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ALL current european rulers go back to Charlemagne( King ) , so are all related.

We all know how evil the history of the monarchy is.

It is always the rulers who 'design' our environment. They take the blame for setting the example to normal people. What does this say about their history and the way things are today?

The Roman emperors were twisted with evil and did breed with the germanic bloodline of rulers. Charlemagne, for example,  aspired to the evil nature of ancient Roman rule.

Those early kings took on the title ' holy Roman emperor'. This clearly shows they continued the evil and betrayed the tribes and clans which they represented. The crusades followed.

The crusades caused the Dark ages.
The crusades did wipe out thousands of years of tradition.
The crusades did force the 'ideals' of the pope, upon people in europe.
Death would follow, if you did not subscribe.

Shame on those leaders of these clans, who betrayed families and made an alliance with Rome.

That great man?? Charlemagne, after Rome fell ,  took the riches of Rome,
and shared it out amongst other leaders. After our forefathers did all the hard work ( soldiers & supporting families ).
They shared out the landmass of europe, into the countries we know today. They made us subjects and subjected us to over a thousand years of pure contempt.

The rulers of these countries today do not take the credit for democarcy, it is only due to revolts and protests.

I am saying that the DNA of the Roman Emperors is running through the veins of our rulers  today. The implications of 'epigenetics' explains the 'crazed & perverted & evil ' nature of the blooline.

Five descent-lines of Queen Elizabeth of Britain from JULIA, sister of JULIUS CAESAR

This next genome research website, confirms my findings, that a character of good or evil, can be passed down the generations.

Back to Rome. THE PIVOT of the western world today.

Roman emperors founded the systems of government as we know them today. The taxes, money, infrastructure, buildings and design. It all started in ancient Rome. ( the credit for this technology all goes to egypt - the greeks stole from egypt - the romans then stole from the greeks.)

Because of the 'sun god worshipping' which these emperors practised, they would get messages from the gods and kill thousands on men. On this whim alone. They were perverted beyond our imaginations.

Example ; this is what these high priests and emperors and patricians, would enjoy watching for an evenings entertainement ( after a day of mass murder in the amphitheatre )

''In comedies at the time, little girls were raped on stage as audiences roared with laughter. Contemporary physicians commented on the rarity of finding a girl at puberty who still retained her hymen.''


Now this is bad. Pure evil. And it is shocking beyond words, how rulers would enjoy this devilishness. And not put an end to these laws.

Here i am trying to show how the traits back then, do manifest themselves today, under the cover of freemasonry.

So many blood relatives of these Emperors , would be doomed to act this way.

Here is one of those blood relatives, from 2000 years ago;

Juvenal exclaims, in a burst of despair, that "posterity will add nothing to our immorality; our descendents can but do and desire the same crimes as ourselves."

He knew, even back then.

Some might say we are all related so all have this evil DNA - this is wrong!!!!
When the Romans invaded Britain, what 40AD, the only way for this evil DNA, to make it into our forefathers was via rape or brothels.

So yes, our distant forefathers had a 'male' dose of the DNA ( no mother DNA )
Over 2000 years, what happens with the population of Britain??? They DILUTE this evil DNA.
We do not intermarry and over many generations our DNA has cleaned itself up , so to speak.

What about the monarchy and related rulers of the world???

For one, they recieve two doses ( father and mother ) and both of these lines are concentrated evil DNA pools, due to interbreeding since ancient times.
Here we see the clear difference and my deducted implications/ ramifications.

Here is another site dedicated to showing the mad monarchs of europe.( our queen is German )

What more evidence do you need.

Is it not strange how our monarchy and politicians, practise freemasonry which is the worship of these same sungods which the emperors knew so well.

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The Illuminati/Merovingian bloodline is the pure bloodline preserved from the Nephilim. The Illuminati is the purest Nephilim bloodline on earth. And they feel that they have a divine right to rule over mankind. They do not mingle their satanic holy seed with outsiders. This is why the inner circle, as far as evil is concerned, remains pure and unblemished in it's darkness. They have also bred their size down but still remain tall in some areas. Tall meaning 6 feet or over. All the world Kings and leaders are from the Nephilim bloodline and all are related to each other. Kissing cousins if you will. Now in the world we see a sudden rise in evil as never before. Sex, violence, militant gayism, witchcraft, and church apostasy have exploded over night in our society. Why is this? Dan 2:43 tells us why. Concerning the last days Daniel says, "And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay." Bible says that God's creation is through Adam. Adam was made from miry clay. The iron is the Nephilim bloodline that mingles their seed to corrupt mankind from within. Their seed is mingled with society and now we here a lot of talk about star children and alien hybrids that look just like us. The Illuminati (inner circle) seed line still remains pure though. Notice Daniel also says the two seedlines would not cleave to each other. Here is the answer as to why.

The TRUTH is out there...........
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