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I'm going up to Glasgow in a week or so.

I've had a look on the internet to see if there is any gangster tours but I can see anything.
Anyone know of any?

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Gangster tours like the London one?? - [rolleyes]

Judas Lobban will be looking into this now [redface]

"This is where I robbed the rent office" 

The RealityMichael went into the office and the raid went as planned. Michael had dressed as a woman with a pump action shotgun in his jacket. Thinking back, he laughs to himself, thinking how he must have looked to others that day.

He grins at the thought.

Michael got the moneybag and came sprinting out the rent office, like a transvestite on speed. He got into the car and said to William, to “DRIVE, “but slowly, as pre-planned, take your time no need to panic”.Lobban done the opposite and put his foot down, the car screeched off drawing the attention of passers-by, Lobban’s over enthusiasm, nerves or inexperience , caused him to hit an oncoming car head on. The getaway car was a total write off. They had to get out and escape on foot. 

 He got into the car and said to William, to “DRIVE, [eek][idea][nono][bawl][biggrin]

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