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Originally Posted by Admin2

Thank you all for the positive feed back on the forthcoming event.


Bilko and MCGUINNESS funny posts......and for JKANE am worried as there will be a lot of eye piercing moments so why don't we all show out with waving a copy of the BIG ISSUE

Errrm funny post admin2? I wisnae being funny....I am a wee bald fat guy!  Bilko

Law and justice are not always the same. When they aren't, destroying the law may be the first step toward changing it.

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Awwwwwww Bilko Admins nasty, bald is good Bilko its cool!! ooops didnae mean it like cool as in cold hehehe  


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I am going to be booking tickets for the event tomorrow,going with a mate of mine,i thought about wearing my scaffy clothes(refuge collection outfit)but i dont want to upset you bilko,with all the problems you are having with them (good on you for getting that extra bin top class m8),so i think i will stick to wearing my dress trousers and shirt,and maybe my white socks 




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Originally Posted by frankie i think i will stick to wearing my dress trousers and shirt,and maybe my white socks 




White socks with sandals?


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NO magpie white socks with flip flops they will go better with my shorts hahahahahah

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Originally Posted by frankie
NO magpie white socks with flip flops they will go better with my shorts hahahahahah


Bermuda shorts with the WHITE socks stretched to the knee.      


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I liked that one magpie,but i think i will give that a miss,can you still buy white socks the last time i had them i was at school


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Link just for you Frankie. I'm sure they still sell WHITE towelling socks. - White socks

White socks- Wearing white socks is a fashion no-no




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Cheers magpie i hope you can buy in bulk


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frankie leave the white socks out as we could all just wear sandals as a sign.......mmmmmmm puts me in mind of THE LIFE OF BRIAN


Bilko bald or not mate you are one funny guy and I'm no that far behind ye

and have had a go a this:



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Oct 11 2005

Gangster wants his boys to avoid life of crime

By Bob Caldwell

DRINKERS in Glasgow's Corinthian bar barely noticed the three men sitting joking and swigging champagne at a corner booth.

The party was in full flow and they were having a laugh at the expense of Thomas "The Licensee" McGraw.

It was literally at McGraw's expense - because the two men now drinking with Paul Ferris had just trousered £10,000 for a contract killing.

Paul Ferris

Their target - one Paul Ferris.

The hitmen never had any intention of fulfiling the contract. They just took the money and phoned Ferris.

Now the three of them were blowing it and, knowing how much McGraw hated parting with his cash, they were loving every minute of it. Ferris said: "Aye FERRIS ON.. THE PRICE I PAY FOR MY CRIMES

that was a laugh. Hitmen don't tell you they've accepted a contract. You won't know until they pull a gun on you."

Ferris has had a least five contracts taken out on him, mostly by Arthur Thompson.

But more recently, Glasgow east end hardman Mark Clinton warned Ferris that The Licensee had asked for him to be killed.

Jason Vella, the ecstasy-pushing Essex boy, is another who would like to take Ferris out.

The pair clashed in Frankland jail in County Durham when Ferris put the gay bodybuilding bully in his place.

But while the potential target dismisses the death threats with a chuckle, he knows there is a price to pay for his life of crime.

And it's a price he will have to pay until the day he dies.

He has to watch his back constantly. He feels under attack from the police as much as old gangland enemies.

Ferris is security-conscious in a way few of us can understand.

He'll check his back in mirrors, bend down and pretend to tie his shoelaces when he turns a corner .

And the three mirrors on his car are his best friends He actually enjoys the fact that his mobile phone can be traced.

Ferris said: "I've had the same phone for two years. With the technology the cops have you may as well be tagged.

"I want to demonstrate to them where I am and what I'm doing 24/7 because I ain't doing nothing.

"The only way you beat the system is by doing nothing."

Yesterday, Ferris again recalled the night when, in a coke-induced trance, he put a loaded gun against his head.

"That was in 1994, not 2004, thank God," he said realising he had confused September in one year with that of an earlier year.

"It's an easy mistake. Every September is hell for me. It's the anniversary of the murders of my two pals, Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon, and the death of my old man, Willie.

"Every September I am bleakly depressed. It's just one of the many prices I pay for the life of crime I led.

"Come see me any September, then ask yourself if crime is worth it."

Ferris also states his last pipe of freebase coke was in 1994.

"The cocaine was enough to turn a sad time into a suicidal time. That was September 1994 and it was my last pipe."

Next year will be the 15th anniversary of Bobby and Joe's murders yet they remain unsolved but maybe not for much longer.

Ferris said: "We have unearthed secret material on the killing of my pals.

"That material is revealed in Vendetta. It has now been passed to the Glover and Hanlon families. Let's hope this finally forces the cops to act."

It's probably fair to say Ferris didn't give up crime because wanted to. He gave up crime because he had to.

He said: "In 1997, I was given a dossier by a solicitor. It was from the security services who monitored me.

"I knew I had to give up crime then. You couldn't beat these people.

"Giving up crime wasn't an inspiration that struck me on January 21, 2001, when I walked out of prison.

"In prison I had four years to think about how I let my girlfriend Sandra Arnott down, how I let my sons down.

"I've inadvertently adopted two other sons, Bobby Glover and Joe Hanlon's boys.

"I'd like nothing better than for these boys to grow up knowing what their fathers were, recognising the environment that we were in and recognising the environment they shouldn't be in.

"They shouldn't be stigmatised by the names Hanlon or Glover. My sons shouldn't be by the name Ferris.

"They should be given the opportunity to do better than their fathers.

"I'll actively encourage them not to think that crime is glamorous.

"Crime is not glamorous. It's a f *** ing rat race. You end up doing the best part of your life locked up behind bars."

That's something Ferris has done enough of. His 14 years in jail meant he missed a lot of time with his mother and his boys.

He doesn't plan on wasting any more

Cops must take care where their tips come from


FERRIS holds strong views on the criminal justice system. No surprise there.

But when a man who has spent 14 years in jail says crime will only fall if people have respect for law and order, it comes as a shock.

He said: "As long as you have a disrespect for law and order because of what the police have done - individually, not collectively - to tarnish that. "I was told by my dad not to trust the police. That was nearly 40 years ago.

"Here's an example - I've got two pals who got into a bit of trouble with Tam McGraw. He threatened to kill them.

"One of them wanted to get a gun and shoot the guy, the other wanted to go to the cops.

"But his mate said to him: 'How do you know that you're not talking to one of his men. They'll take you for a statement out in some country road somewhere and you'll no' be coming back.' "So that's a dilemma. The police have got to look at their sources of intelligence gathering.

"They can't allow somebody a licence to operate with impunity knowing they will never go to jail.

"It's dangerous. It upsets the balance of law and order.

"The police need to get their house in order.

"That's why I've written two books and that's why I'm not going to keep my mouth shut.

"There are some positive signs. You've young cops coming in for all the right reasons.

"But there are still dinosaurs in there who can lead them astray.

"It'll take at least two generations before there's respect on the street for that uniform. At the moment, there's no respect.

"If you're going to build something, you need solid foundations. If you skimp, it's always going to be suspect.

"There are genuine people in the police who want to make a difference. It's the one's that are steeped in the history and propaganda that cause the problem.

"The sooner they get an independent body to investigate police complaints, the better.

"Just now, it's like asking Al Capone to investigate the Mafia

Dad accused of two murders


WILLIE FERRIS was accused of at least two murders, according to his book.

It's an astonishing revelation from Ferris - and one he didn't need to put down on paper.

Detractors may mutter "like father, like son".

Ferris says he is pointing a lot of fingers in Vendetta, so he should at least try to be honest.

He says his merchant seaman father got into a fight with an older, bigger sailor in the Gulf of Mexico.

The guy had been bullying one of Willie's friends. The diminutive Glasgow hardman decided he was going to put an end to it.

Next morning, the sailor was reported missing.

One conclusion was that he had fallen overboard. Willie was put in front of the captain.

His son said: "He denied being responsible. There was no evidence, no witnesses and no body - so no crime and no charge."

A year later, another sailor was posted missing in similar circumstances in the Far East.

Again, Willie was the prime suspect but was again cleared.

Ferris said: "Word got around not to mess with Willie Ferris."

Old age failed to curb Willie from standing up to perceived injustice.

He was beaten senseless by Glasgow crime lord Arthur Thompson's younger son Billy and his gang after Ferris jr fell out with the Glasgow crime boss.

But it didn't stop Willie tackling Thompson in the street while his son was in jail awaiting trial for the murder of Arthur jnr.

Despite needing walking sticks, Willie confronted Thompson. He thought Thompson had fitted his boy up and was a grass.

He was slashed across both cheeks for his trouble.

Paul Ferris says: "With my dad, a principle was a principle. He was a wee guy but he had the heart of a lion

The TRUTH is out there...........

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Just booked tickets for paul and regs event in november,realy looking forward to it,if i dont get lost on the way down that is,it will be very educational,any idea how long the event is on for!,cheers frankie


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Hi All... thanks for the post with regards to 'Paul Ferris', and to Frankie, who I am pleased to hear has managed to book his tickets for the upcoming event in November, which I am sure everyone will be looking forward to.


I will endeavour to find out for you how long the event should last for, and it will either be posted on the forum, or I will reply via Private Message.


Does Frankie wish to know how long the event will last for so that he can calculate what time he will make it home, seeing as he plans to walk to the event??!!

I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not".

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Walk.... no way i will get my white socks dirty,cant have that.


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Originally Posted by frankie

Walk.... no way i will get my white socks dirty,cant have that.


Perhaps that is why Mr Ferris was driven away....OK not to a social event but TRUE to his word he has kept out of trouble and has changed his life around.


Since his release from prison Mr Ferris is now regarded as one of Scotland's top authorities on CRIME & PUNISHMENT whist his partner Reg is now regarded as Scotland's top crime writer with over 13 number 1 bestsellers!


He also put his book VENDETTA back at number one and has a NEW bestseller in the pipeline for OCTOBER.


Mr Ferris has a reputation with Black & White publishing and as such the NEW book VILLAINS looks set to surpass both the Ferris Conspiracy and VENDETTA.


Here is what was reported as Mr Ferris left prison:


Ex-gangster out of jail 21/01/2002
Paul Ferris in car
Ferris is driven away from the jail
A Glasgow gun-runner who wrote a book while serving a seven-year sentence has been released from prison.

Paul Ferris, 38, has previously said he will turn his back on crime.

Ferris, whose "Ferris Conspiracy" sold 20,000 copies while he was in Frankland Prison, County Durham, was driven to an unknown destination in a dark green Mercedes driven by co-author Reg McKay.

The former gangster was jailed for 10 years, two-thirds of which he served, at the Old Bailey in 1995. Two co-accused were each given five years.

We are determined to make crime fiction as realistic as possible

Reg McKay
Outside the prison, Ferris said: "I would like to thank my family and friends and supporters who stood by me.

"There have been quite a few significant events - most importantly the compilation of The Ferris Conspiracy with Reg McKay.

"There are other issues I will be willing to talk about but obviously I have to get back to Glasgow to see the probation officer and we will get a chance to speak some other time but today's not appropriate."

'Lacks authenticity'

Before Ferris's release, Mr McKay said the pair had several books in draft form. The second, titled Deadly Divisions, is due out in March.

Mr McKay went on: "Paul has said goodbye to being a criminal and wants to draw on his experiences and his knowledge of the underworld to write about crime instead.

"He feels, as I do, that a lot of crime fiction is fabricated. Although there is a lot of good crime fiction around, much of it lacks authenticity.

"We are determined to make crime fiction as realistic as possible."

Mr Ferris was once an enforcer for the notorious Thompson crime family in Glasgow.

The Ferris Conspiracy 
See larger image  2001

Publisher: learn how customers can search inside this book.
Vendetta: Turning Your Back on Crime Can Be Deadly...
Deadly Divisions: The Spectre Chronicles
Villains: It Takes One to Know One

This is the real inside story of notorious villains, by one of their own. Murder, gunrunning, drug trafficking, kneecappings - Paul Ferris has been accused of many things in his life, some true, some not. What's not in dispute is that he spent twenty-five years as one of Britain's most feared gangsters. Out of prison and straight for five years, Paul still hasn't forgotten the common thugs and big-time players that surrounded him or the world of violence, fear and uneasy alliances that he inhabited with them. Now Paul Ferris recounts the stories of a tough existence that nobody knows better. The brutality you'd expect, the strangeness you might not. There's the man wanted by everyone from the Old Bailey to Glasgow High Court but who might just be a figment of the cops' imagination; the rise of women in the underworld, with unheard-of power and loaded pistols in thigh holsters; or the betrayed Manchester face who visited a gang's club and sprayed it with bullets, only to become the gang's hero overnight. The stories cover the underbellies of London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester and beyond, but the material couldn't be closer to home - from the job Paul's father, Willie Ferris, pulled with a school bus full of kids as the getaway vehicle, to the war Paul got caught up in between two of London's biggest teams. And, as you'll discover, when it comes to villains, it takes one to know one.

The TRUTH is out there...........
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