Court. The turf wars that followed in the 1990s are remembered in an image of a young girl crying in front of smoking tower blocks, and Faces takes us right up to today, to shots of killers and hard men who are still alive.

Anderson and O’Mahoney present a collection of more than 300 photographs of the most violent and feared men in Britain, but pictured here at leisure: boxing, drinking with friends, and posing in their homes and neighbourhoods. The love of drama and self-mythologising of Glasgow’s gangsters is clearly key to their involvement. Suits and ties, trilby hats, and shirtless posing show that despite the need to keep a low profile, many gangsters buy into the dangerous glamour that criminality offers.

The image of Billy Lobban praying beneath a photo of the world’s most famous fictional gangster, Vito Corleone, reflects a love of icons, and an aspiration for iconic status himself. In the book’s foreword, Harry Benson, an internationally renowned Glaswegian photographer, notes wryly that gangsters “like the majority of the population, don’t wish to pass this way unnoticed.”


GARY MOORE: A month before his death in 2010, Moore allegedly confessed to starting a fire in 1983 that killed six members of the Doyle family in Ruchazie, Glasgow, part of the infamous Ice Cream Wars. He had been acquitted by a High Court of the crime. In 1992, he was accused of murdering sex worker Diane McInally, but all charges were dropped. He was convicted, however, of stabbing to death James Boyle, son of gangster-turned-artist Jimmy Boyle. Last year gangster Sammy Ralston asked council authorities to rehouse him from Moore’s old flat because he was being haunted by the gangster.

PAUL FERRIS: Bernard O’Mahoney says of Ferris in Faces: “Paul Ferris has been accused of many things in his life, some true, some not. What’s not in dispute is that he spent 25 years as one of Britain’s most feared gangsters.” Ferris was bullied as a child in the 1970s, then spent his teenage years getting retribution against his tormentors. He became involved in the Arthur Thompson family crime outfit, and set up his own business interests as a gun-runner and drug dealer. Robert Carlyle is to star as Ferris in The Ferris Conspiracy, based on the gangster’s book of the same name.

BILLY LOBBAN: Lobban was implicated in the murders of Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon, who were waiting to stand trial for the murder of Arthur “Fat Boy” Thompson, son of Arthur Thompson Snr, who was the Godfather of organised crime in Glasgow for over 30 years. Lobban was a small-time crook who had asked Glover for money the night before Fat Boy’s funeral, and who may have been the last to see Glover alive. Glover and Hanlon were found murdered in a car on the route of Fat Boy’s funeral. Lobban is pictured in a pose of prayer below the original Godfather, Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando in the 1972 film.

WALTER NORVAL: The original Glasgow Godfather, Walter Norval led armed robberies and protection rackets in the 1940s and 1950s. In Faces, Norval recalls: “Back then we committed robberies to put food in the mouths of our families, these days heroin addicts take the food out of their families’ mouths to feed their filthy habits.” Norval’s men used to listen in to police radio frequencies before carrying out a job and were named by the media as the XYY gang as this was a code used by police when referring to armed robberies in progress.

TC CAMPBELL: Campbell was jailed for life along with Joe Steele in the mid-1980s for involvement in the house fire that killed six members of the Doyle family. It was alleged the pair had firebombed the Doyles’ Glasgow home in a bid to gain control of the city’s lucrative ice cream runs, which were a cover for the distribution of drugs and money laundering. Campbell, who always maintained his innocence, said on his release: “I’m almost 50 and I’ve spent more than half my life in prison. I have children and other people to consider, children who come first, even before my own life.”

TAM McGRAW: McGraw, who died of a heart attack in 2007, ruled a £30 million empire built on fear and violence. When cannabis started to flood into Scotland from the late 1980s onwards, suspicion centred on McGraw, leader of the infamous Barlanark Team. After a two-year surveillance operation, police discovered the drug had been hidden in buses taking poor Glasgow families on free holidays abroad. McGraw was found not proven of drug smuggling in 1998 and not proven of the attempted murder of a policeman 20 years earlier. McGraw suffered multiple stab wounds in 2002 when he was attacked in his own home.

FRANKIE FRASER AND BILLY THOMPSON: Fraser grew up in South London and was pickpocketing with his sister before he reached the age of ten. In the 1960s he was linked to the Richardson gang, rivals to the Kray twins. He has 26 convictions and has spent 42 years in jail. He now gives gangland tours in London. Billy Thompson is the son of gangster Arthur Thompson senior, with whom Fraser was a good friend. Billy was the victim of an attempted murder in 2000, stabbed by three men. He was given 18 months on appeal for possession of a harpoon gun.

Faces: A Photographic Journey Through The Underworld

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The prison gates edged open. When the dapper, baby-faced young man stepped away from the armed wardens with their vicious dogs and into freedom, he walked slap bang into a posse of media. 'I'm going straight,' he announced, before speeding off in a waiting car. The press went after him and they weren't the only ones. It was January 2002 and, after serving his sentence for gunrunning, Paul Ferris was going straight. But would he be allowed to? Following the death of the last Godfather, Arthur Thompson, Ferris was one of the men tipped to take over Glasgow's organised crime scene and rule the streets of Glasgow and much farther afield. The cops believed Ferris had got away with too much and, when the time came for old scores to be settled, he would be on the receiving end.

Front Cover

In the criminal world, memories are long. Vendetta covers three eventful years of street life in Glasgow, Manchester, London, and Liverpool, exposing the brutal reality of these cities' underworlds and the characters involved in them - the crackhead hitman, the Iranian noble turned international gangster and killer, the English player who predicted his own assassination, the white slave trade, political corruption at the highest level, hit jobs, ambushes, duelling gangsters, bloody streets, torchings and a great deal more. When Paul Ferris left jail, he planned to write novels and film scripts. Little did he know his own life would be stranger than fiction.

They tried to silence Paul Ferris but he is still here to tell the story - and it is some story

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William Gage is in danger of losing at least 20 years of his freedom. It is incumbent upon the commission to deal with this case professionally and in sufficient depth to provide him with another chance to prove that he was not guilty of this crime.. Watch these three videos then make up your own mind.

Was the evidence against William Gage enough to convict?

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The first thing Boyle made was a portrait bust of another prisoner. His work looks like an eerie mix of the kind of thing you might see on some monstrous monument to Mother Russia combined with the angular ferocity of carvings by Jacob Epstein. Howling figures with huge fists reach for the sky, punching their way out of towering brick walls. Slimy tortured figures with heads the size of pins grapple with each other like angry velociraptors.
"I never know what's going to come out," says Boyle. "I'm as baffled as the next person. I work from my feelings. It's a journey. I'm sick of poncey things made of Cararra marble with people posing around them saying a load of bollocks about what they 'mean'. My sculptures are not nice proper things."
"People commit awful crimes because it's a lot of fun and because they need the money," he says starkly
Barely any of the pieces feature the female form, I point out. He takes huge exception to this, assuming that I mean he's homosexual. He lunges forward - You bitch.

Sebastian Horsley on QTV (RIP) Watch:10:00

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Kevin Carroll murder trial:

Kevin Carroll

Kevin "Gerbil" Carroll, 29, was shot dead in the Asda carpark in Glasgow's Robroyston area on 13 January 2010.

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