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Council apologises for 'over zealous' binmen who refused to take rubbish because of 'scrap of bread'

Last updated at 6:08 PM on 31st May 2010

A householder was left fuming after 'over zealous' binmen refused to collect his rubbish when he accidentally left a 'tiny scrap of bread' in his wheelie bin.

Michael Carter received a note through his door saying the binmen could not take his recycling because of 'food waste contamination'.

The 41-year-old had left various bins out for rubbish collection at his home in Charlton, south London, but when he came back from shopping he found a red tag attached to his blue wheelie bin and a note shoved through his door.

wheelie bin

'Over zealous' Bin men refused to take away Michael Carter's recycling when a wheelie bin contained a scrap of bread

According to Greenwich Council, the blue-topped bin - which can hold the equivalent of five black bins bags - is meant for 'mixed dry recycling' items such as empty cans, foil, aerosol cans, boxes, loo roll inserts, glass and plastic bottles and newspapers.

Householders are meant to use clear binbags to put the waste in so the binmen can check that there is nothing 'contaminating' the recycling, such as food, batteries of polystyrene.

Mr Carter said he was left 'seething' when he got home and realised the bin had been left unemptied last week.

He emptied the bin out and sorted through its contents - opening each clear bag and examining its contents - until he found a crust of bread just one-inch long which he had accidentally dropped into the bin.

He said: 'I had no reason to expect them not to empty it, but when I came back I saw it had been tagged.

'There was a note through my door saying they couldn't empty it because of food waste.

'I took all the bags out and checked them but all I could find was this crust. It was a miniscule size piece.

'I just thought it was so petty - a real waste of taxpayers' money.' 

Mr Carter phoned Greenwich Council and remonstrated with collection bosses.

He said: 'I was furious. If they'd have knocked on the door I'd have taken the bread out of the bin myself.

'It's not like it was a chicken carcass or half a loaf.' 

A spokesman for the council said: 'Greenwich Council would like to apologise to Mr Carter for our failure to collect items he left out for recycling.

'Whilst we ask residents not to place food waste in their blue top bins - as it can prevent us from recycling items that the food contaminates - we accept our staff may have been over zealous in this case.

'The council returned to Mr Carter's property and collected the recycling waste.' 

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I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Sacked Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair to become peer

By Stephen Wright
Last updated at 8:23 AM on 29th May 2010

Former police chief Sir Ian Blair has been awarded with a life peerage

Former police chief Sir Ian Blair has been awarded with a life peerage

Sir Ian Blair, the first Metropolitan Police Commissioner to be sacked in modern times, was yesterday rewarded for his failure with a life peerage.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown nominated Sir Ian, who will sit as an independent crossbencher.

The decision to elevate gaffe-prone Sir Ian to the Upper House stunned former colleagues at Scotland Yard yesterday, who have painful memories of his controversial reign at Britain's biggest force.

Sir Ian's three and a half years in post were dogged by questions about his judgement, leadership credentials and politically correct style of policing.

His last months in office were mired in unprecedented controversy and in-fighting after he was accused of racism by a series of ethnic minority officers, including the country's top Asian policeman Tarique Ghaffur

It resulted in the upper echelons of the Met being plunged into a virtual state of paralysis, with officers regarding Sir Ian as a lame duck chief no longer in charge of his force.   

Yet because of his close connections to Downing Street - he was once described as being 'New Labour's Favourite Cop' - he clung to power until October 2008.  

Then he was forced to step down after a bitter showdown with the Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who said he had no confidence in him.

But Oxford-educated Sir Ian, 57, who had 16 months remaining on his five year contract, was not out of pocket as a result of his sacking. 

He received a £400,000 pay-off - a good deal more than the compensation paid to the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian shot dead by his officers at Stockwell Tube station in 2005.

The Stockwell case was the source of a series of career-threatening controversies which engulfed Sir Ian during his tenure as Commissioner.

He was accused of putting out misleading public statements in the aftermath of the shooting of the electrician, who was mistaken for a terrorist suspect.

There was widespread disbelief in senior police circles that Sir Ian did not know for 24 hours that the suspected suicide bomber the Met shot dead was in fact an innocent man.

Sir Ian was also lambasted for attempting to personally block an independent inquiry into the killing. Within hours of the tragedy, he told the Home Office's top civil servant he should be able to suspend as he saw fit a legal requirement for the death to be investigated.

Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes

The killing of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was one of a series of controversies that plagued Sir Ian's tenure

Other notable bungles during Sir Ian's reign included his public assertion that 'almost nobody' could understand why the Soham murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman attracted so much media interest, comments that prompted widespread fury.

He narrowly escaped the sack in 2006 when it emerged he had secretly recorded a telephone conversation with the Attorney General and three police watchdog officials. His force's watchdog, the Metropolitan Police Authority, later said his conduct was 'totally unacceptable'.

Sir Ian also faced flak for lobbying on behalf of the Labour Government's plans for 90-day detention for terror suspects and the introduction of ID cards and letting police Range Rovers ferrying Tony Blair during the 2005 election campaign to carry 'Vote Labour' slogans.

It was a measure of Sir Ian's closeness to New Labour that he 'excused' himself from the 'cash for honours' investigation because he and his wife were friends of the party's chief fund-raiser Lord Levy and his wife.

He also supported the promotion of crooked policeman Ali Dizaei to Commander, just months after his force received fresh intelligence from the Serious Organised Crime Agency questioning Dizaei's integrity. Dizaei is now serving four years for corruption.

Last November, the married father-of-two published his memoirs, Policing Controversy, in which he gave his perspective on his sacking and settled scores with some of his perceived enemies including Boris Johnson.

The book was seen by several senior ex-colleagues as his last, cynical throw at obtaining a peerage.

Sir Ian joins a distinguished list of former Met Commissioners who have swapped their best blues and braid for the scarlet and ermine robes of the House of Lords: Lord Stevens, Lord Condon and Lord Imbert.

A senior Yard source said of the trio: 'Each deserved their elevation to the Upper House. But Ian Blair? Many of us are speechless...'

Speculation is mounting that another controversial former Yard officer, ex Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick, could be made a Lib-Dem peer in the Queen's Birthday Honours next month.

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes reacted furiously to news of Sir Ian's peerage.

Speaking in Brazil, his cousin Jefferson de Menezes said: 'We are shocked...under the circumstances of what happened to my cousin Jean, Ian Blair doesn`t deserve a reward, to be given a peerage - but rather he deserves to be punished.

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I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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They made me do it! Pedestrian sues Google after she's knocked over walking along a busy highway

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 8:09 PM on 31st May 2010

A woman is suing Google, the search engine, claiming its maps function gave her walking directions that led her on to a major highway, where she was hit by a car.

The lawsuit seeks more than $100,000 (£70,000) in damages.

Lauren Rosenberg used Google Maps on January 19, 2009, via her Blackberry, to get directions between 96 Daly Street, Park City, Utah, and 1710 Prospector Avenue, Park City, Utah.

A Google Maps screen of Lauren Rosenberg's route, showing the warning

A Google Maps screen of Lauren Rosenberg's route, showing the warning

Google provided these, telling her as part of the route to walk for about half a mile along the calm-sounding Deer Valley Drive.

But Deer Valley Drive is a section of Utah State Route 224, a busy rural highway without pavements. One stretch is blocked by a noise barrier that pushes pedestrians closer to the roadside.

And Rosenberg wasn’t warned about this, putting Google directly at fault in the accident, the case claims.

After walking on to the highway, Rosenberg was struck by a car. The driver, Patrick Harwood, is also named in the suit.

The case, Rosenberg v Harwood, was filed in Utah, in the U.S. District Court’s Central. Both Harwood and Google are being sued in the same case, for damages ‘in excess of $100,000’.

Deer Valley Drive as seen in Google Street View, without a pedestrian in sight

Deer Valley Drive as seen in Google Street View, without a pedestrian in sight

Google has pointed out that the directions Rosenberg sought come with a warning of caution for pedestrians.

But Rosenberg claims that she accessed the Maps function on her Blackberry mobile device, which only has a small screen, so does not include the warning.

Others have pointed out that Rosenberg might have been best served by her own eyes after she reached a T-junction and found herself confronted with an obviously unsafe walk.

Microsoft's Bing has a similar warning when mapping the same path: ‘Caution, this route may be missing sidewalks or other pedestrian paths.’

The problem is that you only get 320x480 pixels on a Blackberry screen and if Google needed to put warnings on its Maps pages, there'd hardly be any room for a map.

Instead, Google has to rely on people using common sense and lessons they learned at school – at least until their maps become 'fool proof'.

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Admin says: Daft bitch.

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Britain's youngest mum: Girl who was pregnant at 11 says she will fight to see her daughter

By Maureen Culley

Last updated at 11:55 PM on 31st May 2010

Pregnant at 11 and a parent by the age of 12, this is Britain's youngest mother holding her newborn baby.

Still a child herself, Tressa Middleton looks scared as she stares into the camera.

Within days of this unsettling photograph being taken, both mother and child were put into foster care.

Tressa Middleton

A child herself: Tressa Middleton with her newly-born daughter

Now 16, Miss Middleton told yesterday how she is banned from seeing her daughter, who has been adopted by strangers.

She said she spiralled into depression and turned to alcohol, drugs and self-harm after giving birth.

But she said: 'I'm not a big drinker now and I don't smoke hash any more. In the past I've cut myself, but I don't any more. I'm going to give myself a couple of years to get my life sorted then fight for access to my little girl.'

Miss Middleton's pregnancy shocked Britain when it emerged she had conceived after having sex with a teenage boy while drunk at a party.

She gave birth in June 2006 and had her identity protected until she turned 16.

She was taken into care amid claims that she had been living with a heroin addict on a sink estate near Edinburgh.

Child psychologists ruled she could not keep her child and she reluctantly signed her over for adoption 18 months ago.

Contact was cut at Christmas when the girl was formally adopted. Miss Middleton said she had gone to court to ask for twice-yearly contact.

I don't think I can give my daughter the life she needs just now,' she told the Sun. 'I have never had any regrets about having her, even though I had no idea it was going to be this difficult. When I'm older I want to build a relationship with my daughter.'

Read more:



Admin says: Pregnant at 11? What kind of mother - if you can call it that - allows their 11 year old daughter to have a baby?? What kind of mother doesn't know that her 11 year old daughter is sexually active?? A child has been born to a child, and I blame the 11 year old's parent(s). A child, still at primary school, having sex and pregnant at 11 as a result? It's disgusting, it's shocking and it's tragic for the baby that was brought into this world by a girl so young.

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Britain's oldest father of twins does it again... couple reveals baby number 13 is on the way

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:47 AM on 1st June 2010

Richard Roden already holds the record for being Britain's oldest father of twins.

But it clearly wasn't enough for the 72-year-old father of 12.

The retired welder has proved that he is still very busy at home, as his 26-year-old third wife Lisa has announced that she is pregnant with their third child - and his 13th.

Richard Roden with his third wife Lisa

Ready for more: Richard Roden, pictured with third wife Lisa and twins Ruby and Emily, says he would like the new baby to be a boy

The couple made the headlines last year when Mrs Roden, 46 years her husband's junior, gave birth to identical twins Emily and Ruby.

Back then, the couple said they were planning to have more children. It seems they are true to their word, because Mrs Roden is two months pregnant and the new baby is due in January.

The twins were conceived without any fertility treatment, and the new baby is just as natural. The couple had only been trying for a baby for a couple of weeks.

Mrs Roden said: 'I can't believe how quickly it has happened. We will have three babies under the age of three when this next one is born.'

Richard Roden and familyof twins, outside his home in Walsall with the twin girls, his other daughter Bethany and 25-year-old wife Lisa

family man: Mr Roden goes for a stroll outside his home in Walsall with the twins, Lisa and Lisa's daughter Bethany from a previous relationship

Mr Roden added: ' Being a dad at 72 is definitely more tiring than in my twenties.'

Considering Mr Roden was in his twenties when Buddy Holly was still alive, that's hardly surprising.

Despite being routinely mistaken for this children's grandfather - and his unconventional marriage causing friction with children from his two previous marriages - the Rodens are happy to enjoy everything that parenthood has in store for them.

Mrs Roden said: 'I know some people question the age gap, but we're soul mates. We're just very proud parents and we intend to cherish the years we have together.

Richard Roden

Step back in time: A fresh-faced Richard Roden, left, poses with his brother at 17

'He does get a little bit tired, but he has a doze and that revives him.'

At the time of the twins last year, Mrs Roden said: 'I do worry about something happening to him and the twins being left without a dad. But he is fit and healthy for his age. He has his own vegetable plot and he's always plodding about in our garden.'

Speaking at their home in Brownhills, near Walsall, West Midlands, Mr Roden added: 'I thought I would never get another young lady, another woman, at my age. We are just like any other couple in love.

'I intend to stay around for a while yet. I don't drink or smoke.'

He said the feeling of becoming a father was just as good now as when his first child arrived 50 years ago.

Richard Roden

Young gun: Fast forward to 1967 and a 29-year-old Roden. His current wife Lisa would not be born for another 17 years

'It hasn't changed one bit. I can still run about a bit, now and again,' he said. 'People call me "granddad" in the street. When I say I'm the father, some people don't believe me.'

And as for baby number 13, Mr Roden has said: 'I've only got three lads, so I'd like another son.'

Mr Roden has 36 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

He said a 'couple of daughters' have voiced their disapproval while a granddaughter, Leanne Roden, 22, branded the situation 'ridiculous'.

But Mrs Roden defended their relationship, saying: I think they thought the age gap between us was too big. But four years later we are still together, so we have proved them all wrong.'

Mr Roden is 12 years older than his father-in-law, Lisa's father Colin, and 21 years older than Leslie, Lisa's mother. But the couple said the parents have no qualms about the age gap.

The couple live within yards of Mr Roden's ex-wife, two daughters and one of his three sons on the same housing estate.

The world's oldest father of twins is recorded as being Tom Lambert of Louisiana who was 78 when his children were born in March 1948.

Read more:



Admin says: I think this is fantastic. Not only does this father look really happy, you have to wonder how on earth he manages to keep his spirit up (and everything else...) at the age of 72. No wonder his mrs looks happy...

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Cost of maintaining the heroin addiction of convicts to cost us £110 MILLION a year

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:31 AM on 1st June 2010

Tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' cash will be spent maintaining the heroin addictions of convicts following a human rights ruling that they cannot be made to go 'cold turkey' in jail.

A report by the think-tank Policy Exchange reveals an explosion in the number given 'heroin substitute prescriptions' - costing up to £15,000 per course.

It comes after the last Government agreed to pay almost £750,000 in compensation to 197 addicted inmates made to quit drugs while in custody.

Taxpayer's money: This year £109.1million will be spent on the Integrated Drug Treatment System - with one in every six prisoners receiving a daily dose of a heroin substitute such as methadone

Taxpayer's money: This year £109.1million will be spent on the Integrated Drug Treatment System - with one in every six prisoners receiving a daily dose of a heroin substitute such as methadone. (Posed by model)

The report, entitled Coming Clean, says the result of the ruling is that 73,000 prisoners will be receiving medication for longer than three months.

This year £109.1million will be spent on the Integrated Drug Treatment System - with one in every six prisoners receiving a daily dose of a heroin substitute such as methadone.

In the past, detoxification regimes would last for just a few weeks, but a letter from the Department of Health to researchers confirmed regimes now routinely last for longer than three months.

Max Chambers, the report's author, said: 'The way the previous government approached the problem of drugs in prisons has clearly failed.

'It had become the easy option for prisoners' habits to simply be maintained by the state, with little effort made to properly address their addictions.

'The change of government is a real opportunity for the Department of Health to come clean about the mismanagement of the Integrated Drug Treatment System (IDTS).

'We need much more focus on abstinence-based treatments that work and above all we need ministers, not prisoners, to be dictating Government policy.'

The report, based on a survey of 700 inmates in all 139 prisons in England and Wales, found that one in three inmates have used drugs while in jail.

It claimed the setting up of the IDTS in 2007 had led to an increase in the frequency and length of prescriptions of methadone and a decline in shorter detoxification programmes.

The report calls for longer-term prisoners to be expected to become drug-free as part of their parole and for more focus on abstinence-based treatments.

A Department of Health spokesman said: 'Clinical guidance recommends that prisoners jailed for more than six months should not be maintained on methadone unless there are exceptional circumstances.

'All treatment, whether in or outside prison, should be aimed at getting people off drugs and maintenance can be part of that programme.

'The IDTS is being brought in across prisons to provide evidence-based treatment tailored to the needs of the offender. It is currently the subject of a rigorous and extensive four-year prison research programme.'

Director of the Prison Reform Trust Juliet Lyon said: 'Around three-quarters of people received into prison test positive for class A drugs.

'To cut crime, save money and improve public health, more effort needs to be put into treating addicts in the community and reviewing current drug policies.'

Read more:



Admin says: These people are the scourge of our society. Set up 'drug clinics', contaminate the heroin with poison and get rid of this sector of society that drains money which would be put to better use for homeless people and children. Scum.

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Drunk teacher who drove wrong way along A1 at 70mph escapes jail

By Andy Dolan
Last updated at 4:46 PM on 1st June 2010

Catherine Dean

Suspended sentence: Teacher Catherine Dean drove the wrong way up the A1 while almost three times the drink-drive limit

A drunk teacher who forced terrified motorists to swerve out of the way as she drove the wrong way at 70mph in freezing conditions escaped jail yesterday.

Catherine Dean was nearly three times over the limit when she was stopped by police after a four-mile chase in freezing conditions as she drove north on the southbound A1, one of Britain's busiest roads. 

But although a court heard police found an open bottle of wine in her car, the mother-of-three walked free with a suspended sentence after a judge accepted her defence that she had suffered an asthma attack and only got behind the wheel to find a hospital.

Judge Dudley Bennett was condemned by road safety charity Brake, which described the decision not to jail Dean as 'outrageous'.

A spokesman said: 'One in six deaths on our roads is caused by drink drivers and she was risking her own life, and more appalling, other road users lives by her irresponsible and irrational driving. 

'There is never a plausible reason to get behind the wheel after drinking and the sentence is an insult to any family whose lives have been ripped apart by a drink driver.'

Prosecutor Robbie Singh said Dean, 42,  was swerving across both lanes of the snowy and icy carriageway in her Mazda saloon, with one officer describing it as the worst case of driving he had ever seen.

When she was eventually stopped, Nottingham Crown Court heard Dean was 'unsteady on her feet and muttering gibberish', while the car smelled strongly of alcohol.

Mr Singh said: 'The officers watched as one car had to avoid a collision before the Mazda swerved into the path of an oncoming lorry.

'One of the officers was sure there was going to be a collision but she managed to avoid it.

'They managed to get alongside her but it took several seconds for her to notice them.

'She was still swerving as they tried to get her to pull into a petrol station but she wasn't able to do so.

'She then swerved into the central reservation onto the snow and came to a stop.'

Mr Singh said police found a half-empty wine bottle in the driver's door compartment, and unopened bottles on the passenger seat. The road was unlit and it was below freezing.

When Dean was breathalysed, she gave a reading of 94 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath - the legal limit is 35.

Dean, who is believed to be separated from her husband, told police she had had 'a couple of glasses of wine' during a night out in Lincoln before going to bed in a hotel on the A46 near Newark.

She claimed she was woken in the early hours by a bad asthma attack and decided to drive around looking for a hospital.

Christopher Jeyes, defending,  said Dean's account of only having a couple of drinks was clearly at odds with the evidence.

'Her recollection of events is undoubtedly incomplete,' he said.

'Thankfully no injuries were caused but she realises this was more through luck than any judgement on her part,' he added.

He said Dean cared for a daughter suffering from cerebral palsy and herself suffered from multiple sclerosis.

The teacher from Rossendale, Lancashire, admitted driving with excess alcohol and dangerous driving.

Judge Bennett sentenced her to 12 months in prison suspended for two years.

She was also banned from driving for 18 months, ordered to observe a 7pm to 6am curfew for six months and told to carry out 80 hours unpaid work.

The judge said: 'This was a horrendous piece of dangerous driving topped up with drink.

'If there hadn't been all that snow and people weren't staying off the roads you may well have killed someone, most probably yourself.

'I do not believe you intended to drink and drive. I believe you, when in drink, panicked and were looking for a hospital.'

The judge, nicknamed Dudders, is usually known for a no-nonsense approach to sentencing. He hit the headlines last year when it emerged a Facebook group had been set up in his honour by the victim of a burglar he had jailed.

Richard Higgins, a martial arts expert from Nottingham, stopped intruder Wayne Spencer from fleeing his home by headbutting him.

The judge told Spencer Mr Higgins had been 'perfectly reasonable to head butt you' and added 'It serves you right, in fact.'

Read more:



Admin says: I fail to understand how someone's defense can be, "I do not believe that you intended to..." (insert appropriate crime of defendant). Of course they bloody did! THEY DID IT! Why on earth would they be in a court otherwise?

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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The £18,000 council job you can't apply for if you are white

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:25 AM on 2nd June 2010

A council has been accused of discrimination after white people were barred from applying for two £18,000-a-year jobs.

Bristol City has created the management training posts for graduates in an effort to recruit more minority employees.

As a result the council will only accept applications from ethnic minorities for the two-year placements.

But this has prompted criticism from white graduates struggling to find work.

Bristol city council

Controversial: Bristol City Council has attracted criticism from white jobseekers who claim the management trainee posts are 'totally racist'

One jobseeker, who did not wish to be named, described the posts as 'totally racist'.

He said: 'I am a tolerant white person who has lived in Bristol for 27 years.

'I am searching for a job and stumbled across a job advertisement on Bristol City Council's website that I see as totally racist.

'I feel the job would be an excellent opportunity for me to make use of the skills and qualifications that I have acquired but, being white, I am excluded.

'Equal opportunities means giving everyone an equal chance to succeed rather than discriminating against people because of the colour of their skin.' 

The two jobs are described on BCC's website as 'open to black and minority ethnic graduates' only, with applications closing on June 11.

The job description reads: 'We are looking for two enthusiastic graduates with a degree in any discipline to undertake a two-year management training programme at Bristol City Council.

'You should have a strong interest in the delivery of local public services, be able to take the initiative and have the confidence to relate to people at all levels within the Council.

'The traineeship will involve rotating placements in different services of the City Council where you will be where you will be given 'on the job' training and undertake projects including policy and research work.

'You will need to be flexible and able to learn quickly in changing environments. The successful candidates will be offered a postgraduate diploma in Management Studies, a tax free training allowance and mentoring and support throughout the traineeship.'

Bristol council has 9,000 members of staff, not including teachers, of which 630, or seven per cent, are from ethnic minorities.

Because 12 per cent of Bristol residents come from minority backgrounds the council has begun trying to redress this imbalance.

BCC job

Discriminatory? The job advert appeared on Bristol City Council's website

A spokesman for the council said advertising ethnic minority-only posts was allowed under race relations legislation.

He said: 'This traineeship was started because of the marked under-representation of ethnic minorities in our workforce.

'The normal recruitment process was not rectifying this unacceptably low trend so there was a strong case for this small positive recruitment traineeship for two ethnic minority graduates a year.

'We have a workforce of more than 9,000 employees, excluding school staff, so this is a small training programme.

'Graduates from any ethnic background are open to apply for the national graduate local government programme which we recruit from every year - we have just recruited two graduates in this way.

'We also run a successful apprenticeship programme for the under-24s - so far we have placed 62 to date. And of course there are a range of jobs advertised externally via our website, which graduates can apply for.

'It is also worth remembering that this is a training position - at the end of the two years there is no guarantee of work and the successful candidates would have to apply for a job with the council in the usual way on the open market.'

The Race Relations Act 1976 states that if a racial group is under-represented councils can offer training to individuals from that group.

Read more:



Admin says: In a predominantly white country, nationals are banned from applying for certain jobs to encourage minorities to apply. I find this offensive and shocking. Reverse the situation, and imagine you are living in another country - would they ban their nationals from applying for certain jobs in favour of white people? NO!! You'd probably be stoned to death or humiliated in public even for suggesting such a thing. Should we - as a country - not be looking after our own first and foremost?

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Incredible birth: Mother reveals how she went into labour for 20 DAYS

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:15 PM on 2nd June 2010

Giving birth to a baby is a painful experience for any woman but one new mother revealed how she went into labour for 20 days.

Amy Buck, 17, was only five-and-a-half months pregnant when she started what is thought to be the slowest labour in medical history.

Having made it through the excruciating ordeal Miss Buck then had to watch her son Daniel Barwell battle for his life.

Amy Buck says she was in labour for three weeks with her son Daniel Barwell

Amy Buck says she was in labour for three weeks with her son Daniel Barwell

But now the tiny tot, who only weighed 1lb 3oz at birth, has just celebrated his first birthday weighing a far more healthy 17lbs.

Amy who lives with Daniel's car dealer father Martin Barwell, 20, in Morecambe, said: 'Thinking back I don't know how it was possible for me to be in labour for the best part of 20 days and Daniel to survive despite being born so small.

'Looking at him now, I realise he is a little miracle and a little fighter. So many times I thought I was going to lose him. He's supposed to be eight-and-a-half-months old now and he shouldn't even be doing what he's doing.'

The teenager's trauma began when she was admitted to Royal Lancaster Infirmary on May 4 last year with stomach pains.

'I thought there was no way I was in labour already but the nurses told me I had been.'

'I had already thought I might be miscarrying and by 15 weeks I had already had four scans,' she said.

'Then at 19 weeks and five days I went into labour. The nurses sent me home saying it was just my womb but I knew there was something wrong.

'I just thought the staff would know when somebody was in labour. I was getting a lot of hot flushes, was very very tired and short of breath. I had cramps and contractions all the time and they got worse and worse.

'The pain was bearable at first but it was happening all the time and I just stayed in bed. Some time I'd got out, thinking it wasn't so bad. I'd walk to the end of the road and the pain and leaking would get so bad I'd turn back around.

'There was a constant churning, I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. It got progressively worse.

'After 15 days I went into hospital again and they told me I was in full labour. Because I'd been open for 15 days I had contracted an infection. It was risky for me as well.

'They tried to stop the labour because my body wasn't strong enough and he was so early. I thought there was no way I was in labour already but the nurses told me I had been.

Miracle baby Daniel Barwell

Daniel Barwell was born four months premature and only weighed 1lb 3oz at birth

'Then the contractions were one and a half minutes apart. Between every contraction I was pushing and when I stopped pushing I could feel him moving back up.

'Those next five days in hospital I was on gas and antibiotics and taking tablets to stop the birth from coming. It wasn't working.

'Then my waters broke. It was scary and painful and it took a long time for Daniel to come out and when he did it was feet first. My mum and Martin were there and my mum said, "Oh my God, he's kicking!"'

Daniel was transferred to Manchester Children's Hospital but was only given a 15 per cent chance of survival by doctors. He was treated for chronic lung disease and had laser eye treatment at Alder Hey Children's hospital.

By October the feisty youngster was allowed home.

Amy said: 'He's only different in that he's smaller than other kids and he's only got two teeth.

'He's doing remarkably well. I started feeding him when he was four months old and he's been such a big eater since. He loves his food and crawls around a lot.

'At seven months old he was saying 'Dada' all the time. He's a happy little baby.'

A spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said: 'The average labour is about 12 hours long, for someone having their first baby and the longest I've heard of was 48 hours. Anything longer is unheard of.

'Some women's waters can break before their time and infections can cause this to happen and also cause the cervix to open a bit and stay that way. These would appear to be symptoms of labour.'

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Murder squad detectives call up MAGICOP in bid to track down killer of Suzanne Pilley

DETECTIVES investigating the murder of Suzanne Pilley are using MAGICOP to catch her killer.

Magicop stands for Motive, Ability, Guilty knowledge, Intent, Conduct after crime, Opportunity and Preparation.

A police source said: "Officers use each of the seven elements to ascertain if there is sufficient evidence to build a case against an individual."

Detectives believe they have enough evidence for an arrest but are determined to find Suzanne - the bookkeeper who vanished on her way to work in Edinburgh four weeks ago.

The source added: "Police will make an arrest within 48 hours if a body or body part is found."

Detectives have narrowed the search of to a 400 square-mile area around Glen Croe forest in Argyll.

They have appealed for tourists who may have taken snaps on Wednesday, May 5 to check them for a silver family-sized car - which may have been used to dump Suzanne's body.

Detective Chef Inspector Gary Flannigan, who is leading the inquiry, said: "What people have to appreciate is that this is a vast area and it is important that we have our officers targeting the right areas in terms of the searches.

"I am extremely grateful to the members of the public who have contacted us with information so far."

Mr Flannigan said that the police were doing everything they could to "provide answers" to Suzanne's parents Sylvia and Robert.

He added: "My officers work closely with Suzanne's parents and see every day the distress and torment they are going through."

Meanwhile, Suzanne's former lover David Gilroy left his house in Silverknowes, Edinburgh, yesterday looking tired and drawn.

The 47-year-old dad-of-two kept his head bowed before driving away with wife Andrea and his two children. In recent days the curtains have been drawn across the downstairs living-room windows.

His children are now carrying out chores, such as emptying bins, while he remains indoors.

Mr Gilroy had a long-running affair with Suzanne, a colleague at Infrastructure Managers on Thistle Street, and lived with her for a time.

He returned to his family in January but it's been alleged they continued to see each other until she found a new boyfriend, Mark Brooks.

Mr Gilroy again refused to say anything about the murder inquiry or his relationship with Suzanne.



Admin says: MAGICOP - an anacronym. Am I completely missing the novelty in this? I woulld have liked to have thought that police use 'MAGICOP' in all their investigations as standard practise, however, it appears 'MAGICOP' is saved for those special, unsolvable crimes. It instills such confidence, doesn't it?

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Miracle escape for driver after 18-ton lorry topples onto his car

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:18 AM on 4th June 2010

A terrified motorist walked away unscathed after an 18-ton lorry fell onto his car after ploughing into a blackspot bridge.

The truck toppled on to the Vauxhall Astra estate after smashing into Fairlop Station bridge in Forest Road, Barkingside, Essex.

A shocked passer-by was bizarrely the only casualty as he fled the accident and ran into a wall.

Lucky escape: The Astra driver made a dash to safety via the passenger door after his vehicle was squashed by the tipped lorry

Lucky escape: The Astra driver made a dash to safety via the passenger door after his vehicle was squashed by the tipped lorry

Cops and firefighters dashed to the scene and were amazed as the shell-shocked car driver walked away from the dramatic crash without any injuries.

He was forced to scramble out of the front passenger door after the lorry plunged across his side of the car roof and bonnet.

A Met Police spokesman said the man was in a state of shock but unharmed.

The spokesman said: 'He had just dropped off his partner at the station and was about to drive away when the lorry landed on his roof.

'The bridge is at an angle and the lorry hit the protection barrier which made it tip over. Minor damage was caused and the road was closed until the lorry was turned upright at about 12pm.

'We will be carrying out an investigation to find out what happened.'

Rollover: Both the lorry driver and Astra driver escaped unhurt from the incident, though a nearby pedestrian didn't fare so well: running headfirst into a wall as they fled the scene

Rollover: Both the lorry driver and Astra driver escaped unhurt from the incident, though a nearby pedestrian didn't fare so well: running headfirst into a wall as they fled the scene

He said the stunned lorry driver was unfamiliar with the monster vehicle and didn't realise it was too tall to fit under the bridge.

Just three years ago two wagons crashed at the blackspot within weeks of each other, with one overturning into pensioner Gwen Andrews' garden. Cllr Keith Prince said: 'I am shocked by this incident and will write to Transport for London (TfL) to see if more signs can be put up.

'However, there are already a number of warnings along the road and it is very hard to legislate for the stupidity and incompetence of drivers.

'I fear installing a costly preventative measure is likely to cause more danger because if a lorry hits it, it could be knocked flying.'

A TfL spokesman said: 'The bridge has been checked by our structural engineers who confirmed it was in good condition. No delays were caused to the central line.'

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$11million slot machine jackpot 'a malfunction', unlucky couple told

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:56 AM on 5th June 2010

A couple who thought they'd won an $11million (£7.6million) casino jackpot left empty-handed after claims the slot machine malfunctioned.

Maryann McMahon was playing a one-armed-bandit with husband Jim when it first flashed up winnings of $1,627.82 (£1,122) - but moments later, flashed "CURRENT" and the sum of $11,000,600.01 on its electronic display. The gaming machine then kept flashing the two sums continuously one after the other.

But when Mrs McMahon went to ask staff for help collecting their winnings at the Wildwood casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado, US, she was told they'd have to take the device apart as something had gone wrong with it.

Slot machines

These are the kind of slot machines found in US gaming resports

Staff then turned over the machine to officials at the Colorado Gaming Division for inspection - which concluded the unlucky McMahons hadn't won the massive sum after all.

The division's spokesman Don Burmania told local station KWGN Denver that the McMahons had just won the $1627 prize during their June 1 flutter.

He explained: 'They actually won $1627.82. The $11 million was what we call a 'reset value. It's what the jackpot would have been after the prize was claimed.'

But Mr McMahon, who took a picture of the $11m dollar jackpot display on his mobile phone, was left fuming by the decision.

He told KWGN: 'If you do hit a jackpot are they going to come up with another story? It's a malfunction? It's not right.'

Mr McMahon, who lives with his wife in nearby Colorado Springs, added that they'd yet to receive a penny of any winnings - even of the lower amount.

However, the manager of the casino insisted they would be paid.

Kevin Werner told local television channel 7NEWS: 'Once (the Division of Gaming gives) us direction, we'll pay out the winnings. At the very least, they're going to get the $1,600 that we know they won.'

Mrs McMahon remained more philosophical than her husband about the life-changing jackpot that never was, despite planning to retire as soon as she thought she'd won big.

She told local news station 11 News there were no hard feelings towards the casino, and added: 'I've always said I'm gonna win the big one. I've always said that and I'm going to. If it's not this one, another time.'

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Admin says: Dull yin...

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Baby addict aged 54: Mother takes her family to 10 thanks to IVF twins

By Andrew Levy
Last updated at 8:51 PM on 6th June 2010

Eight babies should be enough for any mother - especially at the age of 54.

Not for Karen Johnston. The self-confessed baby addict was so desperate to extend her already - extensive family that she underwent £3,000 of fertility treatment in eastern Europe.

The happy result is twins, who yesterday were settling in at home after three months fighting for their lives in hospital.

'When I was told I could finally bring Imogen and Asa home I was overjoyed,' said Mrs Johnston, a housewife.  'The past three months have passed in a blur of emotions and anxiety.

Karen Johnston and her family

First eight: Karen and Roger Johnston(55) centre with top row: Amy, 26, Aiden, 17, Jemma, 28 Willow, 2, Daniel,33, Scott, 27, and bottom Joseph, 13, and Bethany, 14

'My husband Roger and I have spent all our time at the hospital watching the twins progress and praying that they make it.

'We are looking forward to being normal parents of newborn babies.

'Right now that means feeding them every two hours throughout the night. Although I'm exhausted, just being able to hold them makes it all worthwhile.'

The twins were conceived in the Czech Republic using a donated egg and 55-year-old car worker Mr Johnston's sperm.

They arrived 13 weeks premature on March 12, with Imogen weighing 2lb and Asa 2lb 5oz. 

Imogen and Asa Johnston

Final two? Twins Imogen and Asa at home after spending their first three months in hospital

Mrs Johnston, of Bicester, Oxfordshire, had her first four children - Daniel, 33, Jemma, 28, Scott, 27, and Amy, 26 - while her husband was an Army sergeant.

She then had three miscarriages before having Aiden, 17, Bethany, 14, and Joseph, 13.

Two more miscarriages followed and the couple decided to stop trying for children. But in 2006 Mrs Johnston read about a 63-year-old British woman having IVF treatment in Russia and her broodiness returned.

Dangers of age

In 2007, she and her husband travelled to a clinic in the Czech Republic and their efforts were rewarded with a daughter, Willow, now two.

Last year they returned for another round of treatment.

'I'd wanted Willow to have a brother or sister. Then at my 20-week scan I found out I was having a boy and a girl. I was so happy,' Mrs Johnston said.

Critics will point out that although she had her treatment abroad she called on the resources of the NHS to save her babies' lives.

In March she suffered preeclampsia and the birth was induced at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

The twins were moved to the neonatal unit while their mother had an emergency transfusion after losing five pints of blood.

Mrs Johnston-was discharged after a week and began the long vigil for her babies, who were so young their organs had not formed properly.

Her husband said: 'Karen loves babies, she always has done, and I'm just happy to go along with it.'

Almost 27,000 babies were born to mothers over the age of 40 last year - nearly three times the level seen 20 years ago.

The figure has risen by 50 per cent over the past decade.

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Man killed and friend fighting for life after street brawl over bottle of Buckfast

A MAN was stabbed to death and his friend was fighting for his life last night after a street fight over Buckfast.

Chris Ferns, 30, died and George Adams, 29, was left lying beside him with blood pouring from his wounds.

The fight broke out in Dunoon, Argyll, soon after a drinking pal of the pair, Thomas McIntyre, was smashed over the head with a bottle of the strong tonic wine yards away on the promenade.

A source said last night: "Some guys were down at the promenade getting bevvied.

"One guy got a bottle of Buckie smashed over his head by another guy they were arguing with. They were having a row over whose Buckfast it was and McIntyre got one of them over the head.

"The guy McIntyre was taken to hospital then the other two guys went up the road to Church Square.

"The next thing we heard was that the two guys were stabbed, Fernzy died and Addie is fighting for his life."

Ferns, who has served time behind bars for serious assaults in the past, died of multiple stab wounds and Adams was airlifted to Paisley Royal Alexandra Hospital.

McIntyre - who recently appeared on an edition of the Jeremy Kyle Show over alleged domestic attacks on him by his female partner - is recovering in hospital in Dunoon.

Last night, police confirmed a 35-year-old man was expected to appear at Dunoon Sheriff Court on Monday. Minutes after the incident, there was more drama in Dunoon.

An ambulance crew were transporting Hilda Finnigan, 46, to hospital when she apparent ly jumped out of the moving vehicle in the town's High Road.

Hilda, who is about to become a gran, had been taken ill at a house in the town. She was last night in a serious condition with head injuries in Glasgow Southern General.


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Woman injured after falling from moving ambulance on way to hospital

A WOMAN was seriously injured today when she fell from an ambulance on her way to hospital.

The 46-year-old may have jumped from the ambulance as it was driving along Dunoon High Street, Argyll, at around 8.30pm yesterday evening.

She was treated for a serious head injury and taken to Dunoon General Hospital but was transferred to Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.

Hospital staff said the woman is in a serious condition.

Strathclyde Police said nothing suggests the ambulance fall is linked to a murder and attempted murder in the town around half an hour earlier.

Police have appealed for witnesses or information about the ambulance incident.

The Scottish Ambulance Service said it is investigating the vehicle fall.

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