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Drug-fighting squads want to carry guns
AGENCY director Graeme Pearson believes organised crime poses the biggest single threat to the stability of communities

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DRUGBUSTERS in Scotland want to have guns and more independence to fight international crime.

The Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency has shown it effectively wants to be Scotland's equivalent of the FBI in the US, with independence from police forces to recruit personnel and to have its own armoury.

It also wants to extend its remit beyond drug enforcement to fight international crime.

The moves came on the day the agency announced seizures of class A drugs - including heroin and cocaine - have more than tripled in the past year.

The rise was revealed today in the agency's annual report alongside a dramatic fall in the seizure of class B drugs.

This follows the reclassificaton of cannabis from class B to C in January 2004.

Agency director Graeme Pearson also revealed £30million of criminal assets had been identified, and reported a rise in the number of people arrested.

The number of criminal networks disrupted fell from 96 to 84.

However Mr Pearson said for the agency to act more effectively it had to be more independent.

At present the agency can only use armed units from one of Scotland's eight forces, often Strathclyde Police, and only existing police authorities can second staff to the agency or give the order for covert operations.

Now the SDEA want these powers of their own. If they get them it would become a Scottish FBI - a national crime fighting agency with both an intelligence and operational arm.

Unveiling the latest figures in Paisley told Mr Pearson warned serious and organised crime posed "the biggest single threat to the stability and prosperity" of communities.

The annual report showed 357kg of class A drugs were seized in the past year compared with 103kg in 2003/2004. The amount of class B drugs seized plummeted from 4256kg to 54kg.

The value of class A and B drugs seized fell from £32.5m to £22m and 225 people were arrested, compared with 195 in the previous year.

Mr Pearson said: "We have recognised for some time that organised crime operates as a business.

"Over the last year the agency has worked hard to protect Scottish communities from the very real dangers presented by the gangsters that operate under the guise of legitimacy."

Mr Pearson planned to strip criminals of £21m of their proceeds of crime in the past year.

The report shows the agency identified £30m of criminal assets - from houses to cars - for seizure.

He added: "The agency's task force approach has proved enormously successful in our efforts to hit serious organised crime where it hurts most, by ripping the profit from the heart of their organisations.

"The Proceeds of Crime Act represents a significant weapon in our armoury.

"We have worked hard to ensure Scotland is not a soft target and will continue our efforts to create an increasingly hostile environment for organised crime."

Today's report also showed the SDEA had expanded its remit by tackling issues such as as global internet crime, including child abuse, organised immigration crime and international money laundering.

Mr Pearson added: "Despite this diversification, the SDEA remains committed to protecting Scotland from the misery caused by the misuse of illicit drugs."



This man has a very colourful career that is validated by previous colleagues and victims of wrong-doing - now he wants to override ANY Chief Constables remit to issue firearms to their officers.  This man must be stopped in his tracks.


What happened to a lesser form of non-lethal weapons to arrest suspects?  Have we not learned enough from the Harry Stanley affair and Charles Demendez, both of which were within the Metropolitan Police in London.  Then look at the outcome, why two innocent men were shot dead in a legalised execution full of lies, innuendoes and conspiracy to supress the truth.  What would happen on the streets of Scotland if Pearson and his band of merry men were to get their merry way, as the Moderator has specific information in relation to the misconduct of Mr Pearson that dates back to when he was removed from uniform Sergeant within the Scottish Crime Squad, only to be demoted to uniform Sergeant and sent to purgatory in Airdrie by the assistant Chief Constable at that time who indicated that he (Graeme Pearson) will never be involved in any criminal investigation for the rest of his career.


Now this is the guy who is asking for his own people to carry their own guns without asking any Chief Constable. This cannot be allowed to happen as it is within the remit of all Chief Constables to decide to issue firearms if and when they deem the situation to be appropriate enough to merit such actions and they themselves are accountable for issuing firearms, not Mr Pearson.


I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Of course Mr Pearson meant.... 'To act more effectivelly 'HE' had to be of more independance'.Purely so he can get up to more misgivings himself before he can do his expert cover-up antics.He should've added "More have recognised for some time that 'I' operate as a business of organised crime!".How could they possibly contemplate letting Mr Pearson,who was demoted as even just a sergeant,who isn't to be allowed to be involved in criminal investigations for the rest of his the 'C.O' of any use of firearms?It is completely absurd if he'd be given this authority.There would inevitably no doubt be a lot more incidents of 'legalised executions'.This man shouldn't be in any way even in the stockroom of firearms being the 'coffee runner'.Gawd help the British public!So Mr Pearson,please get yourself another job and save us all the misery caused by 'YOU'!!...steeleyma.


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So in effect Pearson is asking for carte-blanche for him and his chosen few to ride rough-shod through our streets armoured from their own personal armoury, stopping anyone at will at gun point without anybodies directive other than his own.


Someone should clip this lunatics wings before he does serious harm to some innocent member of the public. Could someone at Police HQ please inform Mr Pearson the days of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday are long gone.


Someone should also inform Pearson that the heroin and cocaine dealers he harps on about are meant to be arrested due to good detection skills. Not blown to pieces around the streets of Scotland by him and his band of renegades armed from their own personal arsenal. Idiot! Bilko


Law and justice are not always the same. When they aren't, destroying the law may be the first step toward changing it. :D

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William Lobban’s autobiography is an attempt by a convicted criminal to defend his reputation

The truth about what really happened has got to come out so that I can be vindicated properly, right across the board. My name was also put in the frame for setting-up Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon. That’s another very serious accusation. And all that needs addressing.

“And that’s what I’m in the process of doing now. It’s really important I get a proper clearing of my name. It’s so important to me. The image has been created in some people’s eyes that William Lobban is a murderer because Paul Ferris said in court that I may have or must have shot Arthur Thompson Junior. I’m trying to set the record straight with my book.

“My book’s a great start, but the hard work really starts now because the media are starting to get involved and the cops must now look at everything that’s going on. I would like to know how they view all this. It’s always been like a bit of a circus anyway. Ferris has accused me of this, that and the next thing and I want to clear my name. People have got an engrained image of me that is wrong, so I’m now defending myself to the hilt and I won’t back down in any way now. That’s the way it’s going to be.”

The TRUTH is out there...........

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Who is this guys stylist as he seems bit strange wearing his uncles clothes from days gone bye [sneaky][biggrin]

WILLIAM LOBBAN November 2013

William (Judas) Lobban


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Originally Posted by Admin2
News of the World / 2005


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When the law believes a liar [sneaky][sneaky]

Dennis "The Menace" Wilkinson, a vicious kidnapper and sex offender who has served time in jails all over Britain. Wilkinson has appeared as a key prosecution witness in at least eight major criminal trials, where he has alleged that fellow prisoners confided in him about serious crimes. He has been used by police to give evidence against more than 20 men who have been jailed for a total of 90 years.

Wilkinson was first exposed in 1984 after he made his own confession in taped conversations with David Capstick, a private detective and former police officer. Mr Capstick said: "He was nothing less than a professional witness."

Among those Wilkinson helped to jail were Daniel Vaughan and John Haase, who were accused of being part of the notorious "Transit Mob" armed robbery gang. Both men had long been targets for Merseyside police. Despite the fact that Wilkinson was being held in a different part of the jail from the alleged armed robbers, he claimed that Vaughan had admitted the robbery of a post office van "during conversations in the last few weeks". His evidence helped jail the pair for 13 and 14 years respectively, in 1982.

When Wilkinson himself appeared in court later that year accused of kidnapping, torturing and sexually assaulting a man, police attended to praise his evidence in the robbery trial. The judge sentenced Wilkinson to just six years. Wilkinson was later interviewed in Wakefield prison by Paul Baker, the solicitor for Vaughan and Haase.

WILKINSON told Mr Baker that he was bitter at his treatment by the police, who he claimed had promised him a new identity in Canada.

Mr Baker took a statement from him and contacted solicitors from other trials in which he had been involved. None of the convictions was overturned.

Extraordinarily, Wilkinson's work with the police did not stop there. Seven years later, the most notorious gangster in Scotland, Paul Ferris, was arrested and charged with the gangland execution of his bitter rival, Arthur "Fatboy" Thompson. Wilkinson, who had by now been given a new identity of Dennis Woodman but had been jailed again for the attempted abduction of a Scottish farmer, was moved alongside Ferris in the segregation unit of Barlinnie prison in Glasgow.

During what became the longest murder trial in Scottish criminal history, Woodman/ Wilkinson appeared as a key prosecution witness, claiming Ferris had admitted the murder. But his credibility was torn apart by Donald Findlay QC, the leading Scottish criminal advocate who was aware of Woodman's past. In desperation, Woodman swore he was telling the truth "on the ashes" of his dead children. But his wife was summoned to the witness box to say the youngsters were alive, well and waiting in the court foyer.

Ferris was cleared, only to be jailed last July for gun-running. Woodman was moved to the protection unit at Peterhead prison and was released last year, reportedly with a £20,000 price on his head from Britain's underworld.

Woodman is not a one-off case. It is a sad fact that prisoners in all jails habitually make false accusations about fellow inmates in an attempt to ingratiate themselves with the authorities. [comp][thumb]


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What is The Glasgow Curse?
Posted on February 1, 2014 at 6:55 PM 



William Lobban



We have a new Glasgow crime book out from the man they call Judas in the criminal underworld. William Lobban,  decided to title this autobiography “The Glasgow Curse” Why?

At Glasgow Crime Research, we  try our best to collect as much data on organized crime as possible, we try our best to dispel the myths and separate the facts from the fiction.

We read every true crime book that has a Glasgow connection and collect what  information we can prove as factual then add it to our database .

When news broke that William Lobban was writing a book, we thought, “At last, the man is going to tell his side of the story”

We waited for the release date, anticipating some new information we could use, but instead we were let down, firstly by the constant change of the release date, then by the inaccurate serialization of the book in the  Scottish press.  Then by the lack of research for the book and lastly by how William used the book to have digs at others

We wrote a profile on William 3 years ago, so we already had most of the information he released in the book, plus more. 

We were able to talk to a wide range of people, who either knew William growing up, spent time in prison with him, worked with him and in some cases classed him as a good friend.

So we were able to put together a good bit of information on William from a wide range of sources.

People who knew William before he was propelled into the limelight by the deaths of Bobby Glover and Joseph Hanlon, spoke of a young man who was determined to be a well-known criminal.

We were told he would hero worship criminals older criminals, people like his uncles, Robert, William and Vincent Manson, Bobby Dempster and of course Arthur Thompson Snr, though he never actually met Thompson, he heard stories from his uncles and seen the respect they had for the old Arthur..

William had a hard upbringing, that’s a fact, but so did thousands of other youngsters growing up in Glasgow in that era, poverty was rife; people did get involved in crime as a way of life. It was all about survival.

 If your parents could not afford to clothe or fed you then you went out and clothed and fed yourself.

Weans from the schemes roamed the streets of more affluent areas, mostly in packs, hunting out victims, either to rob them, their cars, their houses or their workplaces. It was just the way it was

But, there were thousands others who had it tough, but managed to lead a normal crime free life and still do to this day.

William Lobban claims he MASTERMINDED a break in to a pub. This seems typical of the way William thinks,. As I said above, youngsters were roaming looking for anything to steal and would resort to the most elaborate schemes to steal what they wanted.. Pubs and clubs were broken into all over Scotland, archived crime articles from the era will confirm this.

I think he presumed the word MASTERMINDED would appeal to people who don’t know any better, but to those who do, it sounds childish, exaggerated and embarrassing, why not just say, “We grafted the  Balmore and explain how it was done?

Then he tells of lying about his age, telling prison authorities that he was 21 when in fact he was younger, again this is something that was done a lot, especially by people 18 and over, it was easy back then. Young offenders prison is and always has been a tougher sentence than the cons (Over 21’s). It is more relaxed in the cons, when in the YO’s it is chaos.

William went on to adult prison not expecting to come across prisoners who were capable of victimizing young vulnerable prisoners.

William speaks of Gerald Rae, claiming Gerry had his eye on him as a potential boyfriend. Gerry was winding William up, he tagged William Peaches and would blow kisses at him every time William walked past.

Gerry wasn’t openly jail gay and most people we have spoken to who served long prison sentences with Gerry say they have never seen him go near a young boy, a lot who saw what went on with William and Gerry look back and laugh at Gerry’s sense of humor, so if Gerry was jail gay he never showed it in front of the main stream prisoners. Long term prisoners from the 80’s onward would not stand by and watch a youngster being openly abused by someone on their wing; it just wasn’t allowed to happen. There are prisoners who served long term sentences who would be offended at anyone claiming they would stand by and allow that to happen.

William then went to the prison governor and told them he had lied about his age to get out of adult prison and back to young offenders, still convinced Gerry was after him as a cell mate.

When you think of it, it’s quite funny  he was being teased, only to teach him a lesson not to play with the big boys.

The escape from Dungavel prison, the escape that propelled him into a situation he never expected.

William claims in his book he escaped to help out his friends the Shannon brothers, while researching we have been given other reasons for William escaping, we cannot prove them as fact. But it does provide another possibility.

We were told by two different sources that William escaped because he owed money for drugs, he was going to the hospital to have tattoos removed and was told his debt would be cleared if he would pick up a drugs parcel from the toilet in the hospital, William agreed, but decided to keep the parcel and go on the run.

If you look at the circumstances  surrounding the  escape ,it does look like the escape was spur of the moment, William had been visited by the Shannons, yet he never mentioned to his only friends about going to the hospital or escaping. He could have easily had a getaway car waiting and a safe house sorted out, he had family who were active criminals, this wouldn’t have been a problem for them or his friends, but instead William just turned up at the Shannons house ,escaping with just six months left of his sentence  to serve.

It's apparent the escape wasn’t planned, William made the decision to escape on the spur of the moment,.

William now an escaped prisoner, though low level, he was still wanted by the authorities, no one was more surprised than them that William had decided to escape, he was a model prisoner, gaining his cat D and being sent to open prison to prepare for release.


When he got involved in the dispute between the Shannon’s and another local family, William was handed a gun, this made him feel invincible, he would carry this gun everywhere we are told, taped to his thigh, he tried planning a retribution attack on the enemies of his friends, but William wanted others to pull the trigger, he wanted to dish out the plan but not take part in the actual shooting, in his book he blames all this on Ponny Shannon, saying he backed out. This is not the real story. The true version of what happened is in the Underworld captain by Captain Alex Shannon. Even more factual is the Capo’s story, the unedited manuscript before it was handed to David Leslie to adapt into The Underworld Captain. Alex Shannon has no need to exaggerate or lie, the man is a captain in the British Army, a well-respected man in both the Army and the criminal underworld.

William claims he got bored with the Shannons, they didn’t think like him, they didn’t have leading qualities’ no ambition.

So he went looking for a man he had met once or twice in prison, a man who had stepped in when William had  some trouble with a few men from Possil Park, Paul Ferris stepped in and asked William if everything was OK. The interference by Ferris made the men from Possil Park think twice before launching an attack on William.

Paul Ferris said to William, “if when you get out you are looking for work look me up”

William while with the Shannon’s had heard that Paul Ferris was making a name for himself; he was branching out on his own. William decided to  look up Paul Ferris, he did so and found Ferris at the Cottage bar in Shettleston.

Lobban approached Ferris asking for work and telling him he was on the run from prison. They went to Hamilton to a nightclub, Ferris pulled an old ploy and gave William a LSD tablet, and claimed to have taken one himself, they went and met Bobby Glover, Joe Hanlon and their girlfriends, we are told things were done to make William paranoid  as the acid tab kicked in, like Bobby and Joe would disappear then reappear, the paranoia was starting to take effect, William realised this and knew he had a .22 Beretta taped to his thigh, the paranoia kicked in and William decided to confess about the handgun, the gun had been showing that much a bulge that Ferris and Glover got onto the fact that William was carrying  a gun almost instantly, hence why he was given an LSD tab.

William took Ferris to the toilet and showed him the gun, Ferris looked at the gun, checked it, the gun was loaded and no safety was on.

This would have made Ferris think Lobban was inexperienced, no one would put a loaded handgun down their trousers without the safety locked in position, one wrong dance move and you would lose a chunk of your thigh.

William claims that in  May 1991 Paul Ferris embraced him as a brother. Think about this, Paul Ferris was in the middle of a war; he was having trouble with the Thompsons and had publicly slammed Thomas McGraw as a police informant.

He was under surveillance by Strathclyde police, who wanted to lock him up and an escaped prisoner turns up. Not the type of person an escaped prisoner would want to be around?

William was well known to Glasgow police, he had after all MASTERMINDED a break into a pub and had been a friend of another escaped prisoner Michael Healy.

Micheal Healy had escaped from HMP Shotts on the back of a butcher's van in 1987, he had been on his toes for 4 years, Micheal Healy had used William to play minor parts in robberies committed by Michael, so Micheal trusted him.

William went looking for his old friend, he didn’t know where Micheals safe house was so he approached Michaels mother, and Mrs Healy knew William Lobban but wouldn’t give Michael’s safe house out without first asking Michael.

William returned to Michaels mother and got the safe house address, Michael was holed up in a flat in Rutherglen over in the south of Glasgow.

William went to see Michael, while in conversation  Paul Ferris’s name came up, a few weeks’ earlier Paul Ferris had met Ian Blink  McDonald in the same nightclub in Hamilton that William had taken Ferris to.

Ian was on the run for the robbery he had committed along  Michael Healy and others in Torquay, Ian was asked if he was on the run from that robbery. Ian passed on Ferris inquiry to Michael Healy, that along with a fake letter that had been circulated by the Thompsons from a supposed proculator fiscal in Glasgow a Mr A Varnett added to the escapee’s Healy and McDonald’s paranoia.

While in Healy’s Flat Paul Ferris name was mentioned, Michael passed on to William what had been said and mentioned the letter and said to William," you want to watch what you are doing".

William left the flat and went straight to see Paul Ferris. Ferris, Ferris asked how big Mick was. Lobban told Ferris the his good friend Healy had been badmouthing him. I will add, Micheal Healy and Ian McDonald always assumed that paul Ferris had sent William to Micheals flat to enquire about what ws being said about him, this is not the case, William betrayed Micheal off his own back, he done this as a warped way of showing loyalty to Paul Ferris. Thinking his betrayal of Micheal would be welcomed, when in reality it showed Ferris, Glover and Hanlon what William ws capable off. Joe Hanlon instantly disagread with what William had done and wasnt slow in letting everyone know of his digust at William for this betrayal off Micheal.

Another observation is, everything William has written or spoke about on the subject of Hanlon and Glover, William has never spoke of his sadness that Joseph Hanlon was killed, he has spoke of how he was sad Bobby had to die, but never a mention of Joseph. Does this indicate William knew of Joseph's distrust and disgust at what he had done to Micheal?


Ferris demanded to know where Healy was living. Ferris went to get a gun with a silencer and William took Ferris to Healy’s  safe house in Rutherglen, William went up first, Michael let him in, William asked if he could use the toilet and when he went  down the hall he unlatched the lock  on the front door and let Ferris sneak into the flat.

Michael was shocked and surprised when Ferris came charging into the living room and shot a hole in Michaels Hi Fi, Michael was ordered to put his hands on his head, while Ferris interrogated him as to what had been said about him.

All through the interrogation Michael was looking at William with contempt and disgust, he had known William a lot Longer than Paul Ferris and was struggling to understand why William would inform on his whereabouts to Ferris, plus put him in a dangerous position.

All through the interrogation, William knew he was in trouble .. He kept saying to Ferris, “You will have to put one in his nut; we can’t leave this flat and leave him alive. He will come looking for us; Ferris wasn’t there to hurt Michael, all he wanted was to know the source of the person who had started the rumors.


Michael had a suitcase; in that suitcase was two shotguns, Ferris took the two shotguns because he knew if they left  the flat and Michael was armed he would have chased them both down the street.

William states that he knew Michael needed the guns for the robbery in Torquay, but Michael and Ian McDonald were on the run for that robbery at the time this happened in Michaels flat

Michael and Lobban were co accused on an armed robbery in 1986 Michael got ten years and William got six, Michael had escaped in 1987 in the back of a butcher's van and William escaped in March 1991. William had spent time with Shannon’s till late  May.

 Michael, Ian McDonald, James Healy, Robert Harper and Thomas Carrington had committed the robbery in the Nat West in Torquay in May 1991.[_BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_]

Michael had been on the run for 4 years and no one had been able to breach his security until his trusted friend William Lobban set him up, for a man he had only spent a few weeks with, a man he claims had embraced him as a brother after only knowing him for weeks.

This is where the tag Judas came from, Micheal Healy christened William Judas after he was betrayed by him.

In the Glasgow Curse William claims he was in Bobby Glovers house the night Arthur Thompson was killed, think about this. Here is a man who has just arrived on the scene a few months earlier.

He was on the run from prison, Ferris, Glover and Hanlon had only known him for 10 weeks max, yet they will plan a murder in front of him, without asking him to take part?

They were smart men, if Williams claims have to be believed, then we must assume that, If Ferris, Glover and Hanlon murdered Thompson, Jr, then they allowed a man who they had just watched betray a good friend  of his and demand he be killed, be witness to them planning a murder?

That doesn’t make sense; William burned his bridge as soon as he displayed his eagerness to betray Michael Healy. Ferris claims from that day he lost all trust in William, why would they allow him to witness something that he could use to betray them..

After Thompson, Jr was murdered William went to London, But then returned, he ended up in a flat in the Calton, he claimed in the serialisation of his book in the Daily Record that he met Thomas McGraw, he said McGraw claimed he had visited Ferris in prison and Ferris wanted William to take out Thompson Snr, he claims McGraw gave him a gun and a wad of cash?

But when the book was released the gun had disappeared from the book, why was this? Was it because it placed William with a gun before the murders of Glover and Hanlon?

He claimed McGraw had visited Ferris in prison, but it is well known that McGraw never visited Ferris in prison, they weren’t on speaking terms and prison records will reveal that no visit took place.

McGraw has never done prison visits, it wasn’t in his nature, he never handed over wads of money easily either, not without getting something for it and if he had given  William money and received nothing in return, he would have put William straight back in prison.

After the deaths of Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon, William was the most wanted man in the UK. The police wanted to question him about both murders.

William insists that Paul Ferris put him in the frame for the Thompson murder, this is a wild exaggeration, Paul Ferris used a Special defense of incrimination, he incriminated William, Michael Healy and Johna MacKenzie. Incrimination has been used in Glasgow for years and criminals know it is used as a way of letting the judge and jury know there was  another police suspect in the case.

There has been thousand of cases were incrimination has been used, Williams uncles both used incrimination in trials, you only have to Google, “Special Defense  of Incrimination” and you will see how many times this is used. William is trying to  justify his actions by claiming that Ferris tried getting him in trouble, this might wash with people who don’t know the law, but William knows fine well that was not the case.

What else I have found is the discrepancies in the past articles William has given to the press, namely the News of the World in 1998 and 2005 concerning his arrest in London.

This has also changed in the book from a man dressed in John Lennon glasses, a poncho and a pork pie hat or sombrero, to a man dressed as a cyclist. In these articles he grabs a woman hostage and drags her down a lane, in his book he runs hides behind the woman. Which do we believe?

Once William is arrested, he claims he was questioned for 10 minutes on the murders of Bobby and Joe, but the police sent a report to the Proculator Fiscal naming William as a suspect in  both the murders of Bobby and Joe, along with another man John Morrison. So to compile a report he must have been questioned longer or Strathclyde Police were not professional enough nor were they interested in solving both murders?

William was the last person to see both men alive, he admits making that call.

Yet he speaks of nothing that was said between them that night.

He speaks  in past articles of Bobby not wanting to speak and Joe being in a hurry, they were going to see McGraw he claimed, this also does not fit, if William knew Joe Hanlon was angry at McGraw because he was a police informant, why did William take McGraw to his safe house in the Calton, surely the thought McGraw might give up his whereabouts must have crossed the master criminals mind?

Walter Norval in the New Faces of the British underworld DVD, claims Williams, uncle William was a good friend of his. Norval claims that William Manson told him he murdered both Bobby and Joe and that William was there, he claims after both men were murdered a bullet flew passed his head, Manson turned and William said SORRY, the gun went off by mistake, but Norval claims Manson was positive his nephew was going to kill him and Manson told Norval he was going to kill his nephew when he was released from prison.

Walter Norval on Billy Manson

Another thing in the book that isn’t accurate is the rot in Full Sutton. William claims he joined in the riot because another prisoner was being brutalised by prison staff.

This was true, But William had no part in starting the riot, but he did use it to his advantage and throw and ironing board through the staff room window and front of a member of staff, but his motive for doing so in front of the staff member was because he owed a large debt for heroin, he was using his whole canteen money on heroin , to the extent where he kept empty cerial boxes stored in his cell so other prisoners would think he was OK for canteen money and to hide the fact that all his money was going on drugs.

He took this chance to get a transfer and once again betrayed Michael Healy and got transferred owning a large drug debt that Michael had to settle, as it was Michael that vouched for him, after William agreed to stand as a defence witness in Michael’s trial and put all the blame on Paul  Ferris for committing the Torquay robbery, William appeared as witness at, carrying a bible and swearing an oath he was telling the truth, he told the court he was a born again Christian. He demanded that the court withhold his name and refer to him as only Mr A. WHY?

Witness A article

 It looks to us that William has been betraying people who classed him as friends all his life, he seems to be a con man.

The title the Glasgow curse gives the impression, William believes he was cursed by being born in Glasgow.

I can’t accept that, Glasgow is a great city with great people. William has spent more time living out of Glasgow than he did in it.

He isn’t now Glaswegian, so in my opinion he shouldn’t try knock a city he doesn’t know.

On his website he asks for family and loved ones of murder victims to come together and expose the Glasgow Curse.

This is another  thing that sticks inthe throats of honest Glaswegian’s, here is a man who for years has hidden in the shadows, paranoia ripping from his eyes, a man who has never once thought of picking up a phone or sending a letter to the family and loved ones of Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon.

He could have helped both families with an explanation of what happened that night, but chose not to do so.

I think he should have called the book the JUDAS CURSE instead of the Glasgow Curse, as Glasgow isn’t as cursed as William Lobban seems to be.

One source who knew William well said, “William knows the amount of people he has betrayed all through his life, he thinks of no one but himself, if he is so innocent, why hide away for 22 years “

"Now  Williamcan con people who don’t know any better, he will never be looked upon as nothing more than a Judas to us in Glasgow."

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Where would you like to be right now, anywhere in the world?

"Spain would be nice but not for the sun and laidback lifestyle, my young daughter Tamara who is only 12 lives there with her Spanish family and I’d love to spend more time with her."

(Sorry William your ex partner Monica - Mother of Tamara - has told her family all about your past including how you kept Monica captive in your uncle Archie's house.)

You are known as Judas Lobban, con man, fraud and imposter. The reason for your book is to allow a young girl to view her father in a different light from what is easily accessible on an archive search.

No matter how many books you write, no matter how many interviews you give - the deaths of Robert Glover and Joseph Hanlon - your past will always come back to haunt you. That is a fact. Walter Norval on Billy Manson


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Originally Posted by hammer6
William Lobban’s autobiography is an attempt by a convicted criminal to defend his reputation

The truth about what really happened has got to come out so that I can be vindicated properly, right across the board. My name was also put in the frame for setting-up Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon. That’s another very serious accusation. And all that needs addressing.

“And that’s what I’m in the process of doing now. It’s really important I get a proper clearing of my name. It’s so important to me. The image has been created in some people’s eyes that William Lobban is a murderer because Paul Ferris said in court that I may have or must have shot Arthur Thompson Junior. I’m trying to set the record straight with my book.

“My book’s a great start, but the hard work really starts now because the media are starting to get involved and the cops must now look at everything that’s going on. I would like to know how they view all this. It’s always been like a bit of a circus anyway. Ferris has accused me of this, that and the next thing and I want to clear my name. People have got an engrained image of me that is wrong, so I’m now defending myself to the hilt and I won’t back down in any way now. That’s the way it’s going to be.”

Judas Lobban at work:

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The TRUTH is out there...........

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We have some very interesting info on Lobban [eek][eek]

REF: WL/TGC/013/4


Dear Hugh,                                                                                                             



Further to our recent discussions in relation to the subject matter that we are currently researching, I now have a brief for your attention. I have been contacted by several individuals who know the subject well and were one time close associates of him, who were based in Hawick and surrounding areas. The main source of the information provided by them has been corroborated by two separate sources in Glasgow.

The following is a short summation from these sources including actual quotes that have been recorded to ensure that the information provided is archived for any further investigation that you may see fit to persue.

The allegations made against the subject matter whom is also known as Billy Lobban, Gary McMillan, Gibby and more recently Judas. While researching the above we came across information that Lobban lived with his elderly uncle Archie Gourlay and his wife Mary in number 12 Boonraw Street, Hawick from early 1998 to 2001. We have been informed by sources in Hawick that Lobban was previously on friendly terms with John Szabo and a George Murphy.

We also have information that when Lobban’s uncle Archie passed away, he left a substantial amount of money in a building society account, money he had been putting away for years from his involvement in low level crime albeit over many years. The information we have is that Lobban attempted to claim the money after his uncles death and attempted to force his uncle Archie’s common law wife into handing over the money to Lobban because she was not a blood relative which subsequently she refused to do.

We are further informed that Lobban had a girlfriend while in Hawick, a Spanish girl called Monica and we have been informed that Lobban took her passport from her to prevent her from leaving the UK and that Lobban was virtually keeping her a prisoner within the premises at 12 Boonraw Street, Hawick which Lobban was living with his uncle Archie Gourlay. We are further advised that Monica eventually managed to escape and is now back home safe and well in Spain.

We are also aware that there was some friction between two brothers (A, and J) with Lobban, Szabo and Murphy and that these people were not on the best of terms. Both A, J and GD had known them for many years. Their father JD is a very well respected man who holds a high degree of influence as such within Hawick and the surrounding areas.

We have also been told that when Lobban eventually left Hawick in 2000/2001 it was because the brothers (A and J) were looking for him, after an alleged incident involving one of their family members who was under the age of 14 at the time which took place at an ice cream van and the brothers (A and J) were looking to find Lobban due to the nature of the incident as Lobban had attempted to sexually accost the young girl. The brothers visited several residential premises looking for Lobban and in two of the visits they had forced their way in and searched the premises themselves. They were obviously seeking to do harm to Lobban and we are informed they were “tooled up”. Upon hearing about the brothers’ interest in finding him, Lobban left the Hawick area within hours and went into hiding in another part of the country.

We also have information from people who live in Hawick that Lobban was trying to extort monies from a man called Thomas Redpath. We are currently in contact with one of Thomas Redpath’s associates at the time of the extortion who informed us further that Lobban came back to Hawick and kidnapped a man call Tam Scott and took him to Hartlepool in a desperate attempt to find out where Szabo kept a large stash of money and other items of interest to Lobban.

QUOTE: #1If Billy tries to deny it I will contact him myself and tell him it was me that passed on the info to you and then he has to admit it as he can’t lie to me as I was there and I will put it on his toes. I know where he now lives in Kiltarlity

QUOTE: #2 “A and I were good friends and J the oldest was also a good friend. J looked after me by making sure I had whatever I needed. They even furnished me with a chipped mobile for free, no cost making calls. So I know the family very, very well.”

QUOTE: #3 They lads came to my door and faced me up looking for Lobban G and A were tooled up one with machete other with an axe and JD was memory of it is so vivid I thought I was going to be attacked. G lived facing Lobban and A staying through the wall of his uncle Archie’s. These lads were on the hunt for Lobban because he tried getting the young lass into his uncles house and they said he had touched her up, she was only 14 that makes him a paedophile these guys must now come forward and tell what he is as once a paedo always a paedo and people should be made aware in case his tendencies arise again and some youngster gets grabbed off the streets.”

QUOTE: #4“Billy was taxing a local pimp and frequented the pad where the girls worked. He never touched any of them although he did like to watch and was a bit of a weirdo. Billy liked to dress up like a woman and was showing off how no one recognised him when he was an active robber back up in Glasgow. I never saw him like that although one of the girls said he looked nothing like a woman and more like a tranny so maybe he is or was just playing games only he will know.”

QUOTE: #5“ Ever since he lost his leg and what we found out about his escape from Hawick to Inverness people call him Judas because of what they have read in papers and books. I knew him as Gibby and we don’t call him Judas we call him Gibby the gimp.”


We are currently awaiting a call from GD for further information about Lobban’s activities within the time period that he spent in Hawick.

We are also currently trying to locate Lobban’s ex-girlfriend in Spain.

The others of interest to us for interview are as follows: Thomas (Tam) Scott who Lobban kidnapped and took to Hartlepool, Robert McGinn  and Lobban of Kiltarlity. JM who lives in the area has informed us that Lobban seems to have been involved in some illegal business that went sour after being sold a bad batch of drugs. It seems as though it was a Glasgow gang who ripped him off and he has vowed to revenge the situation. However Lobban is also very wary of being sent to prison because of his physical condition in which one of his legs was amputated and presumably would feel very vulnerable within any prison environment because of this which seems to have caused him some extreme paranoia to make sure that he does not end up back in that environment although at the same time he still conducts illegal activities within Inverness, Perth, Dundee and Glasgow.

 The current location we have been given to interview the subject matter can be seen on the link below.,+Kiltarlity,+Beauly+IV4+7HL,+UK/@57.4428417,-4.484111,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x488f0c277e037a29:0xd24ed8dd8d1c0e5a


Please feel free to contact me with any further requests direct on 01224 418 160


Yours Sincerely,



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The Curse Of Glasgow

- William Lobban -



I will continue to report any threats against me to the police and I've got to do things the proper way. I am a reformed drug dealer, bank robber, thief, con-man and fraudster, born-gain Christian and the police have a duty to protect me now.

My PEOPLE power was first harnessed in Beauly (2011) in a bid to stop our village police station being closed and I led the line.


We were very angry and upset that officers will be moved to Muir of Ord so I helped to plan a petition to fight the move. Our concerns have been voiced by my influence as the area would become a target for criminals. We are very, very upset and there will certainly be a great uproar.


I was instructing every resident to complain about this because we do feel that we have been badly let down. Everyone that I have spoken to is certainly very disappointed, but Beauly is an important hub for the Glens and a police presence is essential as criminals will see the areas that are is not covered and that places are vulnerable and they could move into the area, which is worrying.




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Judas lobban must be regretting writing this so called book.Full of fabricating bullshit.Go back to the circus you clown [comp]

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My daughter, Tamara, who is only 12, and she’ll know I’ve written this book for her from the heart. Tamara lives in Spain with her Spanish family and I’d love to spend more time with her. She is now getting to an age where she is starting to ask questions about me. I don’t want my daughter growing up believing these malicious and derogatory stories that can be found in books, online and in newspaper articles. This is why I have dedicated The Glasgow Curse to her. In 2005 I was involved in a three-week exclusive interview with a young, raw crime reporter from the then News of the World, his name was Graham McKendry. The editor of the newspaper was Bob Bird, husband to Jackie Bird who reads the Scottish news, and he had been after an interview with me for many years. Bob Bird would often say to me ‘you should write your life story William’. He even went out of his way to set up a meeting with the owner of Mainstream publishing in Edinburgh, a man by the name of Bill Campbell, and I went along to talk about the prospects of signing a book deal. However, circumstances would dictate my path and any realistic opportunity of writing a book were put firmly on the back burner. I want my daughter Tamara to forget whatever she reads about me that she can find in books, online and in newspaper articles. I know her mum Monica will have an influence over her perception of me. That is why I need to reach out to Tamara and show her my love, how I have changed and travel to Spain to meet with her. I know there are bridges to be built and I can do it to convince my extended Spanish family that I am not the monster that they have read about. This is why I have dedicated The Glasgow Curse to her.

William Lobban

The real problem that Lobban now faces with an inquisitive young daughter asking questions about her father is the fact that Tamara’s mother (Monica) will tell her what she knows about the “real” William Lobban she met and it is not for the ears of a 12 year old girl. How can a mother tell her daughter that Lobban had her working in the sex industry against her will? How can Monica tell what degrading things that were done to her by Lobban? The repeated threats, violence, being drugged and in the end fleeing in terror from Hawick with help of a very sympathetic female who drove her to the Spanish embassy to get a copy of her passport that Lobban took from her? Monica was enslaved by Lobban and to her credit found the strength to flee the UK in fear of her life. There is no mention of Lobban’s ex-girlfriend’s frantic efforts to escape the horrors that she faced and one has to ask oneself why that is? Could it be that Lobban is planting the seeds of doubt in a young girl’s head so that whatever her mother (Monica) tells her about Lobban will create some doubt as to put mother against daughter? The reality is that William Lobban can and will do all he can to keep this very degrading part of his life from the stories that can be found in books, online and in newspaper articles. It may well be the case that he is not the biological father of Tamara. As for Lobban’s extended self-appointed Spanish family? They no doubt know who he is, what he is and trying to reinvent himself as a victim. The reality is that William Lobban is the Glasgow curse. Just ask the good folk of Hawick who know the full history about Lobban and Monica. [eek]

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