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Police: To Protect and Serve



Paedo-officer Count 1

 BBC NEWS  27 November, 2003

Ex-inspector jailed for child porn


Christopher Wratten
Christopher Wratten has been placed on the sex offenders' register
A former Sussex police inspector who admitted downloading child pornography has been jailed for six months.

Christopher Wratten, 49, of Bexhill-on-Sea, was an officer serving in Hastings when he used his credit card to subscribe to websites featuring indecent images of children, Lewes Crown Court was told.

He was arrested after police officers working on Operation Ore, a crackdown on child porn on the internet, found more than 100 images when they raided his home.

Judge Richard Brown said: "It has to be made clear to those who get involved in this evil and sordid activity that prison likely awaits them if they get caught.

Images deleted

"In your working life as a distinguished police officer you have held yourself up as someone who is dedicated to protecting the public.

"Sadly those standards obviously lapsed once your taste for adult pornography progressed into downloading child porn."

Wratten was placed on the sex offenders' register for 10 years and will be supervised after leaving jail.

Wratten admitted seven counts of making indecent pictures of children at a court hearing last month.

The court was told the officer downloaded the pictures to collect evidence.

James Mason, defending, said forensic experts who searched Wratten's house had had to use sophisticated technology to retrieve the 100 images, which had been deleted.



Paedo-officer Count 2

BBC NEWS 20 March, 2003


Policeman jailed for child porn


Christopher Lilley
The policeman downloaded hundreds of pornographic images
A police officer who downloaded more than 1,000 pornographic images of children from American websites has been jailed for 12 months.

Christopher Lilley, 33, of Sherwood Rise, Mansfield Woodhouse in Nottinghamshire was arrested in September 2002 after the FBI supplied information to police in Britain.

Derby Crown Court was told the Nottinghamshire police constable had built up a collection of pornographic photographs and videos of children.

In some instances he superimposed the heads of children he knew on to the naked images.

'Sick and stupid'

Gillian Foxcroft, prosecuting, said that Lilley had admitted eight charges of making indecent photographs of children and six charges of making indecent videos.

The court heard that officers who seized his home computer and a second hard drive found a total of 1,005 pornographic photographs and 26 indecent video clips.

Between November 1998 and July 1999 he paid £156 for access to child abuse websites, said Miss Foxcroft.

"The website gave users access to a wide range of other sites which showed children being sexually abused all of whom were under 16."

"Following his arrest he admitted downloading some of the material and told officers 'It's because I am sad, sick and stupid'."

Lilley had served with Nottinghamshire Police for 12 years.

Paedo-officer Count 3
BBC News  29 July 2005

Pc jailed for child porn offences
A police officer who downloaded hundreds of images of child porn has been jailed for eight months.

Teesside Crown Court heard David Bright had some of the worst examples of child pornography, including children being sexually abused, on computers at home.

He told police after his arrest that he had a "morbid curiosity".

The 41-year-old married father admitted 17 counts of making indecent images of children and 26 specimen charges of possessing indecent material.

The Northumbria Police officer, who had several commendations, resigned after he was arrested by his own force.

You have no doubt done a great deal of good to the community and all that has been thrown away by this conduct
Judge David Bryant

Police raided his home just before Christmas last year after being alerted by an outside agency that Bright had been accessing child porn websites, the court heard.

Officers recovered 346 images, including seven photographs graded at the highest level five on a scale of seriousness of pornographic material.

There were 199 at the lowest level and the remaining 140 were graded between levels two and four.

'Glittering career'

Prosecutor Nadim Bashir said Bright was unable to explain why he had accessed the websites over an 18-month period to download the pornography.

Mr Bashir said: "He denied being a paedophile."

"He told police he had been absolutely destroyed by what happened and he was so sorry for what had happened."

Peter Makepeace, defending, said Bright's glittering police career would now count for nothing following the conviction.

Judge David Bryant said he accepted Bright's early guilty pleas but only a prison sentence would reflect the seriousness of the offences.


He said: "You have no doubt done a great deal of good to the community and all that has been thrown away by this conduct."


Bright was also placed on the sex offenders' register.


Paedo-officer Count 4
BBC NEWS  11 June, 2002


Pc on child porn charges
A policeman from north Wales has been charged with
possessing pornographic images of children on his computer.

Pc John Derek Clare faces six charges of storing the material

between June and July 2001.


The 37-year-old from Lixwm near Holywell in Flintshire

appeared before the town's magistrates on Tuesday.


No plea was entered and Mr Clare did not speak during

the two minute hearing.

Indecent photographs

He faces two charges relating to a period between

June 21 and July 3 last year that he had on his

computer indecent photographs of a child under



He also faces four counts under the Protection of

Children Act of making indecent photographs of

children by downloading them onto his computer.


The case was adjourned for two weeks for the

prosecution to serve their evidence on the defence.


Mr Clare had previously received a bravery award for

his actions during a gas explosion which destroyed a

house in Flint.


He and another officer were at the property trying to

persuade a man to come out when the blast took place

and he was thrown into the air and injured.


BBC NEWS 11 June, 2003


Child porn Pc resigns
An officer found guilty of making child porn has
resigned from North Wales Police in the same week
he was due to face a disciplinary hearing.

Two months ago John Clare from Lixwm near Holywell,

was put on the sex offender's register for five years,

fined £1,500 and ordered to pay £1,000 costs for

possessing and making child porn in 2001.


Mr Clare, who was suspended, has been on full pay

since the inquiry was launched more than a year ago.


Last week Mr Clare's former Assistant Chief Constable

Clive Wolfendale defended the force's decision to

continue paying his wages.


Mr Wolfendale said the officer was entitled to receive

the money until his future was decided.

Bravery award

Thirty-eight-year-old Mr Clare was found guilty at

Knutsford Crown Court in April of three counts of

possessing and making indecent images of girls under 16

on his home computer.


Mr Clare was due to attend police headquarters in Colwyn Bay

to answer a series of allegations against him.

This will not go ahead following his resignation from the force.

North Wales Police have refused to comment on the officer's



The policeman had previously received a bravery award for

his actions during a gas explosion which destroyed a house in Flint.


He and another officer were at the property trying to

persuade a man to come out when the blast occurred

and he was thrown into the air and injured.






Paedo-officer Count 5


BBC news 9 May, 2003


Pc admits child porn charge
child porn
Pc Brian Black has been suspended from the force

A police officer from Hertfordshire has pleaded guilty to four charges of possessing indecent photographs of children.

Brian Black, 32, who is based at Hatfield police station, admitted the charges when he appeared at St Albans Crown Court on Friday.

The officer was arrested as part of Operation Ore, the countrywide investigation into child pornography.

He will be sentenced at the end of June to give time for reports to be prepared.

He has been suspended from the force and granted bail on condition that he live and sleep at an address outside the county.

Operation Ore is investigating 7,000 people said to have downloaded child pornography from the internet.

The names and credit card details of the 7,000 people were given to the British authorities by the FBI.


Paedo-officer Count 6


BBC NEWS  5 January, 2005



Pc arrested in child porn probe
A police officer has been arrested and suspended from duty after a child porn swoop on Tyneside.

The homes of three officers with the Northumbria force were raided as part of an investigation into computer porn.

The force said a 41-year-old Pc from Birtley had been arrested and later bailed over material which was found on his home computer.

Two homes in Gateshead and one in South Tyneside were searched after warrants were issued before Christmas.

'Information received'

Computer equipment from all three properties has been examined by force colleagues.

Investigating officers seized thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment and disks from the properties.

A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said: "As a result of information received, searches were carried out at three police officers' homes in the Gateshead and South Tyneside areas.

"A 41-year-old officer living in Birtley in Gateshead was arrested and bailed in connection with computer material found at his house.

"The officer has also been suspended from duties.

"No-one else has been arrested and no other officers have been suspended. Inquiries are ongoing."



Paedo-officer Count 7


BBC NEWS 22 August, 2002


PC suspended over child porn

A police officer has been suspended from duty as part of
an investigation into child pornography on the internet.

Officers removed computer equipment and software from

the 29-year-old constable's Aberdeen home.


In a statement a spokesman for Grampian Police said their

inquiries are continuing and a report will be submitted to

the procurator fiscal.


It is understood his suspension is part of a wider

international investigation into the use of images of

children on the internet.

Indecent photographs

The force has declined to comment further.


The constable was suspended "pending an investigation

into a possible contravention of section 52 of the Civic

Government (Scotland) Act 1982", the police spokesman



Section 52 of the Civic Government Act relates to the

possession of indecent photographs of children.


 Paedo-officer Count 8






A Policeman has quit after being caught with a stash of

child porn.


Christopher Snow,20, trawled the internet for photographs

of children and viewed images of girls as young as seven, a

court heard.


The PC was found with 859 indecent photographs of kids and

seven film clips of explicit content, Bradford JP's heard.


Snow, of Gawthorpe, South Yorks, was remanded for reports.




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Psychologically speakin McG the uniform makes them think they are superior beings and above the law which they usually are!

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Psychological Profiling can help select favorable juries and win trails and lawsuits
  Psychological profiling can help you estimate your opponents state of mind and behavior. This can help you find your opponents hot buttons and plan your strategy appropriately. 

Lawyers use profiling for Criminal behavior profiling, Litigation profiling, Witness examination and Jury selection. Profiling is used in connection with examining witnesses and selecting juries.

Defense and prosecution attorneys use psychological profiling to assist them in selecting a specific kind of juror for a case. If the case, for example, involves a male serial rapist, then the prosecution will ordinarily attempt to select young and middle-aged women for the jury, on the theory that these women will identify with the female victim and judge the defendant more harshly.

Litigation always involves risks. Jury or opposition Profiling can help you if you are worried about the risks of a jury or bench trial or unsure if you should settle or take your case to the jury or need a realistic appraisal of damages. With the right information litigation doesn't have to be a gamble.

Standardizing traits is an emerging field and according to Michael Welner a forensic psychiatrist and New York University professor, a specific, standardized definition of behavior can even help prevent juries from relying on their emotions or personal experience. All 50 states have laws in civil trials that elevate damages for "extreme and outrageous" behavior.  In State of Oregon v. Lawson, for example, the defense tried to introduce expert testimony stating that their client, Mr. Lawson, did not match the profile of a sex offender, and by extension of that logic could not therefore be one. The court in that case found that "Whether it is labeled a 'syndrome' or a 'profile', the type of evidence…involves comparing an individual's behavior with the behavior of others in similar circumstances who have been studied in the past.

Many trials are a lot about Jurors and often choosing the right jury can be the difference between losing or winning the case. According to a comment made to the press, by a former federal prosecutor Jerry Bernstein "One can lose a case before it even starts." Trial lawyers often use Jury Profiling Consultants who help them choose the right jurors. Some high profile cases where Jury Profiling made a difference.

(1) O.J. Simpson trial.
(2) Oprah Winfrey used Jury Profiling as part of her trial strategy and won the lawsuit filed by a group of Texas cattle ranchers under the Texas False Disparagement of Perishable Food Products Act.
(3) Ex-WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers was found guilty of directing an $11 billion accounting scandal at the telecommunications company after one former chief financial officer testified against him while Scrushy, former CEO of HealthSouth, had five former CFOs point their fingers at him this year at his trial for accounting fraud at HealthSouth and even after four weeks of deliberations, Scrushy's jury was having a hard time reaching a verdict. Scrushy's defense team had hired jury consultants. Richard Scrushy was found not guilty on all counts.


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Seven arrests in child porn crackdown
Police say paedophiles cannot hide on the internet
Seven people including a teacher and a care worker have been arrested in dawn raids across Wales in one of the largest operations against internet paedophiles.

The Dyfed-Powys and South Wales forces took part in Operation Magenta - a UK-wide crackdown involving 34 police forces.

Officers made 18 arrests in total in the raids.

We can detect them and recover images they have accessed - but we are really doing it to explore their lives and see if they are doing it to real kids

Detective Inspector Terry Jones

A man aged 42 from Merthyr Tydfil was still being questioned late on Wednesday.

A 29-year-old man from the Rhondda Cynon Taff area was also being held.

A 17-year-old from Caerphilly was later released on bail while two men from the Carmarthen were also released on bail while the police enquiry continues.

Dyfed-Powys Police said no further action was being taken against the other two men arrested in their area.

A spokesman said the four men arrested in the Dyfed-Powys force area were aged between 19 and 60.

Operation Magenta, targeted internet users who visited online chatrooms to exchange shocking images of child abuse.

Police used specially-developed software to track them through cyberspace and into the real world .

Police said they believed many may be directly involved in child abuse

Altogether 75 addresses in Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland were raided simultaneously at 0700 BST on Thursday.

It was the culmination of a six-month investigation, under the Protection of Children Act, led by officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary and Greater Manchester Police.

Detective Inspector Terry Jones, head of Greater Manchester Police's abusive images unit, said of the people they were targeting: "We can detect them and recover images they have accessed - but we are really doing it to explore their lives and see if they are doing it to real kids."

"We will not be leaving those premises until we are satisfied those children are safe," said Detective Inspector Keith Tilley, head of Hertfordshire Constabulary's child protection and investigation unit.

Police said they believed many of those involved in swapping images may also be directly responsible for child abuse.

Detectives were able to make use of specialist equipment to trace computers being used by people entering the chat rooms anonymously.

The maximum sentence for downloading child porn photographs is 10 years in prison.

Some business addresses were among the 75 searched by police in Operation Magenta.

Officers were making inquiries to establish who was using particular terminals at certain times.


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Originally Posted by MCGUINNESS


A truly high amount of cases amongst the Police, MCGUINNESS, and they're only the ones we hear about. I'm sure there are many more that get covered up, like in the church.  NAME AND SHAME EM'!! 


Child porn swoop nets 90 police

Martin Bright and Paul Harris
Sunday October 20, 2002
The Observer

Hundreds of child welfare professionals, including police officers, care workers and teachers, have been identified as 'extremely high-risk' paedophiles by an investigation into internet porn.

The discovery came after US authorities passed on more than 7,000 names of UK subscribers to an American-based child porn website. When police examined a sample of the most dedicated users, they discovered that many worked with children.

Investigators knew paedophiles targeted jobs which brought them into contact with children, but were shocked by how many British suspects had been undetected by the usual checks.

The discovery that many were working in jobs of the highest sensitivity will send shock waves through the child protection world and lead to calls for even more stringent safeguards.

Investigators now believe as many as 90 police officers have so far been identified from an initial trawl of 200 of the British names found in the US. Many of the other suspects work in other sensitive professions, often linked to the criminal justice system.

John Carr of the Children's Charities' Coalition for Internet Safety (CHIS), which represents all major children's organisations, including the NSPCC, NCH and Barnardos, said: 'It's very distressing to learn that so many policeman are being arrested for these sorts of offences. It undermines people's confidence in our ability to deal with it at all.'

Harry Fletcher, deputy general secretary of the probation union Napo, said: 'There has been growing evidence over the past 10 years that paedophiles have infiltrated careers that put them in direct contact with children. This latest evidence suggests we have to be even more vigilant.'


Edinburgh Evening News Mon 23 Sep 2002



Police to quiz 70 over child porn

By JANE HAMILTON Crime Reporter

ABOUT 70 suspected paedophiles in the Lothians and Borders are facing arrest as part of the biggest-ever crackdown by police on child pornography.

It is understood that Lothian and Borders Police have been given the names of people suspected of buying child pornography over the internet. The 70 under suspicion form part of a 7000-strong list of suspected British paedophiles handed over to the UK authorities by the FBI earlier..........


Some 30 police officers are under suspicion in England and some have already been arrested in Cumbria, Sussex and London. They include the two officers in Cambridgeshire who worked on the inquiry into the murders of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells. They were on a list of 279 suspects handed to Cambridgeshire police in July.

It is understood police in other parts of the country are investigating some high-profile people, including a Northern Ireland Judge, a Scottish Magistrate, a teacher in South Wales and a Crown Prosecutor from the Midlands.

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police said: "We are co-operating in the investigation but it would be inappropriate to reveal any details at this stage."

------------------------------------------------------------------------Another case;

Paedo-officer Count 9


The Scotsman Fri 2 Jul 2004


Ex-policeman fined for child pornography


A SCOTTISH police sergeant found guilty of downloading images of child pornography to his computer was fined £500 yesterday.

Hamish Tocher, 46, has resigned from his post, following his conviction for the offences.

His wife of 26 years reported him to police after she found images of child porn on the computer she had given him as a Christmas present.

Lesley Tocher, 44, told Dundee Sheriff Court that she and her husband had jointly surfed the internet, searching for hardcore pornography, but that she was alarmed when she found that images of children had been downloaded on to the machine.

Mrs Tocher still lives with her husband, who had denied making indecent images of children at his Dundee home between 16 March and 14 June, 2002.

In sentencing Tocher, the sheriff, Roderick Macleod, said: "This is one of these unusual cases that very much falls at the lower end of the spectrum.

"That being so, the likelihood of reoffending is very low and also Mr Tocher represents no danger to the public.

"Custody would not be a necessary or appropriate form of disposal."

Acting for Tocher, the advocate Paul McBride said his client’s resignation from the Tayside force had cost him his pension rights and salary, "effectively worth £200,000".

He added that his client would now be claiming benefits.

Tocher’s case was brought to trial after his wife found "disturbing" images on his home computer. She reported the matter to a police officer who made a formal report to his superiors. A subsequent extensive search by police forensic experts of more than 400 directories revealed more than 20,000 images on the computer, of which half were sexual.

The experts’ analysis revealed that 374 sexually explicit images of children had been viewed on Tocher’s computer. These included images of "baby rape" and "incest", the court heard.

Mrs Tocher and the former sergeant have three children and three grandchildren.

Mrs Tocher told the court she was "absolutely horrified".

She said: "Hamish would type in ‘hardcore’, ‘incest’ and ‘bestiality’."

Tocher, who had been suspended from his post as sergeant with Tayside Police since June 2001, described the "horrific ordeal" that his family has endured.

He said: "I can’t really put into words how bad this has been for me and my family.

"After three or four months of having the computer, my curiosity got the better of me and I started searching for porn."

He added: "Every time I had finished, I would go offline and delete all the internet history files, because I didn’t want my family to see anything concerning pornography and I didn’t want an accumulation of information."

Earlier, the court heard from Michael Dickson, 39, a forensic expert with the National Hi-tech Crime Unit based at Lothians and Borders Police.

Mr Dickson said: "It is very clear that the user searched for specific material and viewed it before consciously deleting it."

He said there were websites that featured what was termed "young Lolita pre-teen sex" and "Russian rape" galleries.

He said a "vast majority" of the websites related to child pornography.

Last night, a spokesman for Tayside Police said: "Tayside Police can confirm that a police officer was suspended from duty pending court proceedings and that officer is no longer a member of Tayside Police."

Tocher was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for five years.



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The success of Operation Ore, the massive child pornography operation which saw more than 400 cases investigated by Scottish police forces, has been questioned by experts according to an article in today's Scotsman.

The operation took place three years ago after 7,200 names were supplied to British police officers by the US authorities. The names on the list were those accused of paying for child pornography from an American-based website called Landslide.

Around 420 names were passed to Scottish police forces and approximately 250 homes were searched, with 500 computers and accessories seized and 120 arrests made.

A total of 102 people in Scotland were convicted following the operation and the National Crime Squad said 120 children across the UK had been rescued from abuse as a result.

In the Scotsman's article, an expert witness has described the operation as a "witchhunt" using fatally flawed evidence. Duncan Campbell, a computer expert who has worked on several Operation Ore cases, dismisses claims from the US authorities that everyone who went to the Landslide website (which allowed access to 400 adult sites) saw a banner on the front page saying "Clikc Here [for] Child Porn".

He said the child porn banner was an advertisement for another site which led to police investigating people in the UK who were only accessing adult sites. He added that more than 10 Operation Ore defendents he had spoken to, including those unjustly accused, had contemplated taking their own lives because of the accusations.

In the article, Mr Campbell is quoted as saying: "The success of Operation Ore is that a large number of people were properly convicted. But the disaster is the lack of judgment and excess of zeal in the way the police hounded the innocent. It has become a witchhunt."

The deputy director of the National Crime Sqaud Jim Gamble said there had been difficulties in the early stages, but denied that police had taken a "production line' approach to the operation. He added that 120 children had been rescused from abuse and violence as a result and questioned what people would say if these cases had not been investigated.


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Paedo-officer Count 10


BBC NEWS 23 September, 2002


Officer charged over child porn
Lancashire Police headquarters
The officer serves with Lancashire Police
A policeman is due in court on Monday charged with making child pornography.

PC Paul Thompson, of Preston, Lancashire, faces five counts of making indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children.

The 43-year-old was arrested on Friday and charged on Saturday night.

"We can confirm Paul Thompson is a serving police constable based in our central division," said a Lancashire Police spokeswoman.

"He has been suspended from duty until further notice."

PC Thompson is due to appear before Chorley magistrates.


Paedo-officer Count 11


BBC NEWS Friday, 20 May, 2005


Net child porn former Pc jailed
An ex police officer who downloaded and distributed child porn from the net was jailed for nine months on Friday.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Gary McBride, 35, committed the offences while serving as a constable and at the time of a difficult divorce.

McBride, of William Morris Street, Bootle, admitted six charges of making indecent images of children and six of distributing 40 images.

Judge Maureen Roddy placed him on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

The court heard McBride was caught out because of an investigation into a man suspected of indecently assaulting a teenage girl.

It was discovered he had been exchanging e-mails with McBride and they had sent each other child porn images.

The information was passed to Merseyside Police and his home was raided on 3 November last year when his two computers were seized and analysed.




Paedo-officer Count 12


BBC NEWS 5 January, 2005


Ex-Pc admits child porn charges
Court graphic
John Temple was arrested after a raid at his home
A former North Yorkshire police officer has pleaded guilty to charges of downloading child pornography.

John Temple, of Scarborough, admitted 34 offences which included the possession of more than 3,700 indecent images of children over four years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that 382 of the photographs owned by the 46-year-old were in the two most serious categories of such images.

Temple, who was arrested in Durham, was remanded on bail to await sentence.

House raid

Temple, of Park Road, is a former officer with North Yorkshire Police and was arrested after a raid at his home as part of an investigation by the National Crime Squad.

He was working as a barrister in County Durham at the time of his arrest.

Defence barrister Robert Woodcock described Temple as "now living on his uppers".

He said that Temple denied the suggestion put to him by police in interview about his role in a distribution ring.

"The suggestion that he played a fairly commanding role in deciding who received what and who did not is vehemently denied," he told the court.

Judge Henry Globe, QC, remanded Temple on bail with a condition of residence and reporting once a week to Scarborough police station.


He ordered him to sign on the Sex Offenders Register, though the length of the order will not be decided until the sentencing hearing due to be held within the next two months.


BBC NEWS 18 May, 2005


Ex-Pc jailed for child porn haul


A former police officer has been jailed for downloading child pornography,

some featuring girls aged just 10 months.

John Temple, 46, admitted 34 offences of possessing and distributing indecent photographs of children in January.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that 382 of the 3,753 images owned by the former North Yorkshire Police officer were in the two most serious categories.

Temple, of Bishop Auckland in County Durham, was given concurrent sentences of more than two years on Wednesday.

Operation Ore

He was sentenced to two years for possessing specified images, two years for possessing 3,753 unspecified images and two years and eight months for distributing images.

Temple was working as a barrister in County Durham when he was arrested in March 2004 as part of the national Operation Ore investigation.

The court heard that police found the images, which featured girls aged 10 months to 11 years, stored on Temple's hard drive, zip drive and 60 disks.

Temple, who is married with children, admitted 17 counts of possessing and 17 counts of distributing indecent images of children in January.

Horrific injuries

Defence barrister Robert Woodcock said the case had left Temple "a ruined man".

The defendant sustained horrific injuries when he was beaten up by a gang of suspected car thieves in 1992.

He was discharged from North Yorkshire Police 18 months later and became a barrister in 1998.

Henry Globe QC, Recorder of Liverpool, said that Temple's brain injury did not cause his use of child porn, but had been a factor in his emotional problems, which included gambling and alcohol issues.

Speaking after the sentence, Detective Sergeant Keith Gilfillan, of Durham Constabulary, said the sentence had proved nobody was above the law - regardless of profession.


Paedo-officer Count 13


BBC NEWS  9 January 2006


Net porn Pc jailed for sex attack
Andrew Raw
Raw served as a special constable in Whitehaven
A former special constable from Cumbria has been jailed for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy and downloading thousands of child porn images.

Andrew Raw, 33, admitted indecently assaulting the boy in 1995 and again in 1997, when his victim was 12.

He also admitted 15 specimen counts of downloading child pornography and possessing indecent images of children.

Raw, who is from Penrith, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison when he appeared at Carlisle Crown Court.

The former officer, who served in Whitehaven, was sacked in December after his crimes came to light.

The court heard how, in January last year, his victim told police what had happened.


Detectives found 8,333 child pornography images on Raw's computer.


Raw was sentenced to 15 months in total for the indecent assaults, and another 15 months to run consecutively for downloading and possessing child pornography.

Paedo-officer Count 14



BBC NEWS  4 October, 2002


Inspector facing child porn charges


A police inspector has been charged with child pornography offences.

Inspector Chris Wratten, of Bexhill, East Sussex, was charged earlier this week with 27 offences of making indecent images of children.

The 48-year-old has been bailed to appear at Crawley Magistrates Court on 11 October, Sussex police said.

A second Sussex officer - based in Brighton - who was arrested in August as part of Operation Ore, remains on bail pending further inquiries.

Indecent images

Operation Ore was launched by British police earlier this year to track down users of pay-per-view child pornography web sites in the United States.

In Warwickshire, a 39-year-old police officer arrested last week on suspicion of child pornography offences has been released on bail, police said.


The Gloucestershire officer was detained at a house over allegations that he had accessed indecent images of children on the Internet.

Paedo-officer Count 15


BBC NEWS 26 October, 2004


Police chief on child porn charge
A chief superintendent in the British Transport Police has appeared in court accused of child pornography offences.

David Bruce, 45, is charged with 17 counts of making or possessing indecent images of children.

District Judge Brian Loosley at Milton Keynes Magistrates' Court adjourned the case for three weeks to give defence lawyers time to prepare a case.

Mr Bruce was remanded on unconditional bail until 17 November when he is due to make a crown court appearance.

He spoke only to give his name, age and address during the five-minute hearing.

He was suspended by the force in June following an investigation by Thames Valley Police.

The court was told that Bruce had since left his marital home in the Furzton area of Milton Keynes and now lives at Wheelwrights Mews in the Neath Hill area.





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Thank you for the updates on your post Magpie





It is indeed a frightening list that has been compiled on so-called POLICE OFFICERS and others in OFFICIALDOM!


Perhaps that is the reason why so many judges are very lenient on these reprobates.

The TRUTH is out there...........

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31 August 2006

AN INTERNET pervert tried to groom a 13-year-old girl - who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Malcolm Montgomery, 40, admitted making "grossly offensive remarks" in an internet chatroom.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard Montgomery used the name Citizen Malky.

He tried to set up a meeting with the "youngster", who logged on using the name Wee Honey.

Montgomery, from Edinburgh, was arrested when police traced him through an internet cafe. Yesterday, he was jailed for three months and placed on the sex offenders' register for seven years.

Sheriff Ian Simpson said: "A custodial sentence is the only appropriate course of action."


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The Sun 30th August 2006


'Rape' Cop given bail


A cop appeared in court yesterday charged with raping and indecently assaulting a schoolgirl.


Sgt. Gary Clark, 50, is accused of 20 sex offences between 1995 and 2005.

They include 10 counts of indecent assault when the girl was under 14 and a charge of rape when she was under 16.


Clark - suspended by Hampshire Police from his job at Southampton - was given bail by Guildford Magistrates.


The PC, of Fareham,Hants, is due to appear before Guildford Crown Court on September 5.


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March 09, 2007

Decorated detective caught by police paedophile sting

A detective constable tried to groom a 12-year-old for sex after contacting her in an internet chat room.

Over five months, Glenn Algar, 45, told “Lucy” that he loved her and bombarded her with explicit sexual messages and pornographic photographs. Only after did he realise that “Lucy” was in fact a police officer posing as a schoolgirl to trap paedophiles. When police searched Algar’s home they found a computer containing 173 indecent images of children, some depicting the most serious forms of abuse.

Algar, of Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, who is married with two children, was described in court as a highly decorated and commended officer who had served 26 years with the Metropolitan Police, most recently with the Flying Squad, dealing with armed robberies.

Peter Zinner, for the prosecution, told Southwark Crown Court that on contacting “Lucy”, Algar had been sent a picture of what was clearly a child and had gone on to e-mail or text her almost every day. Eventually, he sent her pornographic images of adults and described in detail what he wanted to do to her.

Algar was identified from the mobile phone number that he used to text “Lucy”. “Eventually, because of the escalation of the sexual nature in the texts, officers decided to act, and arrested him,” on November 14 last year, he added.

Algar pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to persuade an underage child to engage in sexual activity and ten of trying to incite a child to view indecent material between June and November last year. He also admitted making indecent images of children and possessing 168 similar pictures.

Graham Arran, for Algar, told the court that his client was “genuinely remorseful” and had made no attempt to arrange a meeting with “Lucy”.

Sentencing Algar, who was based in Finchley, to 18 months, Judge Christopher Hardy explained that while “Lucy” had not existed, images of real children had nevertheless been found in his possession. “They are victims as much as the girl in this case would have been had she been real. You made use of those images and your making use of them, and people like you who make use of such images, encourages others to make them,” the judge said.

He accepted that the officer, who signed his resignation papers that morning, represented a “low risk” of reoffending.

“In passing a custodial sentence I impose upon you I do so not only to punish you — but perhaps more importantly as a deterrent to others from accessing and using this sort of material,” said the judge.

Algar would have to register as a sex offender for ten years, would be banned for life from working with children and be prohibited from using a computer to contact children.

Algar’s offences did not involve his own children.


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He accepted that the officer, who signed his resignation papers that morning, represented a “low risk” of reoffending.


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A SENIOR police officer appeared in court yesterday accused of sexually assaulting a girl between the ages of ten and 15.

Inspector Richard Croft, 49, based at Basildon, Essex, appeared before a judge at Basildon Crown Court.


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Ex-Pc is jailed for sex attacks...
Cardiff Crown Court
Glover had denied carrying out the attacks
A former police officer has been jailed for 15 years after being found guilty of sex attacks on four girls.

Stephen Glover, 51, from Barry, served as a Gwent Police constable in the 1970s after being discharged from the army.

A jury at Cardiff Crown Court found him guilty of 13 sex offences, including attempted rape, indecent assault and indecency with a child.

Glover must register as a sex offender for life.

Judge Philip Richards told Glover: "You substantially damaged each of them and their childhoods were destroyed. "You dominated each of these young girls, forcing them into sexual activity for your sexual gratification against their wishes.

"During your trial you characterised your victims as being liars and fortune seekers."

'Mentally troubled'

Cardiff Crown Court heard Glover had "groomed" one of his victims before he attempted to rape her.

Mark Evans QC, defending Glover, said he had suffered a "mentally troubled life".

He was discharged from the army after he had a mental breakdown and subsequently became a police officer with the Gwent force.

A Gwent Police spokesman said after the case: "This significant sentence is a reflection of the seriousness of the crime and we hope it will go some way in assisting the victims to move forward with their lives."

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