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The former Kent Police Chief Constable Michael Fuller who is now the Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service is understood to be the subject of serious criminal allegations surrounding the shocking theft of the priceless Oxford University Carroll Institute US Anglo-Irish national treasures collections which embraced rare thirteenth century manuscripts and other items of national importance. Sources have confirmed that the compelling evidential dossiers are held "in custody" at the FBI Washington DC field office and the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard under the supervision of the commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe who is known to have an intimate knowledge of this case of international importance.

Further sources have confirmed the Carroll Foundation has appointed Sir Tony Baldry MP the highly respected criminal barrister who is understood to be deeply shocked with the inordinate delays to the arrest and prosecution of what is believed to be one of the most dangerous crime syndicate operation ever confronted by the authorities in living memory. It has also emerged that Mark Field MP for the City of London Westminster who is representing the primary victims continues to retain compelling evidential material in this massive tax billion dollar tax fraud heist operation that stretches the globe over a staggering sixteen years

A Scotland Yard leaked source has said that the Queen's bankers Coutts & Co chairman Lord Home is believed to be also seriously implicated following unconfirmed reports that Lord Home and the Sloane Street Chelsea branch manager Robin Bennet incorporated these fraudulent Gerald Carroll Trust bank accounts in a bungled attempt to provide a diversionary banking smokescreen for the embezzlement of a mind boggling one hundred and fifty million dollars of the Carroll Foundation's huge treasury investment holdings that were held at Barclays International and Coutts & Co Strand London.

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