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 What is the worst pain or unforgettable you have ever experienced?
 Kidney Stones... Omg ouch 0 0%
 I found photos on my bf's computer of a hidden camera he had in his bathroom taking photos of a friend. 0 0%
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In our life, there always be so much of things happened to us, what's the most unforgettable or worst pain you have experienced? For example:

1.Kidney Stones... Omg ouch

2.I found photos on my bf's computer of a hidden camera he had in his bathroom taking photos of a friend.

3.I had three shots of novocaine at the dentist and could still feel everything. They went in and drilled anyway. I don't go to that ghetto shit anymore.

4.Brain aneurysm... Imagine your head filling up with blood making your eyes want to explode out of your head, pressure building and constant constriction on every nerve in your skull.

5.Testicular torsion, my testes were literally twisting around having a ball while I was trying to keep a straight face in class.

6.A few years ago I broke the big toe on my left foot by dropping a 3/4" thick 4x8 sheet of plywood on it, directly on edge, from about 3 feet up. Pretty much crushed the toe. Lots of blood. However, as much as that hurt... that was not the worst pain. No, that came later that evening, right after I got home from the hospital. I was hobbling my way up to the house on crutches, when... I didn't lift my foot enough coming up the steps. I squarely kicked the brick stair with my freshly mangled toe. I saw spots in my vision from the pain, and nearly threw up. I sat down and sobbed like a baby.
THAT was the worst pain I've ever experienced.

If you have any unforgettable or pain experienced, pls share with us.


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An appendectomy:

The TRUTH is out there...........
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