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by the way Shug Collins was a class act too [comp][wave][thumb][thumb]


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Gangs Of Britain: Glasgow [eek]


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Steve Wraith — who will pen Unfinished Business with pal Stuart Wheatman of Mojo Risin’ Publishing — said: “Paul’s a very intelligent man but he’s somebody who I suppose is very guarded.

“It takes time to build up confidence with Paul. He was aware of me which is beneficial and liked my Kilroy interview. I found that quite reassuring.

“In the last six months we’ve spoken a lot on the phone and exchanged various pointers about what we can do.

“We’re going to pay tribute to Reg and Paul really wants to do that. He played a huge role in Paul’s life.”

The Ferris Conspiracy charted his rise from childhood to feared underworld figure working for Glasgow Godfather Arthur Thompson Snr.

But the pair fell out spectacularly and in 1992 Ferris walked free from the longest murder trial in Scottish legal history when he was found not guilty of Arthur ‘Fat Boy’ Thompson Jnr’s execution.

Six years later he was convicted of gun running at the Old Bailey. Steve added: “The Ferris Conspiracy was a brilliant read but there’s stuff I’d have put in there.

“Redoing the book would be unfair to Reg — there was nothing wrong with the original. We would just like to put a Mojo slant on Paul’s life. We’d like to bring Paul’s character out, put different stories in. He’s a very funny guy when you get to know him, quite a humorous guy.

“We did an interview the other night about prison life and there’s a lot of black humour in prison. We were focusing on a lot of things that people won’t have heard about Paul but things people can probably relate to.”

The dad-of-four — donating profits from his latest book to the cancer foundation that treated Reg before his death seven years ago aged 56 — vowed to leave a life of crime behind him after his release from jail in 2002. Three years ago he featured on a Who’s Who list which said he had shown “exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success” in his work as the boss of repeat offenders’ charity MIDAS.

Steve said: “It’s a major turnaround for him. We could’ve called the book Going Straight.” [idea][rofl][thumb][comp][wave]


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Judas came from Possilpark., growing up he was a member of the young Possil Fleet, his mother Sylvia was the sister  of Billy Manson. Lobban was a very fit guy in his day. He claims he was a friend of Paul Ferris and that Paul had brought him into his crew when he appeared in Glasgow on the run from prison in 1990. He Also claimed that within hours of the shooting of Arthur Thompson Jnr, he and Paul Ferris headed down to London, when they came back Ferris was arrested for the shooting of William Gillen who had been shot in the legs in a field off the Ayr Road.


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hey P this one v the other one [confused][nono][comp][thumb]


Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
December 2, 2012

Russell Findlay

Murder victim Paul Hamilton's widow Georgina Russell does not hate Paul Ferrisshe loathes him. 

Hamilton, 35, was gunned down behind the wheel of his Daimler in November 1993. 

Ferris and his associate Stephen McLaren were quizzed over the murder, which remains unsolved. 

Hamilton's 55–year–old widow Georgina, a mum–of–two, breaks her silence today to reveal that: ||She sensed danger when Ferris phoned to arrange to meet her husband less than an hour before his murder. 

Her husband was asked to give an alibi for Ferris during the Arthur Thompson Jr murder trial. 

Ferris smeared her dead husband by implicating him in the murders of Joe Hanlon and Bobby Glover. 

Georgina said: "Paul's not here to defend any of these lies. No one can justify the killing of someone else. 

"Ferris doesn't know the meaning of truth. It's all the other people who are left behind who pay the price. I don't hate him, I loathe him." 

Hamilton was a mechanic, florist and secondhand goods trader who dabbled in crime. 

In 1992, he gave Ferris an alibi during the Arthur Thompson Jr murder trial. 

Ferris had also been charged with kneecapping William Gillen on the A77 but Hamilton told the court that he saw Ferris in the Caravel bar in Barlanark, Glasgow, on the night of the shooting. 

Georgina said: "Paul told me he was going to go as a witness for Ferris

"It wasn't Ferris who asked him to, it was someone else. I was annoyed with Paul because giving evidence was how he got involved with Ferris

"I asked Paul what he was playing at. There's no doubt in my mind that his evidence would have helped Ferris get a not proven verdict." 

Georgina took the 9.50pm call from Ferris on the night her husband was killed. 

Hamilton told his wife that he was going to collect money he was owed by Ferris and that he would be back soon. He never returned. 

He was shot at the junction of Glasgow's Cumbernauld Road and Dee Street. 

Georgina added: "When Ferris came on the phone, he said, 'It's the other Paul.' "He was chatty and normal. He said that he had 18, before marrying Georgina in 1976 money for PaulPaul told me that he was going to collect the cash he was owed. 

"I told him that he had better come straight back or I would phone the police and go the full road with FerrisPaul said, 'Don't do that.' "I knew he was in danger that night. I don't know how I knew but I knew. 

"Part of me was frightened so I never told the police anything about it at first. I just said I didn't know. 

"It wasn't until the next night that I told them about the phone call from Ferris

"I think they knew all about what had happened, everyone and their dog knew. Ferris had an alibi for that night as well." 

In his book, Ferris implicates Hamilton in connection with the murders of his friends Hanlon and Glover – who were shot dead in revenge for Arthur Thompson Jr's murder. 

Ferris said: "Paul Hamilton had been boasting about driving the blue Transit van that allegedly carried Bobby and Joe's dead bodies. 

"Every time he got drunk, which was often, he'd add to the story, though he never got as far as suggesting he was the gunman. It came as no surprise when Hamilton was found shot dead." 

Georgina admitted that her husband had sold a van which may have been used in the Hanlon and Glover murders but that he had no involvement in their deaths. 

And she believes that Ferris spun the lie in order to draw attention away from his suspected involvement. 

She said: "Paul sold a van to someone and it was later supposedly used by someone to transport the bodies of Hanlon and Glover. 

"The police put Paul under huge pressure to tell them who had bought the van. 

"There was one night when they stopped our car and they took us to Baird Street where I was strip searched. 

"We often got followed by the police and they would intimidate us up to when Paul was murdered. 

"The story from Ferris about Paul driving the bodies of Hanlon and Glover is a complete fabrication. 

"Ferris doesn't care who gets the blame as long as it's not him. People don't matter in his life – only he matters. 

"Ferris has never mentioned that Paul gave him an alibi in the Thompson trial. 

"He doesn't talk about that because it's at odds with the lies he's telling." 

Georgina believes that her husband may have been killed because he had no fear of Ferris– and was adamant that he should be repaid the money he was owed by him. 

She said: "Paul wouldn't back down and he was not frightened of Ferris

"Paul went to his house once and just went right in, which Ferris did not like." 

Georgina holds out little hope that justice might finally be done. 

She added: "The problem with living in that world is that it's often either kill or be killed. 

"Ferris is a sneak but he's a survivor." 

Everyone knew what happened.. but Ferris had an alibi for that night too Paul would not back down..he was not frightened of Ferris

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> V this one here > 

Thompson Ordered My Uncle to Execute Hamilton for Giving Ferris Murder Alibi; EXCLUSIVE GANGLAND ENFORCER LIFTS THE LID ON 20-YEAR-OLD MURDER MYSTERY Godfather's Henchman Visited His Nephew in Jail and Confessed That He Was Assassin of Trial Witness

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)

November 15, 2013 MARK McGIVERN 

GODFATHER Arthur Thompson snr ordered one of Scotland's most infamous unsolved murders, a notorious underworld enforcer claimed last night. 

Police in Glasgow have spent 20 years trying to catch the killer of Paul Hamilton, a small-time crook who became a key player in the city's most explosive gangland murder trial. 

Now a leading figure from Glasgow's crime clans has named the assassin - and the man who sent him. 

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Record, William Lobban told how his uncle, Billy Manson, visited him in jail in 1994 and confessed to blasting Hamilton to death as the victim sat in his Daimler in the city's east end. 

"He came out with it, right out of the blue," Lobban told us. 

"He said it was him that had taken care of Paul Hamilton, and that Arthur had told him to do it." 

Manson was a close associate of Thompson snr. And he told Lobban that the Godfather had never forgiven Hamilton for giving an alibi to celebrity gangster Paul Ferris, the man cleared of murdering his son, Arthur jnr, in August 1991. 

Ferris, whose story was supposedly told this year in movie flop The Wee Man, stood trial in 1992 for the murder of "Fat Boy" Thompson in a case that held Scotland transfixed. 

But Hamilton told the jury he saw the accused in a pub on the night of the shooting, and Ferris walked free on a not proven verdict. 

Manson said Thompson snr was "upset" by Hamilton's evidence. 

And according to Lobban, the Godfather had a second reason to want Hamilton, 35, dead. 

He believed he was an informer, passing information on the Thompson empire to Ferris and his other bitter rival, Tam "The Licensee" McGraw. 

Lobban said: "Hamilton was giving Ferris and McGraw information about old Arthur's business. 

"Arthur had it in his mind that Hamilton had crossed a line, and that he would have to go. That's the real truth of what happened." 

Manson is no longer around to answer for his alleged crime. He died of a drug overdose in 1997, and Lobban believes he committed suicide. 

But if he was indeed Hamilton's assassin, it takes the heat off another man who was questioned over the 1993 murder - Lobban's former friend and now bitter enemy, Ferris. 

Hamilton's widow, Georgina, spoke last year of her loathing for Ferris. 

She told police how Ferris phoned her husband just an hour before he was killed, to ask to meet him so he could give him some money. She said Hamilton drove off to see him, and never came home. 

But Lobban insisted: "That was just a coincidence. 

"I don't think Ferris would be so stupid to provide that kind of evidence if he was actually behind the murder." 

Lobban points the finger at Thompson snr in his new book Glasgow Curse: My Life in the Criminal Underworld. 

And he strongly denies any involvement in Thompson jnr's murder - a crime Ferris tried to pin on him. 

At his trial, Ferris lodged a special defence of incrimination, naming Lobban as Fat Boy's assassin. 

But Lobban told us: "He made it up. I never even met Thompson jnr. 

"When I was faced with that claim, it was a bombshell. And all the things Ferris has said about me have been allowed to lurk around and seep into the legend of what happened." 

Lobban has also lived with claims that he was involved in the savage aftermath of Fat Boy's death, when Ferris associates Joe "Bananas" Hanlon and Bobby Glover were murdered in revenge on Thompson snr's orders. 

go He has often been accused of luring Hanlon and Glover to their deaths in September 1991, and he freely admits he met them shortly before they were gunned down. 

He admits he was the last man - apart from their killer - to see them alive. 

Convicted gun runner Ferris has claimed Paul Hamilton was also involved in the Hanlon and Glover murders. 

In his book The Ferris Conspiracy, which became the basis for The Wee Man, he wrote: "PaulHamilton had been boasting about driving the blue Transit van that allegedly carried Bobby and Joe's dead bodies. 

"Every time he got drunk, which was often, he'd add to the story, though he never got as far as suggesting he was the gunman. It came as no surprise when he was found shot dead." 

Hamilton's widow dismissed that story as "complete fabrication" And Lobban is equally contemptuous of Ferris, a man he once regarded as his "brother" in the underworld. 

He said: "Ferris gets a situation and spins it. He always does. 

"He is obsessed with calling people traitors, labelling them 'Judas' and quoting from the Bible. 

"But he is the biggest Judas. I'm not quite the villain he has painted, and I hope my book sheds light on a lot of areas where my reputation has been damaged." 

Lobban says he is now reformed, and hopes his book will offer him some redemption for his gangster years. 

He said: "I had a very tough upbringing. 

I was in care and I was from one of the most violent, old-school criminal families in Glasgow, so I was naturally drawn to a life of crime." 

Lobban's biggest regret is escaping from Dungavel jail in March, 1991, when he had only three months to serve of a six-year sentence for armed robbery. 

He claims the escape forced him to exist in the underworld, where he aligned himself closely with men such as Ferris just as Glasgow's gangland was about to descend into bloody conflict. 

We have not paid Lobban for his story. 

1983 William Lobban and Paul Ferris meet in Longriggend Remand Centre, Airdrie. 

1989 Lobban escapes from Dungavel Open Prison with three months to go of six year sentence for armed robbery. 

Aug 1991 Arthur Thompson Jnr shot three times outside the family home "The Ponderosa", top left, in east end of Glasgow

Sept 1991 Paul Ferris's friends, Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon, are murdered. 

Jul 1992 Ferris acquitted of murder after Paul Hamilton gives him an alibi. 

Nov 1993 Paul Hamilton murdered in his car, above. 

Jul 1998 Ferris jailed for seven years at the Old Bailey for gun-running. 

THE TIMELINE 1991 THE PLAYERS Arthur Thompson snr Notorious Glasgow gangland boss whose son Arthur jnr was murdered in 1991. 

Billy Manson Uncle of Lobban and close cohort of Arthur Thompson Snr. p Paul HamiltonHis alibi helped clear Paul Ferris. Hamilton's murder remains unsolved. 

Bobby Glover Suspected accomplice in Thompson jnr murder. Killed Joe "Bananas" Hanlon Murdered on Thompson snr's orders. Body dumped, with Glover's, on route of Boy's funeral Fat Boy s fun neral cortege. 

Old Arthur thought that Hamilton had crossed a line. He would have to go LOBBAN




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For all of those interested in true crime } This is a fake video and an archive search will show the problems with an inaccurate content including pictures that have no meaning to the content and as such fails to hit the mark. Be careful with others trying to rewrite history as it all comes out in the wash.

Take note The Modelator [redface][rolleyes][crazy][bawl][nono]

The TRUTH is out there...........

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The TRUTH is out there...........

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Life and crimes of Scotland’s ‘hardest b******’ gangsters to be charted in TV documentary British Notorious involving Paul Ferris and Glasgow godfather Arthur Thompson [comp][sneaky][comp][thumb][wave]

A telly crew plans to feature every major player in UK crime over the last century, including modern-day villains who have never appeared on camera

THE life and crimes of Scotland’s biggest gangsters will be told in a telly documentary.

Glasgow godfather Arthur Thompson, ex-enforcer Paul Ferris, 54 and the city’s first Mr Big, Walter Norval, will be among 100 infamous hoods to be charted in series British Notorious.

Ex-enforcer Paul Ferris

PA😋RESS ASSOCIATION Ex-enforcer Paul Ferris

A TV crew plans to feature every major player in UK crime over the last century, including modern-day villains who have never appeared on camera.

Writer Christian Simpson has teamed up with voice actor Steve Wraith, filmmaker Joe McLean and photo-journalist Brian Anderson in a bid to bring the biopic to the screen.


Plugging the project online, he said: “I’ve been working with an incredible team on what will be the biggest television UK true crime series undertaken.”

The team are in talks with a “big name” presenter to narrate the series they hope to air in 2020.

An ad for British Notorious promises a “rare look behind the curtain of cold-blooded killers and the hardest b******* in British criminal history”.

It adds: “We will hear from our subjects’ family members, the cops who hunted them and where possible, the villains themselves.” [thumb]


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