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Incriminating new evidence exposes and challenges the “official version” of what really happened in the 2008 Eriksson case; the truth about their lives, arrest, the stabbing of Glenn Hollinshead and the subsequent ‘cover-ups’ within the police, health authorities and other judicial bodies, is to be revealed in the forthcoming book; A Madness Shared by Two, by David Cann and Sharon Mackellar, released 12-12-12. 
It reveals previously unseen footage, edited out of the original BBC documentary ‘Madness in the Fast lane’; proving the twins were first arrested under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.  Yet Sabina was released from hospital only after 5hrs after the M6 incident.

It blows holes in Sabina’s conviction and the police’s version of events.  It shows a miscarriage of justice may have taken place; and highlights serious flaws in the coroner’s reports, which reveals ‘two’ weapons were used, indicating the potential of another ‘killer’ or ‘killers’. 

It further exposes and proves that prior to their motorway dash, the Eriksson twins pleaded for help at St Anne Street Police Station, Liverpool.  Sabina reported her children had been “Kidnapped” by her partner, yet the police said in the BBC documentary; ‘…they had no idea why they were in the UK or going to London.’ 

The above three major points; that puts this whole story in a completely new realm; ‘were never reveled’ to the media back in 2008/9/10, and it’s not until now these findings will be made public. 

Starting from the twin’s early lives, to date; it goes on to reveal that their journey to the UK could not have happened as it was portrayed.  It provides balanced explanations and reasons, as to why, Sabina was really released from hospital so early, and treated so leniently in Fenton Magistrates Court.  It details facts about drug gangs and undercover police operations; one involving 3.5bn worth of cutting agent, and examines the possibility of a link with the Eriksson twins. Working on a tip-off and personal experience, the author believes the twins had been under “Obbo” [police observation] at the time and up until the murder of Glenn Hollinshead; and explains why this could account for the cover-ups.  

As a direct result of these new facts, the Independent Police Complaints Commission [IPCC] have been asked to re examine this case.  As a consequence of the book’s findings; the Hollinshead family seeking to take legal action against the Staffordshire Police and the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, they’re also calling for a reinvestigation and inquiry.  Stoke-on-Trent MP, Rob Flello called for an inquiry to be held back in 2008, and now after examining the author’s evidence, he has since promised the Hollinshead family, including Glenn’s 85 year old mother Mary, that he will raise this matter in the House of Commons in the very near future in the hope an inquiry could be held. 

On the 6th December 2012, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Home Office and the Attorney General, among many other establishments, have been informed on the forthcoming book and furnished with the authors evidence and findings, they are yet to reply and act on what is being asked from them; ‘an inquiry to be held’. 

Author says Glenn Hollinshead's killer is 'still on loose'

[Original documentary]


[Previously unseen, 136 footage]

Book available as of: 12/12/12 from



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The TRUTH is out there...........
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