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Beware my children for i am heroin

Knowing by AL as the destroyer of life

Where i come from the government don't know

It's a far away land where the dark poppy grows

I come into your country i seldom get cought

Then every day i am hunted and sought

Whole nations have gathered to plan my destruction

In tinfoil wrap i soon make my way

To men at work and children at play

From city bankers to the lowest of scum

It wont take long till you;re under my thumb

The door of your home i will soon brake it down

As cast my dark shadow from city to town

Then once in ,i wont have to give ch ace

Because sooner or latter you'll be back for another taste

In brown or white both deadly to use

And once you'r addicted i relay abuse

I will make you lie  steel borrow or beg

As i search for a vain in a arm or leg

Iwill make you selfish and fill you with greed

Regardless of religion co lour or creed

Then i will destroy your family and cost you no end

You;r wife you'r children you'r very best friend

This is the destruct ions that is heading you'r way

So please kick the habit and kick it today

Then when temptation strikes then read this again

This time feel the emotion from within this poet

He is so full with sorrow and pain

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On reading this only puts more reason to me as to why not put the resourses into totally concentrating on getting rid of this drug instead of what will just prolong it? Can't be done...course not,it could though, aswell as the crime built up by the stuff.It would cost us less in the longrun for our Military sources to rid it, which would be the only way it seems as the Police have proved their pretty sh*** at that too, but why would Mr B want to do that when he can keep the addicts happy and have more taxes to spend on Arms with his American Bumchum, e.g the recent addition J.N.B.C.R? Billions of £'s and what do the troops spend their time doing.... sweet f .a. Although they do know if we have a chemical attack they gather us around, spray us with tap water and we're all fine n dandy, that must've taken a lot o training. No meknows it didn't.This is where the real money goes and if some o us think they give a care about getting rid of the drug problem then more fool us, it's getting swept under a very thick rug.



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Steely if you read the two poems wright where i come from no body knows They will never stop it from growing I Tcan be grew in the hills any place it would cost to much money to stop it never mind life's So as much as i agree with you give it out free would save life and misery in the end


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The Heroin Express

Jump on board respond to the cry

You’re no longer under parental eye

Where words of love couch a desire to control

They want you to conform they want you to enroll


In their neat little world where they’re all made of plastic 

Isn’t it delightful isn’t it fantastic 

The train’s just pulled in I’ve saved you a seat

 This is one journey you’ll have to repeat


 With me it’s first class all the way

 Enjoy the free ride for next time you pay 

Follow the tracks and enjoy the view 

Listen to the rhythm as it overwhelms you 


Your life up to now has been neat little pictures 

A photograph album of permanent fixtures 

But as the train gathers speed ignoring the signals 

Satanic choirs begin singing from damnation’s hymnals 


The next snap in your album is totally surreal 

A will that is broken and impossible to heal 

Your id is unlocked from its sub-conscience cell 

The picture it’s painting is a landscape of hell 


Where Salvador’s images grow legs and walk 

They scream in your ears as your spirit they stalk 

You’re trapped in a train on a one-way track

 You’re bound for the reaper and there’s no turning back 


You squirm and you tremble and cry out in pain 

But you’ll never get back to normality again

 With a promise of pleasure I’ve hooked into your soul 

Your name has been written on addiction’s dark scroll 


As we rush into a tunnel with no light at the end

 You’ve no need to worry as I’m your best friend

And to prove it I’ll give you that one final hit

The one that will send you right into the pit


Your family and friends will grieve now you’re gone

They’ll fondly remember how once your light shone

Passing over the fact that you died hopelessly lost

:Living for the moment and never counting the cost


When will these fools realise the truth of it all

I’ll keep em’ distracted I’ll give em’ a ball

I’ll blind their eyes to the One who can save

I’ll keep em’ amused with rock music and rave.

The TRUTH is out there...........

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GIVE IT OUT FREE tamuraman??? Now i am lost for words, F*****G Unreal!!!  . steeleyma!!


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Experts have warned of a heroin "epidemic" in the UK as the drug becomes more cheaply and easily available in both inner cities and rural areas.

They say that every six months there is a 9% increase in addicts seeking help and, perhaps more tellingly, that the profile of the typical user is changing.

Youngsters smoke, rather than inject, the drug
Youngsters smoke, rather than inject, the drug

A 1998 Police Research Group report found that towns where there was no problem before are now reporting heroin abuse, with use noted in areas like Lincolnshire, Gloucestershire and Norfolk.

In April, six drug users died in Norwich in one week in overdoses linked to a lethal form of heroin known as "China white".

And York's Compass Needle Exchange Centre told the BBC it has seen a 20% increase in the number of heroin users in the last year.

Ignorance about addiction

One client, who did not want to be named, said there is an "epidemic" in the city - and put this down to the drug being "cheap and available".

The government's Anti-drugs Co-ordinator, Keith Hellawell, and other experts also attribute the growing use of the drug to its decreasing price - and lack of drug knowledge among young people.

Heroin use is led by sophisticated, aggressive supply networks
Heroin use is led by "sophisticated, aggressive supply networks"

A "hit" is now available on some streets for just £2 - which Mr Hellawell has pointed out is the same price as a pint of beer.

Suppliers even offer the "first wrap" of heroin free, and convince their new young customers that the drug is no more harmful than ecstasy or cannabis.

This appears easy to do, experts have noted. Many of the new users were not fully aware of the addictive nature of heroin.

A spokeswoman for Stratford Parents Support Group said some teenagers were not even aware what they were smoking: "They are simply offered 'brown', which they assume is cannabis", she said.

Drugs in Schools
Fear of Aids, which used to put adolescents off the drug, is receding as young people increasingly smoke, rather than inject, heroin.

And the image among middle-class youths of heroin as a highly-addictive drug used only by "junkies" has changed on the back of growing recreational use of drugs such as ecstasy.

Campaigners say schools must respond to this changing culture, with improved drugs education programmes.

Heroin should be treated differently from other drugs, they say - and the message "just say no" should be put across unequivocally.

The TRUTH is out there...........

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Our world is at a standstill, it's truly unforeseen.
As everything's uncertain surrounding COVID-19.

At times like these life shows us how powerful we are as a human race.
If put in times of danger, or a pandemic we should face.

there's not a vaccine yet, there's things that can be done.
The only way we can fight this is if we all act as one.

When possible stay at home, even if you're fit.
Because this virus is invisible, who knows when it will hit.

Look after those most vulnerable, with warmth, supplies and food.
Because these people would do the same for you if they only could.

Remember when your shopping, please think of others too.
I know these times are scary but it
can't be all about you.

If people are isolated at home alone, remember and give them a call.
We need to keep our spirits high as
there's other ways we could fall.

Spare a thought for the brave front line workers, they battle everyday.
They put there patients lifes before their own in such a special way.

The doctors, nurses and carers who protect the people we love.
It's at times like these we appreciate them. Their strength must come from above.

Most importantly just be kind and pray the vaccine is found.
And our lifes can get back to normality when everyone is safe and sound.
 (c) Lee Havlin 21/03/2020

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