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Welcome madmax and thank you for a very relevant post in relation to the current debate.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the site and come back with your views on other related topics.




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Court upholds Israeli spouse ban Israel's 1.3 million Arabs are being discriminated against, activists say Israel's Supreme Court has upheld a controversial law barring West Bank Palestinians from living with their spouses and children in Israel itself.


By a six-to-five majority, the court rejected petitions brought by civil rights groups, members of the Israeli parliament and Arab Israeli families. The government says the law, passed at a time of rising violence in 2002, is based on security concerns. But critics say it is discriminatory and violates rights to a family life.


The case has been described as one of the most important questions the Supreme Court has dealt with in recent years. One of the groups that challenged the law said thousands of families were affected, that they have been forced to move abroad or live apart. Orna Kohn, a lawyer for a group defending Israeli Arabs, said Sunday's ruling caused "grave damage to the basic rights of thousands of people".


But the Israeli state says the recent election victory of the militant group Hamas strengthened its case that Palestinians were a security risk and should not be allowed into the country. There are some 1.3 million Arab citizens in Israel - just under 20% of the population.

Israel and the Palestinians



Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal Mixed signals
A document signed by senior militants points to an important debate inside Hamas
Reaction in Ramallah


Israeli election reports

Well Wadda Ya Know?

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Hi Tony... thanks for your post with regards to the topic of 'Time Bomb'.


Your post included some very informative information, and the links provided were excellent.

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Hi, This is a must see from the UK BBC


Mark Urban looks at how a Pentagon security video of the September 11 attack has fuelled conspiracy theories.
Watch the report

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One of the most controversial and provocative films of the year, Fahrenheit 9/11 is Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore's searing examination of the Bush administration's actions in the wake of the tragic events of 9/11.

With his characteristic humor and dogged commitment to uncovering the facts, Moore considers the presidency of George W. Bush and where it has led us. He looks at how - and why - Bush and his inner circle avoided pursuing the Saudi connection to 9/11, despite the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis and Saudi money had funded Al Qaeda.

Fahrenheit 9/11 shows us a nation kept in constant fear by FBI alerts and lulled into accepting a piece of legislation, the USA Patriot Act, that infringes on basic civil rights.

It is in this atmosphere of confusion, suspicion and dread that the Bush Administration makes its headlong rush towards war in Iraq - and Fahrenheit 9/11 takes us inside that war to tell the stories we haven't heard, illustrating the awful human cost to U.S. soldiers and their families. Lions Gate Films will release the film nationwide on June 25th.


Welcome to the Fahreneheit 9/11 TEACHER'S GUIDE.

The lessons and activities in this TEACHER'S GUIDE are designed to help students develop a critical analytical ability, historical perspective, and applied math skills that will open their minds beyond the current issues covered in Fahrenheit 9/11.

The individual units may easily be adapted to many levels and taught across the curriculum - Social Science, [History, Civics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics] Language Arts, Humanities, Drama/Theatre, Film, ESL, Media/Journalism, Speech/Communications, Mathematics...

You can review the guide page by page on the website, download a PDF of each section or the whole guide.


The TRUTH is out there...........

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Hi All... thanks for your posts on the subject of 'Timebomb'.

The search for weapons of mass destruction has become a national obsession. The war against Iraq brought the downfall of the dictator Saddam Hussein.  However the elusive chemical, biological and nuclear weapons have still not been unearthed. Many people who supported the war are now asking; where is the evidence for these weapons?

Why didn't the Government question certain weapons inspectors?
searching for weapons

UN inspectors searching for weapons

Read the full Ron Manley interview

The official UNSCOM website

The IAEA Nuclear Weapons Inspectors

Organistation for Prohibition of Chemical Warfare

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites

Saddam Hussein

Guilty of hiding chemical weapons?
Carrying suspect items

Forensic examination of suspect items


Ron Manley is a renowned expert in chemical weapons. He worked at the Ministry of Defence for over than thirty years, primarily developing effective measures to defend against chemical weapons. He was seconded to the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) between 1991 and 1994, where he was directly responsible for the destruction of Iraq's chemical weapons.

Speaking on the Today Programme, he was surprised that despite his years of experience, the government chose not contact him before pressing ahead with military action. The UN nuclear inspectors were sent into Iraq in November 2002, but failed to uncover any illicit weapons material. Mr Manley isn't surprised the inspectors didn't detect the banned weapons, as he now questions the existence of  any significant stocks of chemical materials in Iraq.


There have been several different bodies working in Iraq over the years, investigating their W.M.D programs. The chief inspectorate is UNSCOM. They were set up on the 3rd of April 1991 by the UN to investigate Iraq's chemical, biological and ballistic capabilities. The nuclear aspect of Iraq's weapons has been investigated by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).

Since the end of the war in May 2003, UNSCOM and the IAEA haven't been invited to restart full inspections. Instead, the investigations into WMD are now carried out by the Iraq Survey Group. This group is made up of British and American experts. They are now examining sites across Iraq, as well as interviewing scientists, truck drivers and anyone else who they hope may lead them to hidden evidence of a weapons program.




Image: Iran '<b>nuclear</b> option' revealed

A report in The New Yorker magazine has claimed the US might be preparing to use nuclear weapons against Iran.

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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TONY BLAIR and President Bush stood together in the White House last night and admitted that many mistakes had been made in Iraq over the past three years, but insisted that their decision to invade without UN approval had been the right one.

During a joint press conference in Washington the two men, with an almost introspective quality to their answers, conceded how murderous and difficult the Iraq war had become.

Mr Bush said he regretted his cowboy rhetoric, specifically his challenge to Iraqi insurgents early in the armed uprising to "bring it on". He also said the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal had been greatly damaged his attempts to bring democracy to Iraq.

"I said some things that were misinterpreted and I learned from that," Mr Bush said.

The Prime Minister appeared with Mr Bush as the two men, trying to fend of the allegations that they are lame duck leaders in the late autumn of their political careers, look to shape their legacies and justify the invasion of Iraq.

Both Mr Blair and Mr Bush conceded that the Iraq war had taken a heavy toll on their political standing, but the Prime Minister, fresh from a visit to Baghdad this week, insisted: "For all the hardships and challenges in the past few years I shall think that it was a cause worth fighting for."

Mr Blair said that Nouri al-Maliki’s Government had made it clear when he visited Iraq this week that it wants coalition troops to remain at least in the shortterm. But he also left open the possibility that coalition troops could be out of Iraq within 18 months.

Mr Blair, ahead of a speech today in which he hopes to restore his reputation as a believer in multilateral solutions to international problems, told world leaders that they had a duty to unite behind the new Iraqi government, despite the "deeply divisive and controversial" decision by Britain and the US to begin the war.

He conceded that the last three years in Iraq had been filled with bloodshed and violence, but said "it is our duty and the whole of the international
community to get behind the Iraqi government and support it." He added that he was "more certain than ever" that the new Iraqi government must know the international community stands with it.

His visit to Washington comes against a backdrop of failure and frustration within multilateral organisations on international trade talks, the Middle East peace protest and possible UN sanctions on Iran.

However, he will set out specific proposals in his speech to reinvigorate the UN, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the G8 among others so that they meet the global challenges of the 21st century. This, he will say today, means making them more transparent and representative, and better able “to take on hard issues” such as Iraq.

The Bush Administration, in particular, has been sceptical about international deals on issues such as climate change and the Middle East.
The Prime Minister is expected to say today: “Acting multilaterally should always be our preference. Big countries fought not to duck big issues and make them worse.”

Downing Street believes that this is a good time to “test the water” in America on climate change because rising oil prices and fears about the security of supply have served to “concentrate the minds” of the US Administration.

Although there is little prospect of Mr Bush signing up to the Kyoto protocol which sets targets for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, it the US is interested in practical measures such as promoting the use of new technologies that produce less carbon dioxide.

The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the UN were all set up in 1945 primarily with the interests of America, Japan and Europe in mind. Mr Blair will say that globalisation has made the world a very different and much more interdependent place than it was 60 years ago.

In his speech Mr Blair will echo recent remarks by Gordon Brown who has called for the IMF to “focus more on crisis prevention as well as crisis resolution” by extending its monitoring role to developing economies.

Mr Blair, in words that will not be welcomed by Gordon Brown, said he would like to see Mr Blair remain in office until he leaves the White House - in January 2009.

One of these days.....

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Time Bomb

Devvy Kidd I have had a number of individuals send me e-mail informing me that they will never read this web site again because I have dared to criticize George Bush, Jr. I have replied that my blind loyalty is not to any political figure or party, but rather to God, flag and this Republic. If any "elected" public servant steps out of line, they should be held accountable.

This is what America has always stood for and I won't shut up just because some person out there is afraid to face up to the sad truth about this current President. Mr. Bush has stacked his cabinet with some of the biggest elitists and globalists ever to take the public stage. What matters is what's right for this nation as a whole, not who is right and grabs the headlines.

A new book has just been released that will make staunch Bush supporters angry. Patrick Henry said that Americans are apt to close their eyes to a painful truth. Bush supporters, like the Clinton supporters and apologists, really don't want the truth because they can't handle the truth. Like Clinton supporters, Bush supporters and apologists have put all their faith and trust into a man who doesn't deserve it, no how, no way.

Yes, this nation had more than enough of Billy Clinton. Al Gore would have just been more open about the agenda than the current occupant of the White House. Out of desperation and to "keep the GOP in power at any cost," millions of Republicans would rather eat nails than acknowledge the truth that's right in front of their eyes.

It amazes me how the people of this nation no longer care about the truth and how closed minded they have become to protect political turf. It bodes ill for America and it's quite sad to me. How on earth did things ever get discovered over the millenniums if everyone automatically rejected any information because it disagreed with what they were told or the promises made by some politician?

Goodness, I'm surprised anything has gotten done, but things are different now. America is different. She is no longer the self-determined, self-reliant, reject big central government nation of people. Corruption is now "just doing business," and the worst behavior is "a personal problem." The U.S. Constitution takes a back seat to jobs, and few want the truth.

Time Bomb is so forceful, the author won't even put her name on the book. Yes, she has written several others and I've known her for about six or so years. Her work is meticulous and thoroughly researched. Time Bomb is not some regurgitated opinion book, it's based on hard facts and it should scare the holy heck out of anyone who takes the time to read it. This author is terrified for her life because this book could bring down the Bush administration and expose him for the globalist he is now and always has been. That's why she could not put her name on this book as the author. Her fear is real.

I would ask supporters of Mr. Bush to read this book. Read the facts. Read the words of those who are wolves in a pasture of sheep. Their words don't lie and neither do their actions.

Is it not better to get both sides of the story in order to make informed decisions?

Is it better for you and our Republic to ignore the warning signs and just continue to rah-rah, while our nation is being programmed for doom?

Time Bomb isn't like other books on the NWO. This book should be given to anyone who thinks Mr. Bush and his globalist cabinet are the greatest thing since night baseball. They aren't. They represent the greatest danger this country has ever faced. 9-11, massive illegal immigration, uncontrolled legal immigration throwing freebies to those who are not citizens and on down the line. All important, but what makes people so complacent to all the aforementioned issues? Why are they buying into it? Time Bomb provides those answers as well as solutions.

This books should also be read by every American who belongs to the Democratic Party. This books is about the survival of America, not political parties. There is only one party in this country and that is the global party.Democrats throughout America were shamed (except the politicos in DC) by the cheap and tawdry behavior of Mr. Clinton regarding Monica Lewinsky. However, that behavior is meaningless if the grassroots folks out there would look at what he was really doing while in office: Selling out this country to the Masters of the World Order. Time is short and we need everyone to get the facts.

From the author:

Time Bomb provides overwhelming documentation and detailed facts about the criminal conspiracy, about the communitarian (Communist) program to achieve global control. Here are some of the key points:

- At the Sixth Party Congress held in Moscow in 1928, the Communists wrote and approved "The Program" to bring in the New World Order. The Programme of the Communist International called for a global environmental program and for the transformation of all people on earth to accept the new socio-political order. An omnipotent one-world hierarchy of regional governances would control virtually every aspect of human life on earth. All the world's inhabitants would live in a world without nations, a world without nationalities, a world without borders, and a world without competition.

- Vladimir Lenin said, "First we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. Then we will encircle the United States, which will be the last bastion of Capitalism. We shall not have to attack. It (the U.S.) Will fall like a ripe grapefruit into our hands." In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Communists have sponsored "wars of national liberation." They "set up a timetable of conquest for the entire world" and have proceeded to take it country by country.

- Architects of the New World Order have sought to make countries economically interdependent by creating new political entities and regional organizations, such as the European Union (EU), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), finally merging them all into a global government, first under the United Nations, then under a hierarchy of regional governments.

- One of the Communists' first priorities was to change people's actual psychology. It was the mission of Psychopolitics to condition or prepare men for the loss of individuality and identity, for submergence into the collective, for total limitation of individual freedom and for blind devotion to the will of the ruling elite or nomenklatura. In their attempt to gain unlimited control of the masses, the Communists began deliberately and methodically to transform self- sufficient, independent individuals into selfless, obsequious members of local and global "communities."

They trained whole nations of people, including citizens of the Soviet Union and China, to regard individualism as an egregious sin, to stifle all personal aspects in others and in themselves, to fulfill their obligation to serve the community, and to cultivate a desire to strive, not for their own achievement, enjoyment, or material well-being, but for "the common good."

In short, the Communists worked to saturate the people with a spirit of community, i.e., a spirit of collectivism, and community values. This movement to build strong communities and to instill Communist values, to effect in whole populations the creation of a submissive, self-destructive slave mentality, and to secure and maintain dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of all human inhabitants of the world is now known as communitarianism.

- For decades, the Soviets and the U.S. ruling elite have worked to build a community system in America. Like preceding communitarian administrations, the Bush-Cheney Administration and its Communist allies promote communitarianism. The Communitarian (Communist) ruling elite has worked to transform your town (or city) into a Communist, Soviet- style "community." This books shows that it has established countless community programs and organizations and expanded community-building efforts in order to achieve its ultimate end: to control virtually every aspect of your life.

In its attempt to obliterate the American system, it has attacked principled individualism, individual initiative and enterprise, individual gain, private profit, personal success, and the pursuit of one's own happiness. At the same time, it has saturated Americans with community values, including: 1) a sense of community and a spirit of community life; 2) the suppression of one's own individuality, identity, and personality; 3) communistic virtue of altruistic selflessness; 4) the obligation to perform community service; 5) the duty to work for "the common good."

Communitarians seek to replace loyalty to self, family, church and nation with loyalty to the local and global communities and to the communitarian ruling elite. Many well-meaning people are being used to advance Communistic community-building efforts without realizing the significance of what they are doing.

- The global ruling elite seeks to link the communitarian and environmental movements. If it accomplishes its end --the imposition of global tyranny--its self-appointed, authoritarian role would be to plan and coordinate all aspects of community life: To define community needs (e.g., clean air and water, energy, and protection of all plants and animals); to allocate "rights" (bare subsistence); to assign community duties (vocations, civic activities, etc.); to implement binding decisions for the community; to use coercive force to achieve consensus, i.e., the use of prisons, community mental health centers and, eventually, political psychiatric institutions, slave labor camps, and executions without trial to impose discipline on community members who refuse to conform and obey.

- In totalitarian nations, the affluent lifestyle and aristocratic privileges of the parasitic ruling class are assured by the backbreaking toil of citizen slaves. The rulers are primarily interested in maximum expansion of their own power, keeping the people in line, and raising the productivity of workers. To achieve those ends, they use terrorism and the most savage, unrestrained, brutal use of force to invoke obedience.Terror and brute force are among the chief elements of the community system. Today, America has reached the stage where terror, brutality and force are being used with ever increasing frequency.

- These maniacs are bent on wiping out American civilization. In a deliberate attempt to degrade and corrupt Americans, communitarians have deluged the nation with drugs, pornography, denigrate fads, and occult crazes. Time Bomb shows how they have sought to attack the nuclear family, de-emphasize the value of marriage, infiltrate the churches, discredit the Bible, and destroy traditional values; how they promote permissive parenting and teach "the lack of control" of children at home; how they facilitated drug trafficking and the flow of drugs into this country; and how they seek to create in American youth a craving for drugs, sexual misbehavior, and drunkenness. Every possible method is being used to degrade the individual from an intelligent, thinking, spiritual being to a collective animal.

- To achieve their goals, communitarians have worked to gain control of the schools and teachers' associations, to put the Communist Party line in textbooks, to train children to reject the American view of man and life and to accept global government and the New World Order. By gaining control of newspapers, television, radio, films, publishing houses, and the Internet, by securing policy-making positions, by exercising dominating influence over editorial writing, they have spread false propaganda and disinformation, manipulated the thoughts and emotions of the people, and worked to indoctrinate them with the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideology.

- Communitarians are bent on replacing our constitutional republic with democracy. The Bush Administration has worked to build a strong democracy because it permits the gradual transition from capitalism into socialism and from socialism into Communism.

- To alienate and radicalize American youth, globalists have sought to discredit the U.S. Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and American institutions, traditions and beliefs.

Communist indoctrination brought Americans to accept the Marxist income tax, whose purpose is to wrest, by degrees, all capital from the owners of private property. The Federal Reserve System enabled global planners to gain monopolistic control over the American economy. They manipulate interest rates and the U.S. money supply to create inflation, wars, depressions, etc. In addition, they have used "free trade," governmental regulations, and other means to deliberately and methodically destroy the economy. By shifting manufacturing, fuel, and food production overseas they have made America dependent on its enemies for many vital products.

Time Bomb details the Clinton/Bush Administrations' deadly strategic measures to conquer America, which are nearly the same as their communitarian predecessors. You'll learn how communitarian political demagogues have worked to: reduce the people's standard of living to a "sustainable" level; capture both of the political parties in the United States; encourage a flood of Socialist and Communist immigrants, impede or prevent assimilation, promote diversity and multiculturalism [hedonism], create a huge voting bloc with no understanding of America's fundamental ideas (including freedom and individual rights), and accelerate the erosion of the American system; establish socialized medicine in America; use gun control laws to disarm civilians; promote a one-world government under the United Nations; help to create a UN military, a huge police machine, and an ideological apparatus to enforce global tyranny.

- You'll discover how the Clinton/Bush Administrations and their Communist allies have intensified their lying propaganda and disinformation campaigns in order to deceive the American people. Contrary to their claims that Communism is dead, the Soviet Union has not collapsed, and the KGB and the Soviet military are pushing full-tilt ahead to expand their power. In fact, the KGB is one of the deadliest and most ruthless organizations in the world.

Time Bomb details the Communist effort to build a gigantic KGB-FBI police machine and ideological apparatus. It shows that the Bush Administration has created strategic partnerships with Russia and Communist China and formed an international coalition to combat terrorism. This coalition includes Russia and Red China, which are Communist totalitarian police states and the sponsors of terrorism. Both of these nations are engaged in a massive military build-up to cow or intimidate the United States with the annihilating terrors of nuclear ballistic missiles, neutron bombs, biological and chemical weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction. At the same time our enemies seek to expand their power, the Bush Administration exalts NATO (a military affiliate of the KGB/Communist infested UN), pursues a policy of disarmament in the United States, and works to diminish U.S. military strength.

This book exposes the erroneous notions, beliefs, opinions, doctrines and theories being spread in our communitarian government-run schools and provides a full statement and defense of our original American system. It discusses in detail principled individualism andauthentic benevolence (which is totally different from altruistic community service). You'll learn about the American way of parenting, which gives parents the power to work virtual miracles and permits them to raise, happy, healthy, competent, confident children who love this country and who understand its meaning in history.

The Founding Fathers created a country of individual liberty. The United States of America was the first nation in the history of mankind to protect every individuals' unalienable rights - his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Free enterprise capitalism was the original Americansystem and way of life. This system recognizes and protects individual rights, including property rights. It permits each individual to plan and act according to his own plans. It is the only system that rigidly defines and limits the actions of the government and protects citizens from aspiring dictators. The American system, as created by the Founding Fathers, lasted for approximately a century.

The United States was not founded as a communitarian (Communist) nation, but as a Christian nation. The Founding Fathers acknowledged the existence of Almighty God and acknowledged his Divine Providence. The Founders were principled individualists who governed and sustained themselves according to the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are the "precedent legal code upon which American Law and Civil government are based." "Biblical teachings inspired concepts of civil government that are contained in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States." (Congressional Record, February 2, 1983.)

Principled individualism is the original American moral code. Principled individualists govern and sustain themselves according to the Ten Commandments and cultivate personal virtues which decent, law-abiding Americans admire: personal initiative, honesty, integrity, productiveness, self-reliance, and authentic benevolence. Principled individualism is to pursue one's own happiness by growth and self-development, by individual initiative and enterprise, by productiveness and self-reliance - all these moral virtues that lead to personal success, self- respect, and mental well-being.

Principled individualists endeavor to gain intellectual training, develop their personal skills and capacities, and pursue their own chosen careers. They create their own private wealth, support their own lives, practice authentic benevolence, and they build a stable family life. A principled individualist who works to achieve his own happiness by using his mind to the fullest in the pursuit of his own chosen career, and his loyalty is not to a "community" and the communitarian ruling elite, but to self, family, church and nation.

Constitutional framer James Wilson, who was a brilliant scholar, expressed his profound belief "that all power is derived from the people --that their happiness is the end of government." The Ten Commandments and other Christian principles and values strengthen people, make them free and independent individuals, and prepare them for a self-disciplined, productive, and happy life. Such individuals value intellectual training, disciplined thinking, and independent thought, which are essential for progress and survival of our American civilization.

Our original American system --free enterprise capitalism and principled individualism -- is the only system that works. It was founded on Biblical principles: personal integrity, diligence, productive work, a happy, stable family, a conviction that God governs the affairs of men. It creates an environment in which men are rewarded for exercising good judgment, self-discipline, personal initiative and enterprise. It encourages thrift, careful planning and provision for future needs.

It allows men to satisfy their physical and spiritual needs, e.g., the right to earn and control one's own private property and support one's own life; the right to protection in convictions of conscience and religion; the right to freedom of speech; the right to have a voice in determining political matters; and the opportunity to exercise one's creativity. It eliminates the creation of classes or castes by permitting all citizens to engage in private free enterprise and to make a profit. The ingenuity, inventiveness, and intellectual independence of the people give rise to a spectacular scientific and technological achievements. In such a society, the whole population enjoys a constantly rising standard of living.

This book shows how we can take back our culture and our country. It offers principles and values, objectives and goals, strategies and tactics that will change the course of this nation.

This is the 21st century, the new era of individual freedom. The facts show that America's political options all lie within an ideological framework of free enterprise capitalism and principled individualism. America is a Christian nation" We should not be afraid of greatness, we should not be afraid to fight for what is moral, for what is honorable, for what is right.

We must fight for the United States of America! We must fight for a republic of laws patterned after those given by the Eternal Lawgiver! Fight "by all your hopes in life or death, not only for yourselves but for all ages," for the Americanview of man and life, for the American system that allows the sanctity of human life and recognizes and protects the unalienable rights of man--rights that are derived from God.

Let us choose to heed those impassioned words of a true American patriot: "Were my soul trembling on the verge of eternity, my hand freezing in death, I would still implore you to remember this truth God has given America to be free."


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Special sessions may be convened at the request of the UN Security Council, of a majority of UN members, or, if the majority concurs, of a single member. A special session was held in October 1995 at the head of government level to commemorate the UN's 50th anniversary. Another special session was held in September 2000 to celebrate the millennium; it put forward the Millennium

Development Goals. A further special session (2005 World Summit) was held in September 2005 to commemorate the UN's 60th anniversary; it assessed progress on the Millennium Development Goals, and discussed Kofi Annan's In Larger Freedom proposals.

The Assembly may take action on maintaining international peace if the UN Security Council is unable, usually due to disagreement among the permanent members, to exercise its primary responsibility. The "Uniting for Peace" resolutions, adopted in 1950, empower the Assembly to convene in emergency special session to recommend collective measures – including the use of armed force – in the case of a breach of the peace or act of aggression. Two-thirds of the members must approve any such recommendation. Emergency special sessions under this procedure have been held on ten occasions. The two most recent, in 1982 and 1997 through 2003 respectively, have both been convened in response to actions by Israel.


The ninth considered the situation in the occupied Arab territories following Israel's unilateral extension of its laws, jurisdiction, and administration to the Golan Heights. The tenth was triggered by the occupation of East Jerusalem and dealt with the issue of Palestine.


At the first Special Session of the UN General Assembly held in 1947, Oswald

Aranha, then head of the Brazilian delegation to the UN, began a tradition that has remained until today whereby the first speaker at this major international forum is always a Brazilian.


By oldbill.

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29 May 2006

ALMOST 1000 soldiers have deserted the Army since the Iraq War began.

Official figures released yesterday said 932 soldiers have gone AWOL and are on the run.

And the number testing positive for hard drugs has doubled since the war began in 2003.

Troops claimed morale was dropping because of fighting, bullying and long tours of duty.

The MoD insisted desertion levels were "normal" and not caused by Iraq.

But one AWOL soldier said: "Iraq has played a huge role in morale problems. It may sound selfish but I joined the Army to defend Britain's interests not America's."


According to the MoD's figures, 134 soldiers went AWOL and did not return in 2003.

In 2004, it rose to 229, then 380 in 2005 and 189 so far this year.

The MoD said 118 soldiers who went missing the year before the war are still missing, while 86 who went AWOL in 2001 are still on the run.

There were 260 soldiers testing positive for class A drugs in 2003. That rose to 350 in 2004 and 520 in 2005.

Labour MP John McDonnell said the MoD should realise there was a crisis, with more soldiers "questioning the morality and legality of the occupation".

He added: "There are a lot more seeking to avoid service."

But the MoD said: "We regard the figure as fairly constant.

"It often happens for family reasons. There is no evidence to suggest operational commitments contribute significantly."

Former defence minister Don Touhig said: "There is anecdotal evidence but no hard fact to suggest Iraq is causing people to leave the service."

The TRUTH is out there...........

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2 June 2006

PRESIDENT Bush warned the Iranians yesterday they were running a major risk by refusing to stop enriching uranium.

He spoke out after Iran rejected his offer of direct talks if they halted the nuclear process.

Bush said: "If they continue their obstinance, then the world will act in concert." He and world leaders suspect Iran's real aim is to build nuclear weapons, throwing the Middle East into chaos.

But Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki hit back: "We will not give up our nation's natural right to enrichment.

"We will not hold talks over it, though we are ready to hold talks over mutual concerns."


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3 June 2006

IRAN could have a nuclear bomb in four years' time, America's top intelligence official warned yesterday.

John Negroponte, the US Director of National Intelligence, cranked up the pressure on Iran to do a deal with the West over its nuclear programme.

He said: "They seem to be determined to develop nuclear weapons."

And UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett has warned Iran that "further steps" could be taken by the UN Security Council if they refused to negotiate.

But one of Iran's top clerics has said the state won't be intimidated into giving up its nuclear fuel work.

Ahmad Khatami said yesterday: "The Iranian nation is ready to pay any price to protect its right to nuclear technology."




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Iran threatens fuel disruptions
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Ayatollah Khamenei launched a scathing attack on the US
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned the US that Iran could disrupt fuel shipments from the region if it makes a "wrong move".

In a speech on state TV, Ayatollah Khamenei also said accusations that Iran intended to make a nuclear bomb were a "complete lie".

He insisted Iran would not give up its right to produce nuclear fuel.

Tehran has agreed to study proposals drawn up by six world powers to defuse the row over Iran's nuclear programme.

The proposals are due to be delivered by the EU foreign policy head Javier Solana within days.

The precise details of the proposals are not known, but they aim to persuade Iran to give up its nuclear work - a step which Iran has consistently said it will not take.

US 'hypocrisy'

In his speech on Sunday, marking the anniversary of the death of the "father of the revolution" Ayatollah Khomeini, Ayatollah Khamenei launched a scathing attack on the US.

"How do you talk about human rights and opposition to terrorism when your government has prisons like Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib?" he asked.

He said the US was the most hated country in the world and questioned whether there was indeed an international consensus against Iran's nuclear programme.

It was a "big lie" by the Americans and their allies because Islamic countries, non-aligned movement nations and other independent countries all backed Tehran, the Iranian leader said.

He insisted Iran was not in pursuit of a nuclear bomb.

And he warned the US against taking action on Iran.

"If you make a wrong move regarding Iran, definitely the energy flow in this region will be seriously endangered," he said.

The TRUTH is out there...........

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Hi All... thanks for all the interesting posts on the topic of 'Time Bomb', which, judging by the latest breaking news, is ticking away like the proverbial bomb...


Zarqawi killed in Iraq air raid

Militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, blamed for thousands of deaths in Iraq, has been killed in a US air strike.

US President George W Bush said the death of the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq was a severe blow to the group and had delivered "justice" to Zarqawi.

He acknowledged it would not end unrest but said the "ideology of terror" had lost one of its most visible leaders.

The news came shortly before the Iraqi parliament approved the key posts of defence and interior ministers.

The two crucial roles had remained unfilled despite the formation of a coalition government last month.


Zarqawi died in a strike against an "isolated safe house" about 8km (five miles) north of Baquba at 1815 (1415 GMT) on Wednesday, officials said.

"We have eliminated Zarqawi," Prime Minister Nouri Maliki told a news conference in Baghdad, sparking sustained applause.

The strike was the "painstaking, deliberate result" of intelligence over "many weeks", US military spokesman Major General William Caldwell said.

He showed a picture of the militant leader's body and a videotape of the attack, in which he said American F-16 fighter jets dropped two 500lb bombs on the site.

Strike site
This is a message to those who choose the path of violence to change their direction before it is too late
Nouri Maliki
Iraqi Prime Minister

Zarqawi was identified through fingerprints, tattoos and known scars, he said.

A Jordanian government spokesman said Jordanian agents had contributed to the operation against Zarqawi.

Mr Maliki said intelligence from Iraqi people had also helped to track down Zarqawi, who had a $25m (£13m) price on his head - the same bounty as that offered by the US for Bin Laden.

A statement on the internet attributed to an umbrella group for jihadi organisations including al-Qaeda in Iraq has confirmed Zarqawi's death, reports say.

Jordanian-born Zarqawi was said to have been in a meeting with associates at the time. Five other people were killed in the raid, including spiritual adviser Sheikh Abd-al-Rahman and an unidentified woman and child.

Within hours of the killings, troops launched 17 simultaneous raids around Baghdad, which yielded a "treasure trove" of intelligence, according to the US official.

'Violent thug'

Correspondents say it remains to be seen if Zarqawi's death will bring a breakthrough in Iraq.

US $25m bounty on head
Linked to Iraqi bombings, assassinations and beheadings
Merged Iraqi insurgent group with Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network in 2004
Emerged in Iraq as Tawhid and Jihad group chief
Linked to Casablanca and Istanbul blasts, in 2003
Foreign fighter against Soviet forces in Afghanistan in 1980s
Jordan petty criminal in youth

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was not a global mastermind like al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, says the BBC's security correspondent, Frank Gardner.

Instead he was a bloodthirsty and violent thug, who made enemies and several mistakes that might have contributed to his downfall.

These included ordering a triple suicide bombing against hotels in Amman, Jordan, last November, that killed 60 people, our correspondent says.

Zarqawi was accused of leading the rash of kidnappings and beheadings of foreign workers.

It has been suggested that he appeared personally on one video posted on the internet, cutting off the head of an American hostage.

A video released in April showed Zarqawi shooting an automatic rifle and berating the US for its "arrogance". The video provided the most up-to-date picture of the fugitive.

Violence continued on Thursday as 13 people were killed and 28 injured in a bomb on a Baghdad market, police said.

Jordanian intelligence reportedly assisted the US-led operation
Zarqawi traced to isolated safe house approximately 8km north of Baquba, north east of Baghdad
US aircraft launched air strike at about 1815. The militant leader was reportedly holding a meeting with associates, including spiritual adviser Sheikh Abd-al-Rahman, at time of raid
Several others were reportedly killed
Iraqi police were first on the scene, followed by troops from the Multi-National Division North
Zarqawi's identity confirmed by fingerprints, facial recognition and known scars





Al Qaeda to fight back after Zarqawi death - Blair


Prime Minister Tony Blair said today he expected insurgents in Iraq to seek revenge following the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in the country.


"There will be fierce attempts, with the formation of the government, with the death of al-Zarqawi to fight back," Blair told reporters. He added Zarqawi's death would not end the killing in Iraq but said its contribution would be "significant".



News, analysis and background

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Why won’t the Government tell the truth about home-grown terrorism?

Benjamin Coleman finds the British government’s reports on the bombings of 7 July 2005 look suspiciously like whitewash.

On Thursday 11 May 2006 the British government belatedly put out not one, but two reports on the 7 July bombings in London. Unfortunately, these are just one more coat of whitewash on the whole affair, and one more reason to demand a full public enquiry.

What everyone wants to know is why the bombings happened, and how to stop them happening again. After a wait of almost a year, what these reports have provided are a description of the events, a biography of each of the bombers, and a repeat of the clichés the government has been spouting ever since last July.

But these reports are not just inadequate, as is widely acknowledged; they are misleading and dangerous. They evade the causes of this home-grown terrorism, and in doing so they invert the truth. They create a reality where a promised ‘inevitable’ increase in surveillance, harassment and attacks on civil liberties becomes part of the answer – rather than part of the problem – and where there is no US-UK occupation of Iraq.

Worryingly, according to Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee’s report, ‘if more resources had been in place sooner, the chances of preventing the July attacks could have increased’. Perhaps, but this wishful thinking begs the question of how British ‘security’ agencies and police forces have used the vast resources already in hand. They have carried out harassment of Muslims and migrant communities, especially since 11 September 2001, and even more so since the 7 July attacks. This harassment has destroyed any trust that such communities may have had in the authorities. Traumatising families and communities destroys the very trust and goodwill necessary for improving intelligence, and catching terrorists. If terrorism-prevention really was the genuine aim of meting out such treatment, then it has been a notable failure.

According to Home Secretary John Reid, the security services are expanding ‘as fast as is organizationally possible’.  Their increased resources presumably will be a green light for more of the same: sweeping raids made in order to intimidate these communities from even voicing their legitimate political concerns, whilst stigmatizing them in the eyes of others, without any real anticipation of arresting actual terrorists.  Banner headlines announcing ‘terrorist arrests’ are not mirrored by banner headlines later on, when such people are quietly released without charge.

The British government seems determined that those who don’t fit their political agenda are to be demonized and silenced. The sheer number of people pulled in is testament to this aim. Of the 895 people arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 in the 4 years after 11 September 2001, only 23 were convicted of a Terrorism Act offence.  And only in a few cases did the court hear any evidence of plans for violent acts; convictions were based on a broad, vaguely defined ‘terrorism’ or loose associations.

This witchunt should come as no surprise. The Prime Minister has consistently insisted that there is absolutely no connection between the 7 July bombings and the invasion and countless (and indeed un-counted) deaths in Iraq. Rather, responsibility lies with ‘preachers of hate’, an ‘evil ideology’ a ‘perversion of Islam’, and other clichés touted by the British media to the point of inanity over the last year. These are, of course, exacerbated by ‘inadequate police powers’. Anything really – other than a response to murderous British foreign policy.

Of course, the British Government doesn’t believe this any more than anyone else does. Even while Tony Blair insisted that anyone who connected the 7 July bombs and the invasion of Iraq was ‘pandering to extremism’, and the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke accused them of ‘serious intellectual flabbiness’, both were fully aware that this was the stated view of all the UK’s intelligence agencies. The heads of all these agencies sit collectively on the Joint Intelligence Committee, whose recently leaked memo, ‘International Terrorism – Impact of Iraq’, states clearly that the invasion of Iraq has ‘reinforced the determination of terrorists who were already committed to attacking the West, and motivated others who were not’, and will do so ‘for many years to come’. This piece of ‘serious intellectual flabbiness’ was not only approved by the heads of all British intelligence agencies, but was delivered to Blair and other senior ministers last April, two months before the London bombings.

These two latest reports however have not moved much beyond Blair’s facile assertion that terrorists are the cause of terrorism. The Home Office report places responsibility on al-Qaeda, extremist preachers, Islamic youth clubs, a desire for martyrdom, and finally ‘perceived injustices by the West against Muslims’. This final cause merits only one page and is wholly unexamined. Tucked away in an Annex at the end is this acknowledgement: that al-Qaeda has targeted Britain ‘in the aftermath of… the UK’s robust line against international terrorism and involvement in coalition action in Muslim countries since (11 September 2001)’. And that’s it.

The Intelligence and Security Committee’s report is concerned predominantly with the operational procedures of the various agencies – of little relevance to those who want to know why the attacks happened.

For all those reasons, and others, we need a public enquiry.  It should investigate not just the London bombings, but also the entire use of ‘counter-terrorism’ powers before and since. As Holly Finch, a survivor of the bombings has written: ‘It is the public whose lives were sacrificed in the name of politics and foreign policy.’  The public have a right to the truth.

Benjamin Coleman
15 May 2006
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC)

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